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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

Jun 7, 2012

Let's see here:


No bandages (pre-injuries of GoW1), has the ashes (post-family slaying), Blades are not at base level in appearance (sort of look like lvl3 more akin to GoWII than GoW1), no fingerless gloves or other remanants of the God Armor.  So they're mostly on the ball here.  Skirts looking mighty fine (like with General Kratos).


I don't have an eye for this, so I'll let you chaps make that call.

>giant statue foot

Can't be...certainly it is a different one.

>foe intros

Ah, so they remembered these exist for first time showings.  Good, good.  And just what the Hell is this?  Some sort of lesser Satyr commander with his 'fawn' back-up?

>temporary weapons taken from foes confirmed

Good, good.  This pleases me if only as a start.

Couldn't see if any ring-outs or collisions (especially wall collisions) were caused with the knockback of s4 though.

0:48 BoC s1,s2,s3,s4 *canceled* into some sort of direct OH variant with the picked up tool.

>ranged ground OS

Along with the promptless QTE (light rather than "O"), this certainly would help in one sense, but perhaps hurt in another even more (for casuals who get baited into trying to grab from range and hit a target not upon at the moment instead).  This needs to be treated very carefully.

Pulled himself in for what is likely a triangle finisher (if the pattern for these holds up with regards to grab selects of the past).  Hmmm.  Maybe it is a CG variant that can link into the grab.  Hard to say at this point.  Quite possible.

1:04 A CG variant?  Seems to have a shade of the Hades tug-of-war to it while swinging foes around in that 's,s,t' string.  I hope this isn't used as an excuse to make all collisions weak (as with Battering Ram).  Discomforting that nobody got ringed out after it...hopefully it was a trajectory issue and not a damn invisible wall.

>weapon toss

Straight to "O", eh?  Hopefully we have a bit better control than in the past with using JUST (R) to guide these.  A 720 toss is it?  Some collision potential, but it was odd he (the agent) didn't collide with the nearby wall...Odd collision placement perhaps.  At any rate, it was a mid-grab so I suppose that chap is a major grunt in the same way that a Legionnaire Captain is.

1:24 Oh?  Friendly fire?  Even if it didn't cause direct damage (or just a tiny bit), that's very good.  Possible ring-outs and knockback collisions.  I just hope they aren't shit for damage.  Decent range on that attack as well.

1:26 What the Hell?  Sparta Kick again?  Is it a special once more?  The string would have to have been changed for it to come out as a heavy and that certainly wasn't a light move unless a held input.  Even if light on damage, an instant knockback for the Blades is no joke.  That's damn near PS territory.  They might be fixing to make the Blades broken as Hell.

1:33 Ah, so it was a CG that GRANTS an option select of its own.  Be it a string (perhaps covering square and triangle) *likely just for lighter minor grunts, pests/fodder*, ram (as like in GoWIII), pull into OS (hopefully also allowing a cancel just after the pull in this and the 'ram'), etc.  Interesting.

No signs of a 'mount' mechanic though (yet).  It really was pretty grand and let you get down and dirty aside from the gained range with CG.  Also, HC was 'grab centric so it was NOT subject to Power % as I recall.  An important distinction.  One could be L1+O (CG) and they other could be L1+X (screw weapon switch specials).  It would be fabulous.

1:40 A wake-up evade and counter, is it?

1:48 Ascension into (air) s,s,s *unchanged it seems* to what looked like the air version of the Sparta Kick special (L1+X would be my guess *unless they add HELD inputs to air attacks*) *sort of another Hermes Stomp type of deal* into a ground version (unless that's just how the special continues *might not be good as such*...but if a string, that is perfectly fine *cancel out as needed*).  Fisticuffs is good .  Definitely want the mounting back though.

1:55 I knew the BoE t1 was getting used again.  No quick t1 or slow t1.  Just medium t1.  Bah.  Whatever.  Straight into the BoE t2 and then s6 (Valor) *which looks a bit different*.  Still no sign of wall collisions...

2:00 HURR IMMA SQUARE WHORE *countered into grab punish*.  I like that a lot.  Also the ability to evade away before the really damaging looking blow lands.  I expect DSP to whine about this defense tactic.

2:09 This confirms prompts for actual QTEs are still here and as they were in GoWIII/GoS.  Good.  Simplistic, somewhat brutal finish for a grab kill.  *lets see if he keeps the weapon as in Bayonetta though...*  NOPE.jpg *FFFFFFFF-*

2:41 AW GEEZ.  Here comes the time mechanics.  I hope they do a better job with it for combat than in GoWII.  So is this some Chronos shit or are we working the Fates again?  This was VERY clearly only allowed in this specific area (green glow).  I saw no statue though.  Just a green glow in the distance and at our feet.  Also, what the f*** was that sea monster?  Another Kraken?  Certainly not Scylla.  Charbydis (GoW version) perhaps?  Cetus?

2:52 I RAGE'd a little seeing him with that faggot Uncharted climbing.  Wall/Ceiling combat got the axe completely then?  Looks on-rails (casual) as f*** just like with Enslaved and so many other recent 'Action' games with 'platforming' (that you can hardly ever die on or need to really do much 'directing').

3:25 A ranged class of 'fawn'?  What's with all the f***ing Satyrs?  Are we going to be going after Pan, Dionysus, Artemis, etc. or some such shit?

3:29 ...What...why didn't he just stand there and let the guy get impaled like in GoW1 (with the arrow to the head)?  That's classic Kratos.  Not sure I like the looks of this possible road they're taking with his 'character'...

3:30 Ah!  But this pleases me.

3:22 And then he threw more than one of the singular spear he picked up.  Goddammit.  Nonsense aside, three tosses isn't too bad.  Hopefully it has a close range melee use as well.

3:38 's,s,t' (simple plume) into what looks like what will be an 'item' application (regenerating meter I'm sure) of the 'time altering ability' to hold foes suspended in the air.

3:40 He still has the f***ing spear?  Do you just keep one 'temp' weapon until you pick up another to replace it or something?  Was this a counter or a block into a special?  The 'rain' reminds me of Ares Barrage (AoS).

3:43 s,s to CG to 'heavy' (bounce set-up).  He can definately pick where he slams (redirects) the targets during that.  I wonder if it also has i-frames aside from collisions causing knockback.  Very interesting.

4:07 They still have the bleed gathering thing, I see.  Their chance to prove it.  So let's see just what the f*** this is...

4:21 Or just skip to the next generation of Juggernaut/Talos.  Let's see what this version can do (and if we can take its weapon as is proper).  I get the feeling the punches were "S" rather than "s" inputs (to start them up).  Seems normal moves can 'deflect' up and off targets at close range (altering the flight path).  Wonder how much that factors.  Spirit did sufficient damage to stagger it.  I imagine he can block (not just parry or evade) those strikes though...

4:43 What is this?  Dark Souls?  Kicking tougher foes off balance as an opening?  I doubt he did enough damage with that to get another stun, so the moves properties might have been the cause of what was seen just a moment ago.

4:45 Thought so.  Blockable.  And here he is dancing for no good reason (beyond putting on a show).

4:50 I bet he would have swung at him at "O" had he not grabbed right away.  Odd the 'third' break didn't cause him to do this anyway.  That's an old tactic of this foe type.  Has the exact same grab kill as the Bronze Talos.  And...he didn't get the Hammer.  Odd.

4:57 The 'rage' of this game?  New Blades normals.  Reminds me of GoWIII ground TR then it combo'd into the cross-swipe from GoWII (RotT s3).  Short square string.  I bet both were just 'strings' rather than specials.  Shouldn't he turn that off to conserve it?...Activation was the same as in GoWIII (likely does light damage and stuns besides break-out properties).  I didn't see any signs of blocking or evading while using it, but I doubt they'll deny us either or the option to jump.  No signs of a 'run' attack (RoS).

5:34 What the f*** is this HERESY?  Elephant men?  Is this Egypt/Persia or some shit?  Should I expect Alligator people too?  Maybe take them straight from Berserk.

5:50 Using other foes for collisions as is proper...on H and higher.  Normal (and Easy) aren't ideal for it...unless they've made them static (which would really rustle my jimmies *and I'd be perfectly pissed if it were nerfed for damage as in GoS*).

5:55 Why was that Lance of the Furies treated like a cutscene move upon activation?  It should have been charged and open to interruption...very odd.  Very odd indeed.  It caused a high bounce rather than knockback though...not quite as useful as such unless it does much more damage than in the original version (also time slow gives it the advantage of virtual attack immunity).

6:00 The beast destroyed his own weapon?

6:10 Ah, so he does hook the lesser foe and swing away at him/others (square) with triangle for the heavy slam I imagine.  But will the 'stuck' foe break free in a few seconds if you just leave it in?  I think they just might.  We shall see.  The triangle slam obviously has i-frames and the square version certainly does not.  I wonder if the pull and/or impact of the 'ram' will have i-frames.  Hopefully evasion i-frames aren't shit.

6:19 Hmmm, a formerly "S" move returns.  This version would be great with a knockback.  Thera's Bane made it good in GoS, but by just isn't all that strong and hardly affects foes.

6:26 I wonder if he saw the obvious glowing hand (NG3) and thought he should be dodging at it (so as not to get caught) or into it (to show off this apparently promptless QTE *something like what was done with Callisto when she wall grabbed us in GoS*).  Sort of makes the grab harmless though, I fear.

6:45 So they have a case where we do have to evade its (likely randomized) grab attempts while again treating it like Callisto?  Why couldn't they do something about the earlier cases with RBP (Random Button Press)?

7:15 So is this actually going to be Charbydis then?  If so, where is the 'vortex'/whirlpool?  Can't be as such without it.  Perhaps it is indeed a different beast.  Not many have names though.

~Not a single air OS or OH used, but I'm confident they are still in.  Didn't really use many grab kill options on the grab selectable foes...I should hope they don't have just the one choice (they're special for this reason).

NOTE: Despite how I might sound, I am pleased to see what the SP is up to.  I'm feeling better now as well.  I suppose tomorrow I'll get back to my edit work.


"...the lack of group AI (I'd expected this out of the 'Satyr Commander' as with the Centuars of GoWIII).  One would expect that the 'elephant men' could gore us as in GoS (mini-game reversal not unlike the GoWIII Centaurs as well).  Wasn't shown though.  Plenty of talking points to address from what little was shown though.  The LotF looking move is likely a spell.  Had the HUD been there, it would have been more obvious (along with the time slow as an item).  With 'items, they would likely want spells tied to weapons again.  Perhaps the 'tempoary' weapons have lesser spells tied to them too.  Perhaps the spear tossing was just a good special that mimics spear specials with the AoS.  Hard to say for sure."


1:18 Ah, so it was explicitly stated.  Nobody simply figured that out.

1:57 Calls it a 'sub-weapon' does he?  Not what that meant in GoWII, but no matter.  Seems like the simple s,s,s,s string.

2:02 What the Hell was this?  Special?  Grab?  "S" then mashing?  I'd have to see it in more contexts to be sure.

2:09 Still not sure how this works.  So R1 is confirmed as the tether (rather than being an L1+face button move for each weapon), but I believe I recall seeing the regular OS too.  I'd have to check back on that.

2:15 Dragging foes around during that, eh?  Amusing.

2:25 The X toss, I'm sure.

2:28 Still not sure how they'll toss the 'sub-weapon', but it slows time and deals quite a good deal of damage as such.

2:37 BoE's TR confirmed even without 'rage' active.

3:15 >implying it wouldn't be Athena

3:35 Thought as much.  Really should have teamed it with Scylla for GoS at the Vortex.  Pity.

4:02 Hopefully they're planning to make good use of the whirlpool scenario (again).  As for this time stuff...

From a boss, is it?  We tend to kill bosses, so I don't imagine it was the Fates.  I can only imagine Chronos, but god slaying so early on?  I'm overlooking something, I suppose.

5:00 Obviously.  Though they ought to consider letting us toggle on/off some such features...

5:42 There's the triangle grab kill.

0:45 Still can't tell what that is exactly.  I'm guessing "S" or special at this point.  More likely the former.

0:52 There was an OS just there.  So that's still part of the deal.

1:02 A triangle ender for a bounce perhaps?  Perhaps the strings match-up with the Blades when you switch between the two and this move has OH properties like the s5 special of CoH in GoWIII.  Hard to say for sure.  Perhaps just the hit properties and animation playing tricks on my eyes.

2:26 Life cycle?

3:42 I prefer three-way to point-to-point.  Mostly for the sake of combat options and it not being nearly so casual.

4:29 CoC confirmed.  Big surprise.

4:30 The cast type was a 'flash'.  I wonder if it will have a charged version (flare/rage) to catch a larger group of foes at once...

6:03 So that's the official name?  Satyr Captain.  Good, they're confirming a foe that can order the others to at least use some group tactics (if only in the form of a single move per case).  I was hoping this wouldn't get scraped.

6:36 March 12th is it?  I'd guessed March 25th if I recall right.  I wonder who was closest.  I'll have to check on that in a bit.

NOTE: GS has more of these videos but without the commentary.  I don't see a need for me to post them though.

3:45 So R1 is indeed the 'grab' these days...with circle being for sub-weapon combos then?  I suppose that would make the string shown 's,s,o' between the Blades and the sub-weapon.  The sub-weapon string was likely 'o,o,o,o' as such.  "O" for the flurry?  L1+O for weapon toss?

4:20 Oh good.  An air OS.  Didn't quite set up an infinite, but maybe with abuse of the 'grapple' or air t1.  These Satyr Captains sure do bounce high...

6:30 OH "Slam" into the grapple drag?  Very nice.  Good that I'm watching so many videos as they're eventually showing the things I care about.

6:34 RING OUT!  OH YEAH!  I just hope it wasn't some accident that they forgot invisible walls here.  That would infuriate me.  I want ring-outs.

So the Spear seems like circle inputs for spear tosses and maybe L1+o for the 'Ares Barrage' (AoS special with raining spears).

7:25 Seems they might have made foes too vulnerable to stuns (like in CoO).  Talk of 'rage' being built up not just by orbs or hits (not confirmed to still be the case), but parries, just evades, etc. too.  This would really help make a 'rage' even more commonly workable than in GoWII and GoWIII.

7:45 Making bombs of foes as with Altered Slash (GoWII's SoD) and Thera's Bane (GoS), eh?  A 'rage' bomb then?

So besides the extra hit for TR (cross-swipe), we might be seeing 'rage' as a Thera's Bane with tanking and higher armor perhaps?  That would be a Hell of a thing.  As for this 'element' talk, I trust they're just referring to fire.  He speaks of the 'in-close' special that sounds like a match for what I felt might have been a 'magic' for the Blades this time.  Maybe it is a 'rage only' special instead?

8:15 Bah.  Better just be for non-combat areas as that would horribly backfire in the combat system we're used to.  I also don't want excues about off-screen attacks.  GoWIII sampled this with those book altars.

8:52 Besides parrying the attack of the Elephant Man, friendly fire appears to be on.  This pleases me.

9:20 Ah, so it WAS a magic move.  And I suppose the Elephant Man destroys his own weapon when his HP is getting low.  Might have been neat to tether it away in a tug-of-war or something.

10:20 Not bad.

11:30 Club for heavy knockback.  So the 'spear' is the "Javelin".  Reasonable enough.  Sword looked like the minor grunt weapon.  Barehands is implied as our new circle move without sub-weapons on our person.  I suppose L1+o would be the Sparta Kick then since CG is now R1.

12:40 Persians cropping up again (as with CoO).  Excuse for a Roc, Sphinx, etc.  I don't want a bunch of furries as enemies though (as charming as killing them would be).

14:15 Do your worst, Papy.  Come at me.  I'm right here.


A GT video shows air TR is as it was in GoWII rather than GoWIII.  I'd have expected the lvl1/lvl2 system for CoC and TR.  It wasn't a bad way to make the moves more interesting.

This one makes clear some things I speculated about earlier.  Shows the OH for the Satyr Captain too.

NOTE: So far things look extremely easy even for Normal.

The 'rage' really does seem to leave 'cores'.  It is probably unblockable too.

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

[ Edited ]
Jul 6, 2012

The new character limit (20K) drastically limits my options.  Now I cannot update the original post properly.  I'll simply have to address the bits I wish to touch/expand on here.




-WW handiling later.


Friendly Fire:

-Good to see some of this at play if only with large targets hitting the small ones.  Wonder how this will actually pan out.



-SP Demo made it look like they aren't yet limiting this option (very good).



-Because of Tether and WW, things have changed a bit.  MP has L1+X as sprint, but I doubt this will be so for SP (so I will act accordingly).  Also, MP has L2 for Escape/Heal which would be nonsense in SP as well (assumed to be items).  One possible appeal to having the Sprint would be 'running attacks', but without good strings off them (modeled after GoW1's Hermes Rush *perhaps a rise and 'mount' case too*) it is without much point.  Good cancels too.  I can only hope we don't have our time wasted with weapon switch specials...


-Our Blades have BoE t1/t2 (old is preferred), BoE CoC (hopefully with lvl2 CoC around lvl4 Blades), BoE ground TR (hopefully with lvl2 TR at lvl5), BoA air TR (why not BoE TR again? *it wasn't bad*) and the usual suspects.  I doubt counter and evade moves will get any better, but looking to the past (GoW1) could help.  The "S" option is back to an earlier form (good for laying bombs and little else).  Pity.  "T" will likely remain weak, but effective for set-up even without evasion into quick Ascension (and likely lacking i-frames still).


-(Fist Weapon) - Stheno's Claws cover the fast/rapid-hit case.  GoW has traditionally been more fond of the slower, heavier hitting case with armor breaking and charged hits.  This is not unwelcome.  Hell, an expanded move list for 'Unarmed' (WW) would be desirable too.  I've seen it suggested that these have more moves like in DMC's fist weapons (Ex: Ifrit charged fireballs, Beowulf 'rising dragon', Real Impact, etc.).  If for some reason the tether cannot pull us into mount from air-to-air or air-to-ground *nonsense*, this sort of weapon should have that for ground-and-pound.  Tirades aren't too different from the asking of rapid hits or charged hits.


-(AoS) - Javelin WW covers some of the spear moves.  I'll suggest a Shield WW soon enough.  Not sure how much point there is in asking for this weapon now beyond having both and the stronger specials of each case.


-(Sword/Shield) Short range, lots of different combos (delayed input, mashing, held, 360, etc.) and dodge offset enabled.  Just an excuse to have more 'normal' weapons even if it comes down to just the 1H Sword, but this seems really unlikely with WW.  Dodge Offset for a single GoW weapon would make it stand out among its peers I should think.  That and delayed input for alternate strings aside from mixing up light/heavy.  Even mashing during certain moves for extra hits.  At any rate, Soul Calibur has some good showings for this set-up.


-(Scythe) Stretching antics of DI, multi-hit tosses of Darksiders and normals/UT of NG? Perhaps elements of Sparda here and there.  Charon had one (curious Thanos did not).  The 'Sickle' of Cronos could sort of cover this.  Doubtful 'time' would be attached to it (electricity already paired with him as of GoWII).


-(Soul/Gift of Ares) Sort of a complicated tool switching between forms *not unlike AoS*.  Hammer (charge/smash/sweep and flamethrower), Axe (normals) and Sword (normals and pillars).  This with specials (or spells) of the teleport *like in MP* variety, pillars, unblockable homing fireballs, rushing grab, fireball volley, unblockable palm, etc.  I've considered it all before, but it is hard to fit the moves to a player controled character and more so with even more restrictions on input options.  Character Limit makes it hard to expand on these things as well.  Even the tentacles were accounted for.


-(Duel Swords) Basically in the same vein as Athena here.  Another excuse to have petrification tied to them as the spell (though pre-Medusa).  Rushing slashes, flipping hits, etc.  Really not the most interesting thing without tossing them around like boomerangs as Starkiller does in SWFU2 while in 'rage'.



-LotF spell is simple enough.  Perhaps they'll take a cue from the MP and have multiple simple spells (change via menu) per weapon if indeed they are tied to the Blades.  I recall talk of 'elements' (more in regards to rage)...which has me somewhat worried.


-(Ares) One case would be the unblockable homing fireballs.  Another for the volley.  Another still regarding the teleport (safe repositioning).  Hell, even a full screen AoE dealing some set amount of damage (only real draw being special kill animations *people lighting aflame, grunts breaking in half or having their heads explode, etc.*).


-(Various) We don't really get many spells that aren't damage orientd.  No buffs/debuffs, special properties, healing, etc.  Plenty of ideas can be whipped up for this and rather easily excused.


-(Call of the Wild)  Basically another shot at "Soul Summon" (CoH).  Various 'spirits' (themed around servants of Artemis) with different attack types.  Giant (or Orion) in place of Berserker, giant Boar might do 3x ram with flames (Chimera), Silver Wolves running around to attack/dogpile (mix of Mongrel and Legionnaires), Forest Huntresses (Undead Archers), Wood Nymphs binding targets in an AoE (small damage, but mostly hindering movement), River Nymph possibly exploding to replace Fiends, Stymphalian Birds fly around and fire feathers around, Pan for a song reducing foe aggression or a wail acting like a Seductress/Widow shockwave, Humans just running around (AI prioritizes them and tries to kill said targets), Hind running around really fast ramming things (preferably hitting big targets and getting stuck on them for multi-hits like Centaur General), etc.


-(Apollo's Plague) A redone SoE basically.  Early on just a swarm of locusts and disease to stun and lightly damage targets with light returns on HP for us.  Later more swarms, better stuns, greater damage and significantly better HP returns.  Hopefully not obscuring vision as badly as SoE.



-'Life Force' is a cute way to bring AotF back as an item.  I presume that the system still exists (for now).  As such, I might note more ideas.  Suspending foes in mid-air with a 'flash'.  I wonder if it will havea flare/rage fire type as well (probably).



-The current rage is likely to still fill via orbs, hits and QTEs/grabs, but is said to also fill via perfect evades, perfect parries, etc. as well.  Intersting enough .  I assume it will turn on/off with the same system RotT/RoS used.  Had a 'scream' animation for start-up which might be a lightly damaging attack, but didn't seem to ground us (maybe it does).  Talk of elemental elements here is odd to me.  The 'fire' acts like Thera's Bane from what I can tell and that is quite welcome.  Beyond that, it is hard to tell what sort of move changes it will allow for.  Light pity blood letting (gathering on us) won't fill the meter at all.  Perhaps in a game where we are the Fist of Ares.


World Weapons:

-We've seen a 1H Sword (SP), Javelin (SP), Club (MP), Boots (MP),  BoC (MP) and unarmed (both) thus far.  Perhaps some of the MP cases can make it into SP and vice versa.  BoC in SP would be senseless and Boots could only work as a NG+ sort of deal.  Might be neat to have a 'Rodin' case of an actual weapon that mixes and matches most of all the temporary weapon abilities into one.  This said, we know that circle is the WW input (pressed or held for different effects) and L1+s (special) is a discard.  These are the rules I must now consider when making ideas for them *halting the original attempt prior to their showing*.


The GoW:A demo had a Satyr Grunt (1H Sword and Javeline), but also a Satyr Captain (2H Sword *not given*), Talos/Juggernaut rip-off (Hammer *not given*) and Elephantaur (Club *not given*).  I should hope those that didn't give up the goods will do so in the full version.  2H sword like a simpler version of the MP weapon (same for Hammer).  Club can be the same as MP too.  Simple.  Only issue is that I can't fully predict how this works with regards to degrading outside discard, input options, etc.  Listing damage without some idea of how the decay system works is a bit much, so I'll wait on that.  It isn't clear if we can air discard, so I'll assume not for now.


NOTE: Some of these are stretches and I didn't even bother with some obviously troublesome cases from GoWIII.


Centaur General (Spear/Flail)

Circle (press) - Simple two-hit combo knocking foes away.

(hold) - Charge for multi-hit on targets, knockbacks, etc.  Light adjust to course would be nice.

(air press) - Fall into small AoE with flail to bounce targets.

(switch) - Straight into the 'air press'.

L1+o - Large AoE?  Stronger charge that can mini-game a target?


Cerberus Mongrel (Head)

Circle (press) - Heavy fireball *arc* catching targets on fire like "Inferno" with Apollo's Bow.

(hold) - Charge to fire three at once? *spreads*

(air press) - Fireball from air.

(switch) Fireball.

L1+o - Flamethrower sweep for heavy damage and burning targets.  Maybe with i-frames (at least super armor/tanking).


Hades Cerberus (Head)

Circle (press) - Light fireball *straight* with good range and better firing rate.

(hold) - Slightly larger, trampling shot causing knockbacks (small power increase).

(air press) - Fireball from air.

(switch) Small AoE with light stun.

L1+o - Ground pound.  Large AoE with heavy stun.


Hades Cerberus Breeder (Head)


Circle (press) - Fire off Hades Cerberus Whelp as homing explosive.

(hold) - Multi-birth?

(air press) - Air birth or fall into small AoE?

(switch) Small AoE.

L1+o - Ground pound with moderate AoE with moderate stun.  Sends three large fireballs in an arc dealing damage with direct contact and again with explosion.


Chimera (Snake)


Circle (press) - Three hit combo.  Delay input between o2 and o3 for o3b with flurry to mash (barrage into knockback)?

(hold) - Snare to bring foe to us (for short string into knockback or just some free hits), us to foe or 360 (collisions, i-frames and toss).

(air press) -Air combo.

(switch) - Spit (light damage, decent stun).

L1+o - Heavy Spit (larger area of coverage, slighty more damage, longer stun)?


Chimera (Lion)


Circle (press) - Angled fireballs that hit fast (and near) with knockback.  Three-hit string based on shots?

(hold) - Charge 'hits' to gain better damage.  Timed release (eyes flash) for much greater damage and stronger hit properties.

(air press) - Air shots.

(switch) - Roar for 360 stun (no damage) on nearby foes?  Yet more fireballs?

L1+o -Stronge fireball becoming a fire pool with long linger?  Catches foes on fire?


Chimera (Goat)


Circle (press) - Comically swing it around like GoZ/Cestus in a light 3 hits string (or 2 hit heavy)?  Simple firewave?

(hold) - Charged hits?  Firewave with greater damage and range?

(air press) - Light air hits?

(switch) - Lunging heavy for knockback (ram)?  Just another firewave?

L1+o -An even bigger firewave?  Maybe a lingering fire wall to catch foes on fire this time?


Cursed Remains/Olympus Sentry/Olympus Guardian/Olympus Guardian/Olympus Sentinel (1H Sword/1H Axe/Mace/Spear)


Circle (press) - Simle 3 hit string.

(hold) - Leaping super-armor strike.

(air press) - Descending strike w/o super armor (knockback?).

(switch) - Same as 1H Sword? *basically a variant of it anyway*

L1+o - Shockwave.


Cyclops Berserker/Cyclops Remains (Club)


Circle (press) - Kick to Slow Overhead (high bounce)?

(hold) -Sprint?

(air press) -Overhead.

(switch) -Overhead?

L1+o -Heavy Overhead?


Cyclops Enforcer (Ball/Chain)


Circle (press) -Slow overhead (bounce).

(hold) - Charged ball shot (more damage with longer charge)

(air press) - Fall into overhead.

(switch) - Lunging Punch (knocback).

L1+o - Same as held but longer attack?  Overhead that destroys the ball for explosive release of shrapnel?


Gorgon Serpent (Head)


Circle (press) - Flash.

(hold) - Charged Flash.

(air press) - Flash.

(switch) - Flash.

L1+o - Rage.


Gorgon (Head)


Circle (press) -Stare.

(hold) - Stare Stream.

(air press) - Stare.

(switch) - Stare.

L1+o -Rage.


Minotaur Elite/Labyrs Minotaur (Axe)


Circle (press) - 2 hit combo?  Swing into Overhead?

(hold) - Charge swings?  Axe Toss (boomerangs back)?

(air press) - Overhead (knockback)?

(switch) - Uppercut Swing (knockback + launch)?

L1+o - Strong toss (as with 1H Sword)


Olympus Archer (Bow)


Circle (press) - Shots.

(hold) - Melee?

(air press) - Air shots.

(switch) - Bow combo?

L1+o - 5 shot with the explosive arrows they sorely lack (Hades Archers had this).


Olympus Fiend (Fireball pounch)


Circle (press) - Fireball.

(hold) - Evade (strings into fireball)?

(air press) - Fireball.

(switch) - Fireball.

L1+o -Suicide bomb? *damage us, but deal very large amount of damage to foes in small AoE*


Olympus Guardian/Olympus Sentinel (Shield)


Circle (press) - Block (even guard breaking attacks) *mobile*  Parry works on unblockables and 'returns' projectiles/effects?

(hold) - Maintain guard.  Worn down with each block?

(air press) - Block.

(switch) - AoE (chargable)?  Rush?

L1+o - AoE?  Rush?


Satyr (Special Weapon)


Circle (press) - Satyr combo (3 hit)

(hold) - Satyr launcher.

(air press) - Overhead (grab and toss)?

(switch) - Staff twirl? (multi-hit)  Impale and toss?

L1+o -Weapon discard (impale for huge damage if not impaling to wall while alive for free hits)?


Seductress (Head)


Circle (press) - Fireball with very long range.

(hold) - Song charge.  Release for stun and chance MP orb drops.

(air press) - Fireball?

(switch) - Short scream (large range AoE with light damage)

L1+o -Strong shockwave.


Stone/Bronze Talos (Hammer/Maul)


Circle (press) - 2 hits swing.

(hold) - Overhead.

(air press) - Overhead.

(switch) - Strong swing.

L1+o - Multi-AoE?


Wraiths of Olympus (Projectile Blades)


Circle (press) - Boomerang toss.

(hold) - Homing ground toss.  Burrow? *too good perhaps*

(air press) - Toss.

(switch) - Asphodel toss.

L1+o - Burrow into dive attack?  Into OP grab?




-(Berserk) In the spirit of DOOM's "God Mode" *invinciblity*, I would also like to suggest this for Unarmed (WW) combat.  Insane damage increase (50+ per hit) while tanking hits with increased Armor % (200+).



-Tether system looks mighty fine and may well perfectly allow for air/ground OS, OH (alt.OH too I should hope), CG and HC.  This with the option select while Tethered (tugging, evading and slapping).



-To point it out (though noted in evaluations), GoWIII's autosave was a nice feature.  Regarding cutscenes, skipping, pausing, using FF/Rewind, etc. would be nice.

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

Jul 6, 2012


-Lots of progressions and joke trophies expected for a small list amounting to an easy Plat.  I'll list ideas for a greater variety of trophies (though the limit is usually 51).  Some won't be so easy as in the past.


-(1) Beat Game


-(2) Beat Challenges


-(3) Beat Very Hard *rather than Hard*


-(4) MAX HP


-(5) MAX MP


-(6) MAX IP


-(7) Find Easter Egg EXP Fountain


-(8) Find all UBER chests


-(9) Find all Possessions


-(10) Perform 1K hit combo


-(11) MAX all 'weapons'


-(12) Kill 20 enemies using collisions


-(13) Shatter 20 enemies


-(14) Burn 20 enemies


-(15) Use all grab types


-(16) Cover Kratos in 1,000 gallons of blood


-(17) Use each WW to kill 10 enemies


-(18) Parry 50 attacks


-(19) Evade 50 near hits


-(20) Sex Mini-game


-(21) Buy everything *Temple of Zeus*


-(22) Unlock everything


-(23) Get top ranks in Challenges


-(24)  Clear NG+ *if there is one*


-(25)  Clear game with all costumes


-(26) *MP* Tutorial


-(27) *MP* Get 100 kills


-(28) *MP* Be MVP


-(29) *MP* Win 10 matches


-(30) *MP* Capture 20 altars


-(31) *MP* 'Escape' when near death and kill the enemy who attacked you


-(32) *MP* 20 grab kills


-(33) *MP* Get a kill with each WW.


-(34) *MP* Get 10 trap kills


-(35) Kill 10 enemies while riding any beast


-(36) Kill 10 enemies with each spell.


-(37) Kill 25 enemies with each weapon.


-(38) Kill 10 enemies with each item.


-(39) Kill 20 enemies with relics.


-(40) Return 20 projectiles


-(41) Negate 10 attacks with invincibilitiy


-(42) Get enemies to kill each other 20 times


-(43) Kill 50 enemies with unarmed WW *punches/kick*


-(44) Ring-out 50 enemies


-(45) Keep off the ground for 10 seconds *?*


-(46) Use 'rage' activation to break out of being a statue or being grabbed.


-(47) Find and open every chest


-(48) Get MAX EXP


-(49) Get MAX hit count


-(50) View all treasures/extras


*all the below address Very Hard; possessions and costumes other than default not allowed unless stated*


-(51) Use X Challenge Costume *General Kratos*


-(52) Use X Challenge Possession *Chalice*


-(53) Complete game without upgrades


-(54) Complete game without extensions


-(55) Complete game without opening any chests


-(56) Complete game without using any non-forced grabs


-(57) Complete game without using block/parry


-(58) Complete game without using magic


-(59) Complete game without using items


-(60) Complete game without using relics


-(61) Complete game with just the Blades *among weapons*


-(62) Complete game without any deaths


-(63) Complete game without taking damage


-(64) Complete game with fewer than 500 (?) kills


-(65) Complete game in 04:00:00 or less


~Just barely ran out of space.  I don't feel like rattling of enemy ideas or anything like that right now.  That's enough for now.

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

[ Edited ]
Aug 2, 2012

This MP talk of using city-states rather than gods is strange and the feminist concern with violence on women is just odd (consider how nice it has been for them compared to males who cross Kratos).

More pressing than these diversions is talk of 'rage'. You see, GoW1 had a version with a good (Blades) moveset, 2x power for the sub-weapon, increased Armor % for both, tanking, instant breakout/resistance and (at MAX) infinite magic while active. Downside being that it took a long time to build up (through hits and grab kills). Some QTEs filled it up significantly faster, but they were basically boss cases.

GoWII's RotT was different. Gone was 2x damage and infinite magic. You could activate it with as little as 1/5th of the meter (but it takes about that much to turn it on) and even deactivate it to conserve for later. The moveset specific to the Blades wasn't as varied or good (or damaging), but was still effective/powerful enough while gaining 'Inferno' (a novel idea *feeding off the combo meter for more damage*). It starts at lvl1 and after Kraken you get lvl2 (for the rest of NG and all NG+ conditions). The former brought your weapon modifiers to lvlMID and the latter to lvlMAX. Like RotT, tanking, breakout, resistance, Armor % (making collisions weaker), etc. applied. It was an interesting system and you could fill the meter even faster via 'rage orbs' (found through some foes, BH kills and RP chests).

GoWIII's RoS was basically RotT, but with a special moveset (and only it could be used) that didn't allow for jumping (where the Blades with RotT couldn't block/parry). No spells, other weapons, items, etc. The damage on the BoO wasn't even very impressive and the moveset was unwieldy. He had an automatic running attack, but it wasn't anything special. The activation damage was cute. Really though, it was a step or two back.

GoW:A has the hitting to fill (and grab kills), presumably the orbs system and now talk of perfect evade/perfect block (parry) to build meter. That's lovely.

It has even been reported to have 'elements' depending on what we have out when it activates (fire for blades I suppose). 'Fire' seems to act like Thera's Bane. A nice touch.

What's the bad news after saying all this? It activates automatically when full. No early activation and no talk of deactivation.

We've lost a major improvement and gained a hindrance (loss of player control) because some don't use 'rage' effectively (or at all). It has been 'streamlined' (made casual). This is god awful design.

This is not just an affront to the vets (who do challenge runs specifically forbidding 'rage' use *among other things*), but more casual players who just want to use 'rage' when the chips are down and they've strategically saved up for a tough fight.

They aim to make it such that we can use it every other fight (which is absurd). It turns on whenever it likes and expires at the usual rate. I loathe approach and hope for VH to turn it off entirely (as Bayonetta does to WT), a costume that removes it, the option to toggle it off or even a possession/urn specifically for challenge (removing it).

~Most unwise.




Seems Satyr Grunts will have 5 WW.  Doesn't rule out WW from other foes (Satyr Captain, Talos, etc.).  I don't see a Gorgon Spell (Stheno's Head) happening though.  A WW would suffice for now.


Elemental talk for 'rage' might suggest elemental spells.  The LotF variant would be fire as would be the Thera's Bane-like 'fire' rage shown thus far.  I'd imagine ice (Boreas), Earth and Lightning.


Still not sure who will be th boss with Life Cycle for an item/relic (not even sure we'll have more of these).  Seems like the Blades will be the ONLY weapon (along with WW).  No subs.




It may well be the case that the worst case scenario is:




-Blades (Primary)


-Unarmed (WW)

-Sword (WW)

-Javelin/Spear (WW)

-Club (WW) *like MP probably*

-Sling (WW) *think Perseus*

-Shield (WW) *think Fleece/AoS*


-Life Cycle (Relic) *gets regenerating bar*

-Rage (Relic)

-Swim (Relic) *possibly not in thie game, but has a better chance than a gliding tool*


-Fire (spell) *LotF*

-Element B (spell)

-Element C (spell)

-Element D (spell) *though possible it could be as few as three spells*




-Hammer (primary)

-Great Sword (primary)

-Unknown (primary)


-Boots (WW)

-BoC (WW) *should have all SP WW cases and perhaps things like the Bow of Apollo too*


-Ares A (spell)

-Ares B (spell) *possibly a C and maybe a D*

-Hades A (spell)

-Hades B (spell) *same note*

-Poseidon A (spell)

-Poseidon B (spell) *same*

-Zeus A (spell)

-Zeus B (spell)

-Zeus C (spell* *possibly a D as well*


-Armor A light (armor)

-Armor A heavy (armor) *I forget if these pair with gods...if so perhaps just four per deity, but otherwise as many as twenty with five DLC cases maybe*


NOTE: One spell at a time, one weapon at a time and one WW at a time aside from the one armor.  DLC additions like WW would be simple enough, but a full-on weapon would be A LOT of work.  Hell, the third weapon might be DLC thta's partially on disc (quite the trend).  Time will tell.  At any rate, no relics (or items) in MP.  They don't Double Jump either, but they get Escape/Heal along with their weird version of the parry (which tether apparently beats).

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

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Aug 17, 2012

0:13 First look at the HUD.  Looks like they have 200 units of HP.  It...sort of looks like they have a 'number of casts' for magic rather than an actual MP bar (multi-player corrupted even this).  Fire spell selected.  EXP is as it has been for a long while.  Rage is the tower in the bottom right (way to take up more space, boys).

0:20 Taking hits drops the meter down (as with Bayonetta's approach to magic).

0:23 Looks like they changed "S" from Olympic Slash to Hyperion Charge.

0:25 That filled awfully fast...and it did turn on automatically.  But the meter wasn't FULL (half).  What the Hell is the meaning of this?  L1+s and L1+t might get lvl2 versions only when in rage.  Perhaps varying with the spell selected.  That run animation is weird.  Fire damage (special kill animation) in place.

0:41 I guess he got a bomb off.  His spam of 't,t,t' is certainly killing foes off in quick and dull fashion.  They made "t1" faster so now instead of a quick/slow (classic) or moderate (GoWIII/GoS), they just made the latter fast...Also this meter seems to be filling faster than it drains via just landing hits.

0:46 o1,o2 into quick T (very quick).  Because of the camera man, I couldn't see if the meter was filled by htis from WWs *probably*.  Have yet to see a perfect evade or parry fill the meter (or how much they do if this is indeed the case).

0:53 The blood effects don't look too good for this close-up.  Maybe it's just the video quality.  At any rate, I've yet to see him hit during rage, so I can't tell if we get an armor increase along with tanking or if that is no longer something rage does.

0:57 If my guess is right, he should have no magic left.  Seems the fire spell (LotF) ignites things when they die too.  I wonder if that propagates at all (probably not) and if it will have special orb drops as in GoS.  The corpse may have had a 'bomb' on it, so there's that.

1:20 So is this rage just a slight buff with bombs (a modified Thera's Bane) that can last a really long time if you let it?  Letting it drain is doable, but it fills so fast...and we've yet to see what parries, evades or even grabs might do to fill the meter...Also, t0 (and likely t3) leave a bomb on the ground.

1:40 Quite a bit of meter for the grab kill.  Didn't see the mid-grab because he skipped it.  No regular grabs either (mounts, CG, wrecking ball, OS, air OS, OH, alt.OH, etc.).

1:47 Look at 'rage' just wasting away.  And suddenly a huge drop as it speeds up to drain.

1:50 At least Kratos uses the old chests.

2:20 L2 for Life Cycle confirmed (as suspected).

2:25 Pretty sure it doesn't mean "heal" us.  That would be silly.

2:35 Thought as much.  Just poor wording.

2:55 "Decay" now is it?

3:02 Point-to-point casual garbage. If only this didn't mean the death of wall/ceiling combat...

3:58 Javelin time.  He immediately discards it.  Lovely.

4:00 Where was the reticule for aiming that?  It better not be automatic too...And he quits here.  Classy.


0:17 Starting off with a missed CG.

0:18 ...and he skips ahead.  What the Hell.

2:07 This guy opts for circle spam.  I can't figure out the deterioration for WWs.  No meter around.  No timer either.  Is it infinite in SP?

2:13 Quite a lot of hits off of that.  German descriptors are stupid (Ex: "Wild"). What is this, DmC?  At any rate, if not all WWs, this one does NOT build 'rage'.

2:21 Turns on...then when it goes below the halfway mark, it turns back off.  That's annoying too.  I don't want it to turn on when it wants to at all.  I want to disable it for challenge runs.

2:32 Yeah, WWs don't build meter.

2:40 ...L3+R3?  It's already on.  Is this to say there is a 'rage beyond rage' (Super Saiyan 2) that grants full rage properties?  We might not find out unless he fills it again and activates it.  It drains quickly when you stop doing things.  At least we've got that going for us.

3:22 Can't tell if that roll filled the meter any.

3:27 Sure isn't looking like it.  Spazzing out is working fine though.

3:32 That's a new one.  The Talos have 'Ares Inferno' (MP).  Likely unblockable.

3:48 Looks like some Athena's Wrath style shockwaves are 'tracing' out of the 3x pound move now.  That's better.

4:00 Either the AoE is bigger than it looks or he just needs to jump to hose it (as with the Harpies of GoWIII).

4:23 Was that scripted or is this QTE worth the whole **bleep** meter?  And this guy still doesn't appear to use L3+R3.  Plenty of CoC and TR with their 'rage' versions though.

4:55 I don't remember those chests.  I imagine they added those.

5:37 Even this wasn't good enough.  I suspect the meter isn't filling with regards to perfect evasions, but maybe evades pause the drain.

5:58 Where the Hell is the back-up?  He should be slamming Saty Grunts into this punk.  Reversal didn't fill meter (he lost it all).

6:25 Way to fail it, brah.

6:35 So does the Elephantaur just regain a bit of HP before going back to 'halo' or does it never die unless you do the mini-game?  I imagine the former as the later would be stupid for a major grunt.

Papy seems to confirm that the meter won't fill quite so fast in the final release (I believe that's what he meant) and different elements (kill types) will have different kill animations and orb drops (as it was in GoS).


Papy confirms that not all things that fill the meter are implemented in the GamesCom build.  Perhaps by PAX we'll see parries/evades filling the meter.  He also notes he wants different fill rates for the various settings.  More meter loss per hit taken, less filled per hit landed/parried/evaded, faster drain for inactivity, etc. for higher settings, I suppose.  Suits me fine.  I keep mentioning the desire for an option to not automatically turn this on if only for NG+ via a possession (even if that means disabling the rage system).


Papy confirms that all spells cost the same and the bar is indeed segmented with 'pips'.  He speaks of 'rage' L3+R3 seemingly draining the meter (not sure what form this takes *could an attack animation of the AoE sort or something*) entirely to put a core on one target (or more?) for a (super?) bomb that gives HP back (via orbs?).  Details aren't all clear.  He's strongly resisting the simple suggestion of a possession to disable 'rage'.  IF he works the adjustment of rage filling/draining (maybe even increases the threshold from half to three-quarters), we might reasonably avoid rage activation DQ without being too inconvenienced.

I've offered many suggestions, but it is always hard to tell what gets through.

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

[ Edited ]
Sep 2, 2012

0:00 I take it the 'refresh' symbol under the 'fire' (spell) is actually Life Cycle.  I see no bar for it, so maybe it uses the MP system of refreshing itself (filling up the icon)?  Haven't seen much of it in use in SP with the HUD visible (GamesCom build) just yet.  This being PAX.


0:06 The...CoO Stun concern has not been addressed yet, I see.  If it stays like this, moves such as unarmed L1+O (kick), ground TR (L1+t), etc. could prove gamebreaking.  This is a MAJOR GRUNT and should not be so easily locked down by stuns from moves that can be rapidly repeated/quickly called upon.  It would be like an instant plume (it is already a knockback *like Piercing Shards was and it was a huge boon for that weapon*).


0:10 So the activation of the flame aura is an attack (from the Talos)?  Good to know that.  I wonder if body contact with it when ignite counts too (like Immolation for Magic Archers in Dragon's Dogma).  Or maybe it just knocks you away if too close.  The damage is so small on Easy, I really can't be sure.  If he had rage meter built up, I could confirm the hit that way (as hits drain it).


0:16 "Fire Talos"?  This to say we'll have a Talos of each of the (four?) elements we obtain in the game?  At any rate, he touched the body and got repeled/hit again.  Not sure if it was just for being too close or that all direct attacks (even ranged cases like Blades "s1" would get the same result *surely not spells, javelin tosses, etc.*).


0:28 They said to just jump for the attack.  Did they mean to say jump out of the circle or that being above the landing point negates the attack like GoWIII Harpy bombing?  Could go either way.


0:39 Why would he switch to showing us some guy using the item for a puzzle/navigation section in the middle of combat?  Combat is the heart of things.


1:00 No Athena's Wrath style homing shockwaves from the 3x pound this time.  Odd. *looks again*  Ah, it doesn't come from the weapon, it spawns under your feet much as the special explosions caused by t0/t3 (Plume/Spirit) while our 'rage' is active in fire mode.  Now I see.


1:05 So the last hit (o3) of the three hits unarmed combo (o,o,o) has a stun/knockback to it?  Circle mashing might shut the Talos down unless you let it 'flame on'. But what the Hell is with the jump?  More vertical height than usual with no sign of the double jump (Icarus Lfit) causing it.  Maybe they want to take that out of the system too (because MP doesn't use it)?


1:08 Why does he have the one-armed fleece block stance in the past when he didn't have such a blocking/parrying tool?  Why not the cross-block stance using the Blades?  He looks like he is blocking with his bare arm (bad **bleep**, but nonsensical).


1:15 So unarmed strikes don't build rage afterall. They really do count as WWs then.  So just the Blades can build/maintain meter.


1:19 Finishes the s,s,s,s,s,s combo with the s4-s6 being in rage for a Valor kill using fire damage for a special fire animation kill (rather than grab kill) on the Fire Talos.  Cute.  But does he get the instant meter fill for that?  Let's see.


1:21 NOPE.  But the corpse exploded still (like with Searing Cores, Altered Slashes, etc.).


1:49 Ugh.  This guy doesn't seem to know about specials, heavy attacks or grabs.  Just all lights with some unarmed WW spam.  He does apply the held input for lights though (unusual).  Won't be seeing him use the L3+R3 instant dump of rage meter for HP regain and a large, damaging explosion.


1:55 There's CoC (L1+s).  I was wondering when that would show up.


2:07 So the Tether itself counts as a hit on the meter (wonder if it actually deals any damage directly though).  Finishes the guy of with yet another light attack during the tether.  So many buttons and he seems to only like one.


2:30 He must be absolutely new to the series if he is trying to use light attacks on a chest.


3:17 Tether kept bouncing off the Major Grunt (Elephantaur) this time.  Curious.  I remember an old video showing it sink in, but just allowing for CG out of it.  Maybe it has to be worn down to the weakened (unarmed *no club*) state first.  I know it needs to be at 'red halo (grab kill) before a finisher can be used *should not be forced*.


3:26 Hilarious beatdown.  But wait...why did the Elephantaur get tired and give an attack opening like that?  Is it really gased out from doing a small flury like that?  Really?


3:33 Wakes up with a footstomp sending us flying.


3:38 Yet again, kick spam would entirely lock this foe down.


3:50 The grab glitched because he was in the air.  It had him in the animation/mini-game while the Elephantaur was free to walk around.


4:12 Worked right this time.  Still no signs of a 'gore' charge.


4:44 Scratch that (about the block animation).  They went back to the old one afterall.  It would have been truly bizarre to see that overlooked.  This guy is terrible though.  Doesn't block anything.  Unarmed Elephantaur only seems to have a grab, a punch and a stomp.


5:18 I was hoping to see this guy mash away during the red halo for confirmation of a damage kill option, but let's see him blunder during the promptless QTE instead.


5:24 So predictable.  He only had to follow the instructions.


5:46 Seems they are making him do the grab kill.  Hopefully they have the sense to make this just a demo feature to force you to try the new promptless QTEs they are so proud of.  It would be stupid for a low level major grunt like this to be unkillable without a grab finish (like a mini-boss or greater foe type).


5:55 Tether worked this time, but pulled him instantly into the grab kill.  Perhaps the Tether to CG only works when he is without the club and the the Tether attempts when at red halo just take you into the finish as if it were a ranged OS.


6:14 This is just embarassing.  At any rate, this 'grab' confirms that our meter drops even in this context (I don't like that design call, but whatever).


6:33 The guy had to spell it out for him only to see the player blow it again.


6:50 His failure to mash got him squeezed.



0:00 No way of knowing which sister this is (Alekto, Megaira or Tisiphone).  Has Ares-like tentacles to move around and attack with.  Amusing Helmet Plume.  Sizable lady as with Lahkesis and other goddesses.  Of course these Furies are being depicted as older than Titans and Olympians (not serving them either).  Reminds me of the Fates. Odd that we should be killing these things (if they are so mighty) before we ever made war with even a lesser deity (Persephone).


0:15 I assume the Great War they refer to this time was not the ten year Titanomachy, but the rise of the Titans against Cronos...maybe.  Hard to tell.  There should not have been any war to denote at that time though.  Very strange.


0:19 Just showing a concept art for the one this trailer stars.


0:31 I suppose that's a Spartan being killed.  Maybe the Furies are coming for us at the game's start and storm our home to claim us for Tartarus?


0:43 Outlines of the other two sisters.  Don't entirely look like the concept art seen earlier (outline used in early trailer).  Maybe she isn't one of them.  Maybe she has a helm on this time.  Hard to say.  One has a Galactus looking headset.


24:00 Around this time we get something to look at.


24:50 Greetings.


24:55 I wish they would shut up about the Unicorn/Pony joke.


25:10 Panel introductions.


27:00 Sure are a lot of chaps present that didn't have a heavy hand in GoWII.  How telling.


29:10 Another new trailer as a retrospective. Let's see here.


29:24 These clips are not terribly relevant to the narration...


29:33 Ah, a trailer for 'Saga'.  I see.


29:49 >GoWII

Really rubbing it in.  "I love it!" - Gene


31:00 Well, except for the PSP entries and GoWII (the best entry).


31:53 Imagine that.  Stig focused on set-pieces.  What a surprise.


36:00 At least all the concept art in the background is nice to look at.  Some I haven't seen before.  Most I have.


37:51 More rehashing of old coverage.  New video at least.


38:52 Sure was a lot of GoWIII.  Appropriate to end with the Gate of Tisiphone (a Fury) opening though, I feel.


39:07 Oh, look.  The correct video.


39:56 Know what two chaps would have been good for this talk?  Jaffe and Wen.  Not some guy who wasn't involved.


40:17 This is just after the "Blue Kratos" I like best.  This is 'Blue Kratos v2' with the 'Red Kratos' tattoo pattern.


41:59 There it is.  Out in the open.  My absolute favorite version.  And yet it still has NOT been in a single entry as a playable costume.  That angers me.  I've got a **bleep** poster of that artwork that says "GodModeGOD as Kratos" (curtesy of Eternal).  I hope Papy saw that and winced while thinking of me at his Twitter.


43:10 The tiny hero running around Athens leading up to a pretty treasure room if I remember correctly.


43:40 Lots of dropped aspects of the Athens level.  Of many of the levels really.


44:42 Blue Kratos v2.  And yet it was NOT a costume in the game.  I blame Jaffe for stonewalling it.


45:15 Barlog saves the day with animation (along with his combat design pals).



No, it isn't.  That's GoWII Fallen Kratos.  Can't they tell by the remnants of God Armor?  Red fingerless gloves, golden armor, no bandages, armored skirt, etc.  Poor form, boys.


46:20 What they're trying to say is that Kratos was becoming a dirty girl.  A dirty, dirty girl.


47:00 "Don't hit on me you silly boys." - Kratos


47:05 Missing quite a few versions of him.  Most notably GoW1.  That GoWII case wasn't in-game with God Armor.


47:40 >Hazel

Riveting.  How good of her to keep track of these details.  I might have noted his jawline, nose, etc. while describing his unusual facial structure.


47:53 I recall these 'rules'.  Though the 'back-roll' defies rules 3 and 4, I suppose.  Might explain why it is so terrible compared to other evasive options.


49:05 One of his many cameos.  SC4 PSP if I recall right.  He was in Hotshots and LBP as well.  MK9 came later.  Now All-Stars.  Pity he wasn't in a proper Soul Calibur, but they did honor him by using his moveset to make Lizardman suck a whole Hell of a lot less in SC5.  Thanks, Kratos.


49:19 hould have used the Blue Tattos.


49:38 ...


49:52 "Athena...I am the God of Golf." 

Absolutely bad.


49:55 I'm sure they are very proud of this...


50:13 I forgot about this one.


50:22 Figured on this plug.


50:38 "By the gods, I'll kill you all."

Whatever you say, ******.


50:42 And this commercial with the ugly Athena.


51:00 How nice of them to go back to this freakish baby with abs, ashes, facial hair, a tattoo, etc.


52:13 If they want to give him hair, why not use Blue Kratos v1?


52:33 The early teaser trailer.  I suppose that 'gorgon' was actually a gorgon.  Now to see if it is Stheno or just some generic foe.  If the Cerberus is THE one or just another Breeder, Mongrel, etc.  Promising, indeed.  But if not a Fury (surely she is), then who is the one pointing and in the concept art from before?  Can't tell who the soldier is.  Obviously his family gets the business end of the Blades.


53:40 >humanity

Why?  This aside, what makes them think starting 6 months after his family died was the best way to do this?  Why not go all the way back to at least when he became a Spartan Captain (got his tattoo honoring his brother), adorned the armor, made a name for himself as youngest captain, got trounced by the BK, made his deal (Fist of Ares with the BoC), began to raid villages with his own men as a General, kills his family/gets cursed (Ghost of Sparta) and then this time we are starting with.


Did they so fear starting us without the Blades as the default?  Why not start us off with WWs then?  Javelin, Shield, Sling, Club, Sword and Unarmed would sufficed for a few early bits (particularly the fight with the BK and his men in that losing battle that cost so many Spartan lives).

Moving back to 'why', who really wants Kratos to be more like every other chap on the market?  I prefer him as an unapologetic **bleep**.  This while recalling GoW1 set the tone for his family relation (wife was angry with him and his daughter feared him).  CoO twisted this to the point of retconning it (the new entries have run on this false idea since).  That he was a great father/husband.  Ridiculous.  They were an excuse for his bad behavior up until he needed to turn that rage on himself (suicide).


55:11 Sure is nice having all these reminders of glorious GoWII and dropped foes.  Coterus could have been something.  Going further back, they really ought to use that Harpy Boss idea (Upper Pandora's Guardian).  It's silly they still haven't done that.  Argus too (working with darkness and light).  Maybe with the Shades (Wraith variant).


55:28 Ah, yes.  Euryale.  One of the three Gorgons sisters.  One of the two immortal ones.  The first true boss among gorgons.  Medusa never really got much of a look beyond that of a regular Gorgon (Queens aren't straight palette swaps, but it is close).  Gorgon Serpents are more different looking than Gorgons, Gorgon Assassins and Gorgon Queens, but I don't mind all that.  Just that Medusa wasn't a boss and her form was exactly used as a non-boss later.


Stheno remains.  So too does the old Medusa art where she is much 'prettier' (and greener).  This along with a freakish one where she pulls a 'boa' and tries to swallow us whole (Serpents use the constricting part of that approach).  Using that old look with the Seprent grab rush leading into a deadly full body swallowing could prove interesting aside from having more attributes from myth (Brass Wings and Claws as tools).


55:34 Mole Cerberus (**bleep**) had a good look.  Wasn't meant to be a boss, but got treated like one (as did Hades Cerberus Breeder).  Still haven't had the real Cerberus.  At least Cerberus Mongrel uses the intended original appearance.  Still haven't had that for the delightful Pandoran Centaurs (Archers).  They looked great with their flesh torn off.


55:42 A superior version of what Elephantaur is going for.  Didn't have a grab, but they could rush you down, had an unblockable with their club, could block/counter, etc.  Elephantaur should learn from the Hades Minotaur of GoWII.  They Labyrs Mintoaur of GoWIII should learn from the GoW1 Minotaur Tormentor (good resistance to launches/bounces, high grab damage *to it*, a charge *perhaps better as the GoWIII version does, but more interesting if it required a parry or air block rather than a regular block to defend against*, good defense tactics, quick strikes, etc.  We've had lots of variety with our Minotaurs.  That sweet axe toss talked of in the guide is something we've lacked sadly.  Pity.


55:52 Wasn't crazy about the apperance of this Cerberus (or the lack of it birthing and the Rabid Hounds not growing up), but it was an interesting alternative leading to the Mongrels (a bit too early with the "O" state and their flamethrower isn't put to good combat use unless we are in control).  Breeders are missed along with their Seeds.


They should bring them back along with other interesting foes with good combat mechanics (Beast Lords through Fiends if need be *summoning helps, mounting other beasts, rushing guard break, etc.*, High Priests *more summons, curses, teleports, etc.*, old Satyrs *wake-up attack, air recovery, counter grab, quick attack flurries with a variety of different melee chains, fake out taunt, etc.*).


Going back to the Cerberus, it was unfortunate though that they had i-frames during the "O" and more so that HCB would use this, but force the "O" or it would regenerate while blocking further damage (effectively forcing the mini-game as if it were a boss while having more than boss-like HP and damage...but not being an actual boss).


55:58 Ah, the Berserker.  Tyrants and Brutes made for good variants, but depending on what weapon (if any) this guy picks up, his moveset should vary along with whether we ride it or enemies do (maybe even have captain rallies work on it for another new move).  Desert Kings had should rushes, slap flurries, etc.  Perhaps that weapon could be in to spice them up too. 


However, the Enforcer pretty much has to be its own seperate case and that armor betrays it (low HP and no 'armor' effects).  Making the armor mean something would help it out quite a lot, I feel.  Being able to ride it as an option would also be nice (using the rushes to close distance, heavy AoE for big damage and lastly the infamous chain ball shots for big ranged damage).


56:35 "We don't want to play the same game over and over." - A casual who doesn't love a given series


58:09 Precisely what I was referring to earlier with this revisionist version of who and what Kratos is about (in his past).  As for fists/feet antics (unarmed), indeed it is nice, but it should be WEAK (and not have high hit stun properties).  Also, the ground and pound off of HC through Tether was a nice thing to rip from GoS on that note.  Grabs compliment this 'brutal' desire for fisticuffs.


1:00:03 And there she is.  Erinys.  The one that should not exist.  Odd that her alternative design strikes me as a female Kratos.


1:00:43 Should give us the AoS for SP as a DLC weapon, really. It would be worth a bit of money to purchase though some of its moves are returning through two WWs.  But then, the MP has shades of SoD, BoO and BH.  Technically, they could just port the GoWIII weapons, spells, etc. to spice things up as simpler DLC while they are at it.


1:01:27 I wasn't too impressed with 'Titans' and MP doesn't suit me, so "that" doesn't seem to be jiving with me.  "No, sir.  I don't like it." - Mr. Horse


1:01:27 I wasn't too impressed with 'Titans' and MP doesn't suit me, so "that" doesn't seem to be jiving with me.  "No, sir.  I don't like it." - Mr. Horse


1:01:56 Yeah...that didn't happen in the final product.  Gaia got cut down big time.  Perses was a quick QTE after a puzzle bit and set piece.  Cronos was a 'boss-level', so that one was fully realized in a sense.


1:02:13 That is correct.  Have to have a few environmental type bosses.  Maybe even the 'boss-level' (Hecatoncheirs could qualify).


1:02:38 This again?  Bah.


1:04:15 I recall this story too.


1:04:50 Which is exactly the point of an Action game.  Balancing mucks it up royally.  Letting MP dictate SP will poison the well while focusing resources away.


1:05:37 Something new in something old.  How nice.  Reminds me of how Fear Kratos got used as an Exile Challenge when he could also have been in the Arena as a foe we could face.  What an oversight that was aside from facing a true Kratos clone (Bayonetta did it right and DMC already had the idea of letting two of its character play out for co-op).  Proper MP though... that's where this all falters.


1:05:46 Would have preferred seeing the two Kratos fight instead of a 1-on-1 of the MP from a later stage (closer to what is used now).


1:06:07 Very GoW1.  A nice thing to have.  The room in Challenge of Atlas getting a tribute?  How nice.  Perhaps a level should use some Hades (moving platforms with enemies and spinning spike pillars/columns) and Cliffs of Madness (ropes, walls, altering bridges, moving platforms with trap hazards, etc.) platforming to get around too.  But I'm more interested in seeing such things in SP.


Having the floor drop, flame traps (or petrification), fireball doors, crushers/conveyors, spike floors panels, etc. is all very amusing.  Indiana Jones influences shining through.


1:06:27 I suppose that's Polyphemus slapping away at the arena.


1:07:15 "And that was epic."

And yet here we are with nothing of the sort.  Not that it matters.  If the issue was fleece whoring, there are things one cannot block which can prevent this aside from one moving out of the way of the others counter and otherwise negating i-frames with the likes of a grab.  They could have done something, but were too lazy, really.


1:08:40 You say that now, chap.


1:10:23 So probably not another environmental/puzzle boss, but maybe a smaller boss in a level *more technical*, a level filled with NPCs (some mini-bosses like Cyclops Berserker), an even smaller arena for focusing just on people killing each others, etc.  This while using some SP locales to save on time and resources (same for foes).


1:10:47 Still not much shown with the Manticore.  No idea who the trash other than that (likely) Fury are.  Civilian Kratos not being in the game is a bad call.  As for the trailer, I've given my thoughts already.  Still can't tell which one it is.


1:11:47 Megaira?  Now we know.


1:11:57 >Enforcer



1:12:15 As I'd noted.  Also, Ares did it (to a lesser extent).  Maybe, in the GoW universe, elements of "war" manifest in certain ways so as to explain this shared trait.  And what of strategic war's traits (Athena)?  Will one of these sisters have an array of fancy tools and tactics?


1:12:24 Grab happy, is she?  Good to know.


1:12:40 Odd.  Inspired by DI's Cleopatra, I see.  Shall they also get bravery from that title to realize the alternate choice of GoW1 (Cyclops testicles)?


1:12:45 Perhaps we'll get her bra as an item, then?  Kratos can wear it and become the God of Drag.  Maybe we can collect the panyhose of another of the Furies and finish things off with the wig of the last sister.  Lovely.


1:14:20 Q&A begins.


1:15:00 The new NG only takes on light elements of GoW and does them wrong (while losing itself).  Bayonetta takes on small pieces of GoW and does it all and more (and better).  The true and current peak of the genre.  GoW has done as much good as it has bad with its influence with SWFU, DI, C:LoS, HS, etc. to be considered.


1:15:10 Moving a bit too far from what GoW is when you note Darksiders.  Might as well note Dragon's Dogma, Dark Souls, etc. too.


1:15:17 Indeed "DMC" has lost its way (DmC).


1:15:40 Bah.  To Hell with the movie nonsense.


1:15:45 Vita?  That man needs to keep his mouth shut.  I don't want to have to buy that system to play a given entry.


1:16:30 This amuses me.  I already know the answer (and don't like it), but having it asked here suits me fine.  I'm enjoying his clearly nervous reaction.  Comforting himself about another 'weakpoint'.


1:17:20 Ah, the pressure.  To explain a rage he doesn't really know that well.  One that I quickly came to understand and didn't approve of it activating on its own (without the option to disable it at least for NG+ via a possession or something).


Again, you have a quickly building meter that only BoC hits, grab kills, perfect evades and parries will fill.  Taking hits will drain it.  Waiting around or being in the middle of a grab will eventually begin a rapid drain.


At half meter it activates to grant the properties of the element currently applied while granting lvl2 versions of specials and an altered moveset for normals.  Fire being a variant of Thera's Bane from GoS (LotF-like spell attached to it).  When entirely full, L3+R3 dump the full meter into a large core for an explosion of considerable damage for HP returns *so it is said*.


Should have done your homework on core mechanics.  With rage as it is now, it is harder to ignore than in the past.  Hopefully he does indeed make it fill more slowly, drain more quickly, etc. on higher settings.  Right now it is only 'fit' for Easy where we already have 200% on all stats with extra perks like 25% slower rage drain, 25% cheaper spell cost, etc.


No signs of the new rage adding tanking and higher Armor %.  Might not add much if any power, but it will grant altered moves, searing cores (for fire), might break armor and should be unblockable.


If they had lightning, it could function in a similar fashion, but perhaps instead of higher damage, it has increased speed, rather than bombs it might use arc lightning (cores like Cronos/Nemesis Rage).


With ice you could obviously slow foes down and even build up freezing for shattering via the moves that would otherwise leave cores (Boreas antics for lack of petrification).  Wouldn't be of much use against those immune to such things, but it would be great for those it does affect.


And with earth you could go the route of damage increases, but really it should be more defense minded.  Make us heavy (Cestus dodge), increase armor % drastically and add tanking (so we don't stagger when foes attack and maybe even repel them after taking the damage as with older rages).


Could also have a different 'lvl2' of the specials depending on the element (maybe even normals, but that is pushing it).  Making spells for the others wouldn't be too hard either.  We've had petrification/freezing spells, an Earth spell (AQ) and plenty of lightning spells (Zf, PR, CR, NR and EoA).


1:17:34 4 elements? Called it.


Fire.  Obvious enough and we knew this already.  Thera's Bane and LotF playing at the role of AoE with i-frames.


Lightning?  Simple to guess.  What it will do remains to be seen (could be RotG moveset to spice things up along with PR or CR/NR or Zf or even EoA).


Ice?  We never got the GoWII ice spell with summoned shield orbitals to damage those attacking us and block attacks, a blizzard special (became Titan Storm) or the basic 'hit' that became Piercing Shards for the Spear of Destiny.  GoS had an ice spell that hit for damage and had an AoE with i-frames, but wasn't good at sucking foes in and was basically a petrification variant (and not very good at it thanks to bad design calls).  Hopefully this one does a MUCH better job with a mechanic/system I really love.  I knew it wouldn't be water.


Soul?  This I did not expect.  I consider wind more likely than water and earth more likely than it, but Soul?  Not really an element (just like "Heart").  Go Planet?  Hopefully it allows for some CoH antics with to/t3 leaving energy wells that linger a bit, our "S" gaining OH properties for foes that can be grabbed as such, souls (with better damage and distraction capacity), etc.


The Souls that come to mind would be BH flicks/legion (terrible), skulls (terrible), SS (great idea with poor execution) and AoH (extremely OP).  Regarding 'soul magic', Charon's Wrath is the only other one, but it is a sort of Underworld Flame (working into 'fire' territory).  I sort of expect a cast and forget case of the AoH variety (as a return to another old favorite as lightning could do with PR or CR), but I kind of hope they'll try SS again, but get it right.  Too much work to do it right we'll see.


1:17:41 Yes, yes.  This we know.


1:17:45 We upgrade them all, do we?  Blades, sure.  Spells, certainly.  Items/Relics isn't too surprise (lvl2 MAX probably).  But WWs?  Seems unlikely.


1:17:57 Everybody loves Greek Myth.  It is tops.  Speaking of which, Ladon sure would be a nice one-up of the Hydra and excuse enough to have a Garden Maze (true Labyrinth in pop culture).


1:19:06 Barlog's reference to Christinaity.  Here we go.


1:19:40 Cory had a lot of intentions to have Kratos move on up to the monotheistic days, I see.  Excalibur?  Really now?  Taking Jaffe's talk of ending all myth to an extreme.


1:20:10 Became Death and...made a bunch of controversy along the way.


1:20:54 Bastardized into it, anyway.


1:21:00 True for me too.  Except, not for the PS3 (got me to get one, but there were other desired games).


1:21:15 Goddess of War?  We're not doing this female Kratos, drag queen stuff.  Let us play as Athena, then. *hohoho*  Would that work for you, Fresh?


1:21:30 Playable Artemis?  Not Athena?  HERETIC.  At least that is behind us.  We should still deal with her, get a gift from her (how about the spirit of the wild animals, eh? *if not her bow or that lovely Blade again*), maybe fight her (and her brother), etc.


1:22:45 Casual climbing.  Bleh.


1:24:35 "Modernize it" by removing combat and skill from navigation/platforming?  Hmmm, yes.  Do go on.


1:25:00 The most boring possible final question.  


1:25:45 Come now.  It was an Echochrome rip-off.  You had a Guitar Hero case too.  If Catherine came out earlier, Walls of Tisiphone would have gone differently, I'm sure.

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

Sep 5, 2012

More from PAX.


0:06 Ascension came out pretty fast on hit recovery, but that was also with 'rage', so it's hard to tell how 'slow' T without rage has changed (this being the opposite case).
0:11 Couldn't make out any wall collisions in the system.  If they are there, they are short (and perhaps without bonus damage).
0:18 Life Cycle doesn't seem to work on (at least these) foes at red halo.
0:34 Holy Hell does Life Cycles icon (like in MP) fill fast.  Hopefully that's only because it is on Easy.
0:38 Screen displays Minor Grunt Tether option select.  Square for light (slaps), triangle for heavy (wrecking ball) and circle for throw (pull into OS?).  Nothing about an "X" option.  Maybe you jump cancel out.  It doesn't mention the use of (R) to evade while tethered, which is an oversight.
0:48 I would think an ender in 'rage' would leave a bomb.  Perhaps that too does not work on red halo targets. Odd.
0:53 Brief air CoC with rage.
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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

Sep 17, 2012

Seems GT had videos for GamesCom.  Let's see here:


1:22 A sudden charge into 'ram'.  I didn't see a lead-up like "S".  Does this confirm L1+x, like in MP, is a sprint?  If so, I expect this is the square option (triangle option likely to be 'rise' as in the past games with charges).


1:43 What the Hell?  Non-BoC attacks are not meant to allow for 'cores' during 'rage'. Perhaps this was just an oversight where the 'fire kill' activated during rage despite the final hit being non-BoC.


2:02 Ridiculously OP.  TR and unarmed kick will dominate at this rate.  Just pulls it out of his **bleep** and strings into free hits (juggle).  Even ends with an immediate ram after the circle spam.  Perhaps he held circle for that move rather than 'L1+X,s'.  That could be it.


2:13 For all his evading, not a single evade attack.  Likely because they put it on evade 'heavy' again...


2:18 Leaps into an air unarmed assault.  Not sure if the dive was L1+O, o or O.


2:35 Look at this ridiculous display.  Spamming kicks and TR.


4:45 I hope this trite isn't the new music...because it is NOT GoW.  I hope this is just some trash GT pulled out of their **bleep**.


5:47 Must have missed that MP chest.


5:50 Looked like he wanted to do an air WW (Javelin) normal, but it didn't come out in time.  Still haven't seen it confirmed to be just a spear toss (like on the ground).  Should be as expected though.


6:05 Sort of looks like we have wall collisiosn, but foes bounce off and certainly don't stick to it as long.  I wonder if there is even bonus damgage of a single unit for it.


6:20 It almost seemed like there was infinite spawns until you do as the tutorial wants you to (to try the tether options).


6:25 Guy gets rage during Tether state and tosses foe at the wall before he could show if there is anything special about that.

6:35 Almost seems like there aren't cores on foes for certain moves so much as damage kills while 'fire rage' is active just leads to the special 'fire kill' with a core-like explosion.  I thought I saw cores being left on a living target previously...


7:59 Why the hell is the regular hit string of the Sword (WW) stunning the damned (Fire) Talos so much?


NOTE: Look at how quickly this crappy player is realizing the exploitable nature of the new 'circle' attacks (and TR).  He can just spam it and he knows it.


8:35 So I take it this foe gains a bit of HP back for failed QTEs, but doesn't force it.  Noted.


8:56 I get the distinct impression we don't have a double jump (instead he just jumps twice as high)...


9:21 And once again, another **bleep** who can't read the input telling him to try L3+R3.  Splendid.  These are the people I have to depend on.  These are the players who 'test' the water for the devs.  Foolishness.  He never even tried to use Life Cycle in this entire video (for combat).


10:17 So I can't help but notice that the WW never deteriorates.  The only way we lose it is to use the 'discard' move then.  I **bleep** up another WW) would be desired over it just unexisting.


10:24 You'e got to be f***ing kidding me...


10:34 I actually expected this.  Super armor (possibly i-frames) as it reaches low enough life to break its club and go unarmed.


10:42 At least it seems to be tanking the stupid normal hit string NOW.


10:48 ...Or maybe not.


11:08 Making us pick light/heavy attacks according to cues by the Elephantaur would make this 'mashing-to-escape' bit much less boring.


11:26 Saw it coming.


Many of the videos aren't worth denoting, so I'll skip covering them.


NOTE: Another GT video discussed whether or not a sex mini-game will be in this entry (without giving an answer).  Mentioned CoO being about halfway into the 10 year servitude as well.   'Wonder tech' was denoted as changing the world's appearance in a way that reminds me of Silent Hill antics.  Talk of illusions brings memories of the Clones to mind.  I almost hope they pull that stunt again.  More clones.  More protection missions.  Because why not make things ridiculous again?

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Re: GoW:A SP ideas

Sep 27, 2012


1:10 Seems to be the case that landing the strikes that would leave 'cores' with TB in GoS won't be leaving them with this 'fire rage'.  t0/t3 leave an explosion on the ground, it augments some specials, alters normals a bit, seems faster and kills while it is active causes a 'core-like' explosion.


No sign of it being unblockable, going through armor, decreasing damage, etc. just yet.  Obviously no signs of armor % increase or tanking.  I don't think it'll do that.


1:38 Pathetic that this sort of 'pressure' works against the 'Captain'.  Captains and Satyrs should stuff casual antics like this down their throat with much more in the way of evade/counter, parry/counter, etc.


3:58 Definately looks like wall collisions are in, but the splat doesn't seem nearly as exploitable in terms of length with them just stuck against it.


4:19 Odd.  Taking that hit while in rage (over half) didn't cause a damage penalty.


5:53 Amusing that he pretends to understand this game.  I already know the Fire Talos better than he does.  He should learn to block.


6:39 Finally, the L3+R3.  It didn't dump all your rage though.  Just half.  This is what the soul version of the move should be, but fire with HP orbs?  Very odd.


6:47 Can't tell if knockback collision applied to this quick 'ram' or not.


7:32 So I suppose we do have the DJ, the jump just looks weird now.


8:20 I see him t1 whoring and wonder...did they remove "t2" from normal string usage?  Are you forced to have 'rage' to get 't,t,t' now?


NOTE: Saw a few other videos, but nothing worth reporting.

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Re: GoW:SP ideas

Oct 26, 2012
Not sure if said already, but PLEASE....PLEASE... add a chapter select feature. This would skyrocket my replayability factor.
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