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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

thanks for getting back to me!  I'll read it when I have time.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

By all means.  Mostly review of what has been presented rather than offering up things of my own.  MP isn't my thing, afterall.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

Block -

Not really sure what you mean by most of this lingo such as OH, OS, QTEs, i-frames.  For rolling, I just figured that the more weight the weapon would have, the slower you roll or maybe shorter distance. 

Some of this really depends on how the game is developed.  It kind of sounds lame that they aren't creating new animations for the MP, kind of makes it feel really limited unless they create a lot of animations for the SP. 

Weapons -

I made these different weapons with the assumption we wouldn't see the same combat style, and that they'd be willing to throw a lot more weapons at us in this game.  I've always wanted to see this game with different weapon types, but GoW 3 had 3 weapons that were a lot of the same.

I wasn't really basing each weapon off of a pre-existing GoW weapon, just different play styles. 

2h -

I was expecting this to be more like artemis, or the blade of olympus.  Not necessarily following either of those animations or combos specifically. 

Shield -

I didn't want the shield to have high damage because I was factoring in the shield having high if weapons/armor had their own stats.

I guess a stamina bar would be appropriate if they do implement this kind of stuff. 

Shield/spear -

I suggested this because that was a very common weapon in Sparta, the shield/spear combo. 

Shield/hammer -

Yeah, it wouldn't surprise me if this didn't even have a chance of making it in.  I just figured that since there was a giant hammer, people could use a smaller hammer for a little bit quicker kills, while still seeing the deadly signature moves of a hammer smash their enemies to a bloody pulp.  Just as long as there are more weapons in this game, I've always wanted that in a GoW game. 

2h hammer -

What an interesting idea.  I never even thought of having "god alliance" special combos.  I'll add that. 

BoC -

Yeah, it'd definitely have to be weaker.  I just figured since the dual wielding swords would be pretty fast as well, but deal more damage..there'd be almost no point to the "chained" weapons if all they had was just a slightly longer reach and less damage. 

I'm sure if they implement these they'll find a way to balance all the weapons out.

2x swords -

I agree with a lot of what you said. 

Gauntlets -

Hmm, that's a good thought, I never thought of falcons talons before.  When I created the gauntlets portion, I was thinking more along the lines of the cestus. 

Halberd -

Yeah, I was just thinking up weapons.  It probably didn't exist in this era, I never looked it up I just kinda thought of it real quick.

Upgrading -

I must have missed the part where they said that it levels up whenever you use a weapon...that'd be really sweet actually as long as it's not like...2 or 3 levels and the weapon barely gets better or hardly changes. 

EXP might be just for leveling up, if you can't use it to level up your weapons.  I don't think they'd use exp to buy weapons and armor.  I hope they use a form of currency won after each match for something like that. 

For weapon levels, it wouldn't be fair if like say the "chain" weapons got the same damage boost at max as the hammer did, because the chain weapons are a lot weaker and the hammer is supposed to be the strongest. 

Elements -

Not sure what you mean

Rank to unlock more weapon options -

I just felt that it would be really boring if you didn't have a lot of MP unlocks.  Say you want to have a 2h weapon, and there's only like 1 or 2 to choose from.  That'd be boring and you'd max out your favorite weapon or weapon type extrmely'd force you to play other weapon types but I'd much rather test out weapons, and stick to one weapon type that'd gradually get stronger, because that could ultimately help your team out.  If everyone on your team is running around as the same weapon type, it could cause other players to adapt to your play styles. 

Spells -

Yeah, I didn't know how it would work out.  I was hoping to create a bunch of ideas (as I did lol)  and then trim them down or alter them when more info gets released because honestly I just got super excited and typed up anything that came to mind. 

Shield support spells -

Yeah, I was thinking more like a RPG or something when making some of these ideas, though they did make it sound like they wanted some really high levels of team work going on here so I figured if the shield could have high defense it could also help allies not die as much. 

2h sword -

Yeah, I was thinking of more like a BoO type of build for this weapon, rather than a curved 2h sword like the artemis.  That'd be cool to see the BoO or something similar as the final 2h weapon unlock.  

Magic -

Yeah, when I created all of this I had a HUGE MP mindset, because I wasn't expecting much to be like the SP. 

Zeus -

Yeah that's a good idea having the "englufed in lightning" do slight damage to people that gets close.  I might need to rethink some of these. 

Anger is supposed to be like a short to mid range wave attack I believe (kind of sad I don't remember my own ideas lol)

Ares -

War paint was supposed to be some kind of brutal tactic that would get your enemies to fear you, then I had to use that fear in association with an attack...not really thought out very well now that I think of it. 

A lot of these do sound like specials

Hades -

That sounds like a much better idea, summoning the arms of Hades to slow down enemies and take damage over time. 

Hermes -

He isn't?  I heard it was Zeus, Ares, and Hades "plus two more"  I figured that it was all the gods in the third one, so I just assumed that Hermes would be in it

Sub-weapons -

Yeah, it is supposed to be the item section. 

Chain blade -

Well they had something like this in the video for the MP, they whipped out a chain and latched it onto an eye...I believe someone used it to pull someone out of the air, I just added the whole "movement" thing just because. 

Gorgon Head -

They might not put this one in, but was just looking for more sub weapons so the section wouldn't look so bare. 

Bow attuned to covenant -

I didn't want to have Zeus and poseidon look the same.  Yeah he used blue lightning, but I fear that if you had 2 different covenants using the same style it'd get kind of cheesy.

Boxes -

That's a pretty sweet idea, getting some sort of godly weapon to help us out, I'll add that!

Level quickly first, slower later -

I wanted to put emphasis on this because some MP games are just ridiculous when it comes to leveling...Uncharted 3 took like 1 week to get to the max rank, while U2 I've played over 750 hours and haven't reached the max rank.  I would love to see something extremely balanced. 

Contracts -

I meant more like what CoD and Uncharted does.  Like you get a mission and have a certain amount of time to complete it.  Say you get a mission "kill 8 enemies in 10 minutes" (just an example)  then you'd have to kill 8 enemies and if you complete this you get money and exp. 

Objectives -

Yeah, not a lot of games encourage the objective... that's why I added the personal bonus for the prize boxes because no one would go after them if it was just team based. 

Split screen -

I'll add your suggestion to the suggestion thingie

Game modes -

I didn't add a "capture the flag thing" because the whole slaying giant monsters in order to win (as you said the polythingieguy) seemed like objective enough. I don't forsee many people playing this so less game modes means less lag which makes me extremely happy. 

Customization -

I hope it's not that simple.  I don't expect like MMO quality customization but at least something to make us feel like this character is ours. 

Parties -

Parties is the word for inviting friends to your "team" to play, or clan/gang if that's what you're looking for.  It would be awesome to have clan battles on this game. 

Alliance extras -

I'll take Hermes out, though I could have sworn the IGN editors said there would be 5. 

Perks -

Perk 1 just means completing the objective you have to turn that huge turbine thing on the demonstration shown, if you have this equipped you turn it faster meaning you aren't at as much risk of getting hit in the back or anything

Oh that's kind of lame, was hoping we could just open it instead of smacking it to open. 

One alliance with special relation to another -

I just figured it'd be cool to have some sort of "elemental" or "rivalry" sort of thing going on between the different alliances. 

These might not be things you have to equip but just come naturally with your alliance.

I didn't want to make it seem like Ares would be the most powerful, dealing higher damage all around.  Would make everyone want to be with Ares. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

My appologies, seemed like you were getting continually upset over the whole "hermes" thing. 

IGN said there was 5, and so I just assumed he'd be in there.  I'll edit him out of the first post as much as I can. 

I haven't read all that much about GoW, I'd like to know more about the MP but I've been worried about finding too much about the SP. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 5.3.12)

May 3, 2012

Once again in Ninja Gaiden 3 Clan Battle, I like the Contract ideas for the game.

I want something similar to this to be in Asecension. Basically since you join an alliance, you have to do "deeds" to please your god.

If I join Hades, there will be contracts during multiplayer match to task me to do stuff like spill 50pint of blood or kill 5 enemies without dying, kill an enemy while in the air etc.

You know I believe it is time to "reinvent" the scoring system for Multiplayer games.

In Multiplayer FPS we have scores such as "double kill, multi kill, killing spree, impossible, unpossible" (yea from Unreal Tournament).

What if we get proper rewards for achieving this feat?

I don't play COD multiplayer but I do know that in Medal of Honor multiplayer if you get 5 kills you unlock a special inventory weapon you get to use to dominate your enemy.

What if we get more kills that will unlock stuff during gameplay match?

for an example Double kill will grant you extra ammo.

Multi kill will grant you more grenades.

Yes they are for FPS. But what if we can use this reinvention for Ascension?

for an example get 4 kills in a role will grant 50% energy replenhisment

or getting a killing spree would grant invulreability for 10 seconds.

you know stuff like this.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

Changes Made 5.3.2012

  • - Added GodModeGod’s suggestions under PSN player suggestions
  • - Added “item” and “stamina” bar suggestions under “block” section
  • - Added “Contracts” section to better clarify this idea
  • - Added more Blackxino suggestiosn under PSN player suggestions
  • - Changed Halberd to Scythe
  • - Deleted Hermes Alliance completely
  • - Slight Changes made to sub weapons (aka items)
  • - Vast changes to the “alliance wars” section, more clarification added
  • - Changes to Rank names as suggested by GodModeGod (large changes)


- Added Weapon "Bind" Special section

- Deleted some magic that seemed more like a combo than magic, altered some of the magic a bit.

It has come to my attention that certain aspects of the "magic" section need to be looked over (concerning God Alliance spells).  I added weapon "bind" specials in order to use up R3 and L3, and get rid of some of the not so needed magic abilities.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 4, 2012

GoldHawk: >lingo

Some are official dubs, some known terms for aspects of gameplay, etc.  In time you get used to these things.

OH is Orion's Harpoon.  The name for ground-to-air grabs.  alt.OH is in some games (holding circle instead for various alternative grab cases *instant kill, 360 toss or grab select*).

OS is Orion's Snare.  It was not named until GoWIII (just called grab/air grab in the past).  It's the hugging motion we make.  False OS refers to a grab attempt on a target you cannot yet grab.  Usually this has bad results, but there are exceptions to this (canceling some monster attacks and forcing a certain reaction *Gorgons, Hades Minotaur of GoWII, Cerberus Breeder of GoWII, etc.*).

QTE is Quick Time Event.  Be it with foes, doors or some other context-sensitive case.

I-frames refers to frames of animation where you are invincible.  Of course, the term doesn't always hold up.  During the likes of Poseidon's Rage (PR) you cannot be hit even if attacks touch you *usually passing through harmlessly*.  Though there are rare exceptions to this rule from foes, it is always the case that traps will wreck you through them.  So someone using an evade (even if it has i-frames) through an active trap that makes hit detection...will take that hit full force.  Vets favor the 'free' and abusable cases (most popular in GoWII).  Often the practice is called "tricking" in the GoW community.  I forget why.


Evasion varies with each weapon in GoWIII (animation, ground covered, i-frame length, recovery speed, etc.).  Would you suggest this based mostly on the weapon?

>somewhat lame

It is to be expected.  It is why they refused to make special grab kills for every single weapon on every single foe since the start.  Female models won't look good on Kratos and they're unwilling to make a new model with new animations just to humor this.


Not designed with SP in mind (basically).  Though I'd suspect them of making them with SP in mind to save on resources (animation work and such).  If they keep weapons basic enough, they might avoid that I suppose.  Simpler weapons might allow for a greater variety of them.  Again, more weapons means much more thought going into how to make them stand apart, balance and animate the things.

>GoWIII's weapons

They did that operating under the impression that people preferred the Blades, so they made variants of them.  Vets can find the differences, but you can't expect the same of more casual types.  Even with this said, the CoH are pretty close to the BoE (seemingly).  Whips and Cestus are considerably more removed.

>based on playstyles

This is fine, but considering what they've done in the past (quite a few games for reference now) helps give a frame of reference.

NOTE: Frankly I suspect we've seen all the weapon variety (not all gear).  There might be a DLC addition or so, but I don't expect them to be great with post-release support. Indeed I imagine much of it will be nearing completion by release and come out in the first few months.  But that's just speculation.

>2H Blade

BotG is essentially (the differences will escape those that don't playtest it *beyond the specials obviously*) Artemis in normals.  The damage values are world's apart though (BotG hits harder than anything in the series and it isn't even close).  BoO had decent normals, a great perk (AotG), one good special (DR for the PEW PEW lasers), one cutesy special (EXP milking), it was in a game allowing special cancels for sub-weapons *CC*, fair damage values, etc.

I'd sooner imagine them making the weapon more like the BoO than Artemis/BotG though.  The latter's normals could link to infinites way too easily, had glitch combination of knockback/launch (knocking things up and over invisible walls for ring-out), i-frames in sword summon animation, etc.

Also, Artemis/BotG functioned with an R1 attack I don't suspect they'll bring back (unless they're wise enough to replace the useless repeat of the launcher, the crap circle special, one of the simpe multi-hit specials (which are just enders really), etc.  There is the matter of having CIRCLE attacks rather than OS too.  The controls for that weapon don't jive.  It is unique in that regard just as with AoS (L1 and R1 modifiers *Dragon's Dogma is doing this too*).

I'd like it if they had decent normal strings, good normals (t1 and T in particular) and good specials, but the last point might 'stick' if it plays too close to what the BoO does (lasers) even if that is what the backing of Zeus allows for it.  I wouldn't mind at all.  Good reason to sign up with him as any.

NOTE: BotG had specials with names such as Hades/Zeus/Poseidon/Athena (not Ares) Gift.  Hades had an overhead strike that was good damage, but if charged it hit 4 times for the most damaging single move in GoW history.  You would be left hilariously wide open during it though (charging version especially).  Poseidon just gave us a horizontal spinning multi-hit (CoC and many other moves).  Zeus granted a long flurry of flashy hits (leaving you way too open, but nearly tying for damage with the charged Hades version).  Athena's was some "Troy" Achilles type s*** (flashy, agile and quick).  Ares isn't about all that (simple and brutal).  I bring this up to note the sort of flavor past moves bearing certain names have had.  Perhaps something we can consider for inspiration/guidance.


So a balance concern with having it hit hard too?  Kind of like the video game shotgun that hits weaker than a pistol at medium range and greater only to hit like a rocket at close range (reality is a bit different)?

>stamina bar

I'd shocked if they implemented something like this and took it at all seriously.  That would really seperate MP characters from SP's 'hero' and make things considerably more hardcore.  Not sure it would go over well with the 'new' people they seek.

>shield + spear

I knew the reasoning already.  AoS did it for 300 though.  Shield + sword is a pretty imporant thing too.  Indeed, the shield (that Kratos neglects so thoroughly) is the single most important thing of all.  Protection not for just the self, but for your fellow Spartans and Sparta itself.  But GoW doesn't concern itself with such things.  No slaves, apparently no 'equals' system, no council, no oracle, no elders, no assassins (of fellow Spartans and slaves), it has Archers (and probably siege weapons), they don't really use the phalanx or shields (outside a spell in GoWIII), seemingly no two-king system (we've yet to see even one), Kratos is treated in a way that seems unlikely, etc.  Creative license, indeed.

>shield + hammer


>2H Hammer

>special alterations by god oath

Rather than having to make new movesets, basically the same moves, but with different damage/effects.  Tweaks.


Indeed.  They're 'too good' by default.  The reach, speed, familiarity, good moveset, etc. would make up for a similar case lacking some of that for a bit more damage.

>2x swords

Agreement with unspecified bits noted.


I'd gathered as much. Cestus and GoZ are both heavy hitters with a bit less speed and reach.  GoZ was a monster with great moves, great damage, great stuns, great set-ups, etc.  Cestus pales in comparison.  No charged attacks, but it has a neat S move for rapid punching, a CG variant (though it glitches quite a bit) and a spell (not very good) tied to it.  Both are armor busting cases.  Falcon Talon types are more about speed.  I can't imagine even these 'Not Kratos' chaps using feet blades though.  Again, I've elaborated on this idea elsewhere (gow3forums).  Having an option to use both (either a slow and strong case or faster, but weaker one would allow for more fisticuff variety).


>Scythe now

I suppose it would technically be a Sickle, but nobody would want to wield that.  Scythe is close enough.  Another thing touched on in other threads.


They had a bunch of videos with different people letting out small details in one place, but not another.  It is where I learned of the Uncharted wall traversal talk, smashing chests quickly, etc.

I wouldn't be surprised if they do use EXP for currency.  Maybe the SP EXP can be used as well.  Hard to say.  If THAT were so, veteran glitchers finding more EXP orb fountain glitches would break their 'world currency' pretty quickly.  You would have a bunch of high level guys really fast.

Your concerns with everything leveling the same are understandable just as it would be bad if chains got the highest leveling even if the base were lowest.  They might just go for balancing the base attributes of weapons then giving something like 200-300% damage to all (MIN to MAX) and consider that fine.

They're going to avoid psycho numbers like what the GoZ, BH, BotG, etc. get because even if the MIN of those was a MAX, 100-200HP targets like us (presuming they keep to that) would get annihilated.  Speaking of which, how would they go about extensions to our various bars?  Pick which to rank when our level goes up?  Automatically scales?  Boosts with certain gear/alliance?  100 units of each is pretty basic, but they did note toying with the idea of each covenant starting with different feels (glass cannons, nerf tank, etc.)


The fire, ice, wind, water, lightning, etc. talk plays a bit strongly on nature even if you can align them with gods.

>MP unlocks

A necessary thing to be sure.

>create then trim

As is proper.  Brainstorm before the editting kicks in.  Even if some of these aren't spells, they can be perks or specials.  Though, again, support types and other 'weird' spells may be interesting, but are highly unlikely to get impemented in a GoW game even for MP. *sort of like a stamina bar*

>shield support spells

I wonder about how far into that rabbit hole they're really go.  I don't anticipate turn-based RPG or MMORPG happening at all in terms of seriousness (not by a long shot).  Not for "spells".  Maybe a 'perk'.  It just doesn't seem like something that they'll do (though it would be interesting).  It would obviously encourage players to pick more than one loadout.  Though they would have to prevent 'stacking' of the perks (team of supports).  Fairly obvious stuff.

>2H Sword

More like BoO is to be expected, though they would want to rework the launcher (amazingly bad) if only a little.  The air t1 wasn't really that good either.  L1+t was great, L1+s was pretty crap (not nearly enough damage for the dedicated effort *much safer for stylish play with Cycle Canceling*) and L1+o wasn't much for combat so much that it allowed EXP farming (to a limited degree) while sort of interupting/stunning/bouncing/knocking back lighter foes when they weren't attacking.

If it charged up the weapon briefly to complete the motion (something like the system for Pillow Talk in Bayonetta), that might have made it more interesting.  Or actually make it a barrier against projectiles in general (reflecting at length rather than just with a bit of timing for one).  As it was, it didn't do enough.  Again, you propose a new weapon.  It could be like BoO in GoWII, but with the 'flavor' adapted to other gods (Zeus would be pretty close to the same on this one).


>MP mindset

It was very clear.  A good thing too as it is MP we're discussing, but I somehow doubt they'll be making magic design specifically for MP needs so much as SP spells adjusted to MP a bit.

We've only really seen one spell so far and it looked to be a large dome of electricity (calling card of Poseidon, though it was the color I'd expect of Zeus) that allies could be inside, but foes could not without taking damage.  I imagine it might last longer at higher levels.  I doubt it blocks/deflects projectiles, but I imagine it has i-frames (no good against traps, but fine against other players/monsters).


The thing I refer to with the lighting damage is a SWFU1 Force Power called "Lightning Shield" that at base was only somewhat expensive with a very short living barrier that didn't do jack other than add lightning damage (stuns and more power) to your regular strikes.

The charged version (enormous cost) had the lightning damage for being near you, drastically reduced damage we take *but didn't add tanking to the user* and kept the effect of lightning normals longer.  I'd have to imagine the cost for the normal version would need to be MUCH lower than in that game while the cost for the charged version is still high, but reasonable.

In SP I would suggest the 'overcharge' approach (charged spell casts being possible to use when only enough magic is available for an uncharged attack), but for MP that could easily get some chaps rather flustered.  Get many uses of the uncharged and for the last possible cast of it, make it charged instead (negating the high cost).  Great for SP tactics, but somewaht infuriating to MP players (maybe).

Don't feel too bad about forgetting your own ideas.  I do that all the time.  It is why I have to make somewhat detailed documents, archives, etc. to look back upon and even then I don't always relearn what I used to know.


Fear is a very RPG kind of deal.  It isn't something typically associated with 'Action' (more Adventure if straying out of RPG bounds) or MP (against other humans).  The paint making enemy AI fearful of you has some small advantages, but I'm not sure how to represent 'fear' as an effect on human players that wouldn't make them furious (having controls messed with, character forced to flee, etc.).

It is fine that there are many special ideas as I tend to enjoy special move ideas even if they tend to ALL suffer because GoW makes it hard to cancel them without exploiting something the team overlooks (which would get patched really fast for MP where they overlook it in SP).


Even if it didn't do damage, holding a whole team caught in the effect even for as much as 5 seconds (sounds like MAX power to me *because they should get out quick when shaking to break free*)...that could be all you need when you can keep casting the ability to keep them unable to do objectives, let traps hit them, etc.

Diablo 3's beta showed such a thing for the Witch Doctor as I recall.  Keeps foes at the range you want them to be at.  If it works like a grab, it might negate i-frames (usually they don't, but they can).  If it could, it would stuff spell casts by others and prevent people from evading through (might be too good as such).

>Three Kings and Ares

I don't know where the quote comes from.  I've heard the same four gods from all sources.  If it IS the case (I don't know why Hermes would get the bump when Athena is well beyond him *even Apollo*), it would be good to know now (and plan accordingly).   If it was all the GoWIII gods that were alive atop the mountain, that would also include Helios which would make a certain chap from other boards quite smug (even if I point out that Athena already has the best).

>Item section

I figured as much.  I see no reason why they shouldn't bring this back for a game made in a primary console.  It has the power to handle a mechanic like this rather than just a single relic (Amulet of the Fates or Thera's Bane).  Three to Four of them for SP.  In MP, I'd have to imagine we have one weapon, one spell and maybe one item (if they're in MP).  Relics might be tossed in with gear.  Hard to say.  I doubt each MP character can switch between two weapons, but that is possible.  But certainly not the same array of four at a time like Kratos can and will.

It would be strange to me if Items didn't return as they were something of a success in my eyes.  Everyone had to have liked the bow.  The boots were enjoyed more for the utility (air evade) that didn't use Item Points (IP).  The head was sort of forced in places and ways I doubt anyone was crazy about, but it did have some good times to apply it. 

The main boss it was designed for got dropped (Argus the many eyed pet of Hera that would be in a dark cave for us to fight it in).  It's something of a pity that the 'stun' from Solar Flare didn't at least last twice as long when you max it out as it needed a bit of improvement beyond base (if not in terms of damage).

Boots weren't too bad if used to set-up slow-mo knockback+launch cases for air OS set-ups.  Shinobier was all about this.  I prefered the Whips (t1 application) for this role though.  Hermes Jest (fire trail bombs) didn't feel useful/damaging enough to me.  They did have glitching potential though.  You can see stuff on this in combo videos (I don't know if you've seen them yet).

>chain blade

I saw chains applied for OH and QTE contexts, but I couldn't clearly make out an actual chain weapon beyond context-sensitive functions.  It isn't to say there wasn't/won't be.  Just that the cases didn't strike me as chain weapon normals/specials so much as the same thing you can see happen in GoWIII if you launch (stay grounded) and use circle on a foe (even with a different weapon applied, the BoE come out for the move).

Pulling out the air as such is Orion's Harpoon.  We've yet to have Orion (a Giant that Artemis fancied and Skorpius kills *in some versions anyway*) in the game, but then we're slowly getting to these chaps.  Apollo is another.  Furies are finally getting their time and they've been names of our attacks (Rampage of the Furies, Lance of the Furies *fan favorite*, etc.) and one place in particular (Wall of Tisiphone).

Nemesis is a good deal like them too.  It is why I suspect her as being a possible 'god' target for this outing (because GoW likes to end with one dying).  She deals with the sort of things we're guilty of and this outing is about his crimes being punished, his looking for a way out (redemption they call it, but it will turn into revenge and desire for freedom from the vision rather than being forgiven or made into a god).

>Gorgon Head

I doubt they use a 'head' tool at all.  Be it an item or spell.  I'd like it if they did though.  For your idea, I would strongly suggest using a basilisk head or some other petrification causing creature instead to explain away why the established system for Gorgon Stare variants being different here.  The CoO Basilisk is just as off base as the GoS Erinys (name of the three Furies that we're now getting despite this).  It would be add good variety to have something like this, but it would require careful balancing to minimizing whining about it being too good/useless.

In SP, I'd be furious with them if they failed to give a petrification spell.  I could give them a pass if it was 'ice' (they have a fixation on Boreas that I can't quite understand) as in GoS *and could have been in GoWIII*, but I really want them to just get Stheno out of the way (last and greatest of the gorgon sisters).  Particularly for her wings (replacing the Icarus ones that we won't have), her head (for the spell) and her claws (for the fist weapon, but mostly as an excuse should the system tie spells to weapons).

The way I see it, Skorpius had her spot and blew it in more ways than one and they were pushing for the giant 'bug' from the start (even saying they worked hard to balance that travesty of a boss *VH vets and higher know what I'm referring to*).  They want to say the Furies have petrification for some reason (they do have snake hair in some versions aside from a Harpy-like appearance)?  Fine.  Give me one of their heads to do the same and I'll be contented until the next outing (for Stheno).

>bow attundement to covenant

They could vary a bit.  Zeus shots might be heavier hits that could be charged into an unblockable that just keeps going (through a target) and causing knockback (good direct damage) while the Poseidon one would hit lighter, be blockable, etc. and have an 'arc' lightning sort of thing going on so as to hit nearby targets when it hurts even one foe (or enemy monster).

One is focused, the other is based on crowd control.  That besides the cosmetic concern of yellow versus blue.  Strong versus weak (spread among many targets).  The basic shots might not even vary beyond the cosmetic (just the charged ones setting fire to them, barreling through them like cannon fire, spreading to their allies, etc.).

>special random boxes/drops

I just wonder about how well that sort of thing would be received as typically such a thing would be in a game (shooter) with many guns to be picked up around the map at different respawning points, but the super weapon takes longer to come back and is in very dangerous territory when it does turn up.

>level fast/furious early on, slower later

So did you want something between U1 and U2 then?  Or strictly something like U2?  I'd expect something more like U1 out of this deal to be honest.  As for what I want, I don't have a special preference (not a MP kind of chap).  Though I hear that Gears over does it in some cases.  Not too clear about specifics, but really high number for some of the tropihes and I think it held to leveling too.  Someone that plays it could perhaps comment if it was just achievement talk.


I see.

>encouraging objectives

For a mode that claims that is the win condition, it certainly should be strongly rewarded.  Even assisting with it in some fashion deserves small reward (proximity and such *protecting*).  I suppose more than +5 would be needed as such.  +100 for the one who does the deed of getting one of those Gears (100 per?) to get Polyphemus in position and maybe +20 for assists with that rather than being off doing other things (+5 might be overly generous for those not involved in all that).  Of course, 100 EXP isn't very much beyond the beginning though.  Perhaps as you get to higher ranked matches (where everyone is a certain level range *with upper/lower caps*), it could multiply appropriately to retain value.



>Game modes

The team did say they wanted all modes to reflect what GoW is about (in their eyes).  The big set piece moments, giant monsters, brutal slaying, etc.  Some of the things suggested are neat, but might turn it into a chaotic, semi-wacky deal.  Almost like 'Unreal', but with hack-and-slash.  Not at all that fast paced to be sure though.

Lag, disconnects, finding matches, balancing teams, etc. will be concerns to say the least.


I should hope it isn't as such, but it just doesn't seem terribly likely.  Selecting from five or so body armor areas with a few different choices on each, a few pre-set tattoos and that's about the extent I imagine save for tools of killing (and covenant influence *also red/blue*).


I know this much.  "Clan" was the term I was thinking of for a more long term 'team' than just whimsically inviting PSN accounts to play along with you (or against you).  I don't expect them to have either (the former seems simple enough to allow for).  I'd like to see both though.

>take it out

Just look into where you think you saw it and verify.  You don't need to remove before then.


That being so, it would have to be very minor  (an advantage, but not a huge one).  Maybe being able to tank shots with limited super armor while turning it as an extra rather than a really large difference in completion rate.  But then, it didn't look to take long anyway.  We do indeed need to see more to make proper suggestions.

>quick chest open

I don't know for sure they're going to punch it open.  They just said we did the one-hand, the two-hand, etc. and they felt like it should just open right away without fuss.  That brings Darksiders to mind for me.

>alliance rivalry

I'd better grasp "clans" having such a system (particularly if stats are tracked with regards to wins/losses, kills, etc. between one and the others *same on an individual basis*).  I'd be incredibly surprised if they even had Leaderboards much less something like what Battlefield and others do already (player profiles online to check).

Indeed pure damage has the highest appeal (as evidenced by what spells and weapons people like beyond the vets who favor set-up weapons).  Making glass cannons out of them would balance it out a bit.


No need.  I'm not that invested and don't have a fondness for such gestures anyway.

>worried about finding out too much

It isn't like it has story spoilers (which doesn't concern me at all anyway).  You really have to know 'too much' to effectively make suggestions they can add, amend or omit.


I'll look over this later.  I have a runner waiting for me to overlook his tactics and offer advice on a troublesome foe (Skorpius) last time I checked.  Don't want to keep him waiting more than I have to.

Xino: >pleasing gods with certain actions

Hmmm, yes.  Obviously the 'flavor' of the offering should be carefully considered depending on the god.  Hades is not a god of bloodshed (just death).  Ares is a god of bloodshed.  If Athena were a choice, traps would be something I'd expect her to reward being that she values strategic warfare.  Perhaps they can let Zeus have that 'wisdom' aspect of her for the sake of more reward for getting a bunch of trap kills.


That's asking a bit much of something that isn't even meant to have MP to begin with.  Just getting it to be 'okay' would be an impressive feat.

Ah, so translating ideas that already exist in shooters into the MP they're making.  That's much more reasonable.  The 'kickbacks' system...not sure I'd like it.  Someone does terrible (killed 10x in a row without getting a kill) and suddenly they come back with super damag, god mode, infinite magic or something crazy just to make them feel better.  The system could be worked in, but I'd prefer if there was a means to choose whether or not you wanted to be a in a server with that sort of thing (that option is part of the shooter scene too).

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 4, 2012

lol here we go.  Took me 2 hours to respond to your last message, I'll get at it bit by bit. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 4, 2012

lingo -

got it, I'll try to keep up, though these moves are plentiful and hard to learn (I don't use ancient greek names in my every day life, lol)

Rolling -

Yes sir, it'd make sense really, if the roll was determined by weapons just like the past.  Idk what else it'd rely on, unless there were stats like stamina whenever you level up but that isn't going to happen.

Lame animations -

Understandable, though Uncharted 3 has a crap ton of animations...though sometimes they seem inhuman and poorly done. 

Weapons -

I think if they keep a SP mind when making the MP aspects of this game, it won't look good.  Lots of games have to balance out power, if they want to make a MP they're going to have to no matter what, otherwise people would complain too much.

GoW3 weapons -

Yeah, I understand them somewhat, I never really used Hades hooks or the whips because they were pretty dang weak.  They still kind of offer the same style of fighting somewhat, which is what I hope changes.

2h sword -

A lot of good points.

Shield -

Yeah a lot like that, because I was factoring in that the shield would add to defense, meaning if you hit someone with a weapon and they didn't have a shield (for example) you'd hit them for say....100 damage, then if someone had a shield you'd hit them for like 50-75 instead.  (maybe not that severe, it's an example after all)

If the shield hit high damage, and had extra defense over the weapons then it'd seem pretty dang powerful...not like it needs to hit nearly no damage, just don't make it as strong as the hammer or something. 

Stamina bar -

For attacks probably not, that'd be pretty sucky, but something that indicates that your block is being broken is needed.  If you're allowed to block like SP (block every attack except extremely strong attacks) that'd be ridiculous..everyone would be blocking infinitely.

Shield + spear -

Yeah, Kratos doesn't really like the whole shield thing but Spartans are all over that.  I wouldn't mind seeing less of Kratos at least in the MP anyway... I like this time period this is set in (GoW 1 did an amazing job of implementing mythology, the rest seem to be way more about action)

MP seems like it's not at all about Kratos, and I would accept that mind set if they kept it that way and not try to make it anything about Kratos.  Adding Kratos in a world that seems to not be about him at all would be weird. 

Plus straying away from Kratos for a little bit wouldn't hurt too much.  One can only stretch a character so much. 

Special movesets -

Yeah, I know what you mean.  It's a really good idea, I added it to the OP already.  like say one move would show lightning or "lasers" as you call it, for zeus while that same move would show some kind of soul move or purple aura for the same move, under Hades alliance.

Upgrading -

If they do go with exp, that'll be pretty difficult and would have to keep an eye out for people who find glitches and stuff, that's why I suggested currency. 

I imagine health probably wouldn't change too much, wouldn't want a level 1 going up against a level 100 and have absolutely no chance, I mean the 100 does desever what he gets but the level 1 shouldn't have like 1/4 the health, 1/4 the damage 1/4 the magic etc. 

if so I think they should add a little bit every 10 levels or so...just to make fights within brackets pretty fair.  I'm not sure, we'll see what they come up with. 

Shield support spells -

In my opinion, I think creating a more diverse pool of magic would be ideal in keeping people interested in the gameplay.  They have some really sweet looking spells but eventually it'll be just more of the same.  These spells could keep people interested in the fact that people need to ban together to win battles and such, keeping teamwork fresh as where most MPs look to build up team play, but eventually just wears out and no one's interested.

Might not make it, but it wouldn't be too bad of an idea, as long as they weren't extremely OPed or useless

Ares -

The war paint thing wasn't really supposed to make it seem like you lose controls but that's sort of a good idea.  I was just looking for another form of knock back that would allow you to shake players off of you, I added a little description just to be crafty. 

but it is something I expect from a war type like Ares...he seems (like you stated) to be all about blood and gore and mercilessly beating people to a bloody pulp, so facing huis followers would probably be scary as all hell. 

Hades -

Maybe not have the hands grab them, but definitely shot them attack or something (like slap around) and slow the enemy down...maybe not completely reduced mobility, but just slow them down a bit, as for tactical use more than high damaging ass kicker attack.

3 kings and Ares -

Oh yeah, I always forget about the number of gods up there.  I find this silly because I always thought "wow there are so many gods, why just these few guys?"

If they do add more gods, it'd probably be a lot of work for me lol, especailly in the "elements vs elements" section.

Bow attunement to covenant -

That's a pretty cool idea, but it sounds like Zeus's would be extremely powerful while poseidon's is just alright.

Special random boxes -

The only problem I see occurring from this is matches going by extremely fast if one team gets ahold of the special weapon (especailly in elimination or something) or the team who has the weapon gets a huge advantage in objectives...though I guess it gives them a reason to target their attacks.

Leveling -

Not really sure exactly, but it should be really obvious where it changes.  It should be based off of "normal" player skill, you don't want to level up once every like...10-20 games at levels like 70 or 80, but then again you don't want to play through 100 games just to level up once.  I'm sure they'll think of something...there ARE bonuses that help leveling (like contracts) so maybe making 80+ a small grind may be worth it.  (make it so you don't use up contracts from levels 1-20 and not have any later)

Also, there should be contracts that scale...contracts that are unlocked at level 5 aren't going to be helpful at levels 50+, though contracts shouldn't be ridiculously hard without offering a HUGE reward. 

Objectives -

I think objective games in every game need diminishing rewards.  If you're just killing and not doing the objective, your exp goes down (more and more so as often as you decide to ignore the objective) but if you do the objectives, your exp goes up. 

Parties -

Well, no game has done well at implementing clans so I don't expect this game to... players can make their own clans and such.

Chest Open -

As long as it's not a "you hit the box so it autmoatically opens" thing I'd be fine...if you applied one hand or two and it just automatically open would work...rather than you just struggling for a while to open it

Alliance Rivalry -

Just some form of showing in which "place" each Alliance is in.  It'd be cool to see a dynamic screen which points out the different stats, but I'll take what I can get.

Finding out too much -

I was referring to articles that don't really split the information that well...there was an article on IGN that started talking about the story almost right in the middle of talking about the MP.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 4, 2012

>here we go

Such talks as these are not simple affairs that go by quickly.  Much time and thought goes into them.  Walls are to be expected.


There are quite a lot of moves and not all are clearly named officially or even at all.  There is a vet supported system for naming based on official names (Spirit of Hercules is the name for the short string for t3 *Spirit* when you get t2 unlocked).  The names dubbed by me during my damage testing are based on uppercase (held), lower case (press) and what part of a sequence/string they are in.

So in Blades 's,s,s,s,s,s', there is s1, s2, s3, s4, s5 and s6 (Valor).  "s1" through "s5" don't lend themselves to simple names, so they are just described like this.  "s6" does have a name thanks to the string name "Valor of Hercules".  As you can see, enders tend to get named as if to imply they are the objective of the full 'combo'.  For 't,t,t' it is much the same.

You might recall that Plume does no follow a simple path like Spirit (t3).  Though t3 can follow s5, it is part of the triangle string.  Plume exists in a special case (it follows s2, s3 and s4 *GoW1 having it follow Hermes Thrust as well*).  It is referred to as t0 for this reason.  Ascension is a held input and the only one for th weapon so it is just "T".  Many of the named moves can be found in the menus for the various entries.  The guides gives these names too (sometimes).

As for "Ancient Greek names", that's a reference to "Polyphemus", I imagine.


Stats (RPG elements) controlling stamina and weightload aside from how encumbered you are by weight.  That's getting too technical for this crowd though.  Action fans aren't crazy about this and casuals would hate to have most of their set-ups be super overweight (I recall much complaining about this balance in Armored Core games).

NOTE: There tends to be items that allow overweight things to (a limited degree) move as if they weren't entirely too heavy though.  Such things tend to be highly prized and exploited for popular builds as you might imagine.  Sort of like the flip ring for getting around.  Some things are so obviously good that you are at a disadvantage when not having them to counter those that do.

But yes, the weapons should be the primary consideration.

>lame animations

Indeed Uncharted has lots of animations.  Most of which are for getting around in such a natural looking away.  Less for combat beyond the melee.  As for looking 'less-than-human', perhaps not all are motion capture (if any).  GoW doesn't use that system, so you can expect some unnatural, but still finely crafted cases.


Indeed SP mindset (which is what they're used to and is natural for Action) won't be enough for MP.

>Claws and Whips

I can teach about either.

Claws being closer to the blades.  Without saying too much, the normals are better than the Blades in power (especially in earlier form-for-form comparisons) and utility.  "Curse" (t3) is the middle ground between t0 and t3, but the lack of a 'Super' version hurts.  Lingering could have used more attention.  Decent evade attack and great evade.  Crap specials and a spell that needed more time in the oven (great idea with poor execution).

Whips are a set-up weapon.  It's t1 is very quick, very safe, has great vertical reach (lacking foward reach compared to the SoD though).  It lacks power in the hit though.  It is very weak.  The "tirade" (held input) for it is extremely strong though.  As you upgrade the weapon, power doesn't increase from the high base damage much (just like Cestus), but tirade length restriction is increased considerably to allow many hits per held input.  So launch set-ups for juggles/air juggles or OH and air OS.  The specials are actually quite good too.  The spell is a projectile version of GoWII's CR lvl2 (not lvl3 with the orb explosion and great reach/damage).  Very good overall, but it lacks a solid bounce attack to control large foes and groups with (Ex: Plume).  "s3" is as close as it gets to that.

But yeah, they are pretty similar and without getting real hardcore about testing for damage, cancels and other considerations, you probably won't (at a glance) see enough difference or merit.  Cestus is different enough to stand out though it too is a chain weapon (just not with the normal attacks which most willy judge a weapon by).


Regarding the example of 100 damage, it is better we presume multi-player HP count is like in SP (100-200 range).  100 damage hits would be insane damage like what you get with GoZ charged air L1+s or BotG specials.  Truly devestating.

Not sure I'd want a shield to give damage reduction for when they take direct hits though.  That's more the territory of picking gear based on Armor % increase.  Maybe all the non-Kratos start at 50% Armor (inferior to Kratos, but equal to him as a General *Fist of Ares*) and each of the five gear can have a certain Armor % to add to the total  Maybe light cases being +5% so all combined would only bring it up 25% *to 75%.  Moderate being 10% (all as such being 100% total).

Pieces focused soley on armor rating might be as high as 25%, though I'd have it all at 15% with 25% for a chest piece unlocked at high levels with no other perks for it).  If one had all 15% it would bring 50% (2x damage taken per hit) up to 125%.  With the noted chest piece, it would be an extra 10% (135).  25% on all pieces (even if none get extra perks and it makes you heavier/slower) would bring you to 175%.  There might be a perk one could pick for 25% to bring it to a full 200% in the very best case as such, and taking half damage sounds too extreme to me. Versus one without armor designed for increasing Armor %, they would have 4x more HP worth per unit.

Again, that seems like going too far.  15% seems more fair for one focusing on the Armor aspect over other possible advantages: guantlets for 5-10% more damage or 5-10% more attack speed, boots for 5-10% more running speed or 5-10% more evade speed, torso for specifically reducing trap damage or spell damage, helmet for more efficient casting cost with a spell (5-10%) or items (if not regeneration rate increasing) or even 'rage' *if we get one*, etc.  These things at the cost of higher Armor % ratings.  Though negatives make things more interesting, many will just dislike it if it goes beyond (could have had this, but have this instead *won't want good armor if it makes them slower among quick foes*).

Blocks tend to have full damage reduction so long as they work in GoW.  It would be really something if the MP had degrees of block with regards to the weapon choice you make.  Casual players really loathe this quality of their block not absorbing every ounce of damage even if they're just blocking a wall of fire with their damn short swords (Kratos can do this because he is awesome like that).

The shield use in AoS was for heavy hits, blocking while moving (a major difference) and some specials that block while attacking..  GoW isn't a series that makes you block in the right direction or you take the hit (Dark Souls and Dragons' Dogma do this).  If that factored...I can just imagine the reaction for MP when dealing with multiple attackers.

Indeed it should hit like a 2H heavy weapon.  Strong, but not quite as strong as AoS made it out to be.  Moving and sometimes attacking while in a block is reward enough.  Heavy and slow attacks with low range ought to hit terribly hard and often have at least a guard break (you can at least quickly combo into the bow to get some damage in before they can recover and block again).  Guard crush (a 'break' that bleeds damage through as well) would be nice.  Unblockables is the stuff of specials for such a weapon as this.

NOTE: Fear Kratos (GoWIII DLC Challenges) had moves like ours that if we used on him, he could block them, but not the other way around.  Think of him as a sample (offensively) as a foe that has moves in a familiar form that when used on us, we cannot simply block (in that case it was all blockable or unblockable if I remember right).

We aren't going to want BH damage values unless you've got gear to increase power, a max'd 2H Hammer, etc.  50 damage per pop from 100-200HP targets a bit much even it is slow, has poor reach, etc.  To exceed that damage would take something temporary with an obvious visual cue (an aura) to let you know you need to keep clear or risk psycho damage (we're talking 100 damage).

If the 50% Armor rating is the base, the noted 50 damage strike is already at 100HP unis and if you're at base HP, that instant kills you with a clean hit.  Granted that's a character with the crappiest possible armor/HP versus someone with the highest damage for the strongest weapon.  I suppose that's natural, but it would get plenty of hate in forums even despite explaining why it is like that (because the weapon needs that sort of damage to be relevant).

Dark Souls weapons have simple attacks usually, but sometimes they have specials that are pretty neat.  Some examples:

Stone Greatsword - Stops to cast spell that makes all foes near you unable to evade or run full speed (walk/jump allowed).

Dragonking Greataxe - Hammer the ground for huge AoE bubble (not just a ground shockwave)

Moonlight Sword - Energy projectile (ranged shot or medium range small AoE explosion)

Dragon Greatsword - Large shockwave traveling straight ahead.

Drakesword - Small shockwave traveling straight ahead.

Grant - AoE explosion around us.

These things cost durability in Dark Souls, but GoW would never have such a system in play.  Or so I say.  Having to spend EXP to pay for repairs would irk people I'm sure.  Again, getting too 'hardcore' with it and making it into something it just isn't.  Some of the normals, evade attacks, etc. can give good ideas for each of the weapon types.  In terms of a 2H Hammer, Smough has a good moveset that would fit GoW.  The boss had a lightning version in his super form.  Enchanting it is quite impossible without a glitch though (even then, you can't apply poison, fire or lightning to it).

>stamina bar

Not for normals, but perhaps special attacks.  Using on normals is only for games that are trying to be much more realistic than one where there is no such thing as fall damage (read: GoW), we can block 100% damage from all angles with any weapon, we never tire, we can grab foes and slam them all around into each other, etc.  We're meant to feel powerful and unstoppable.  Not like a mere mortal (non-demi-god) overcoming things far beyond reasonably handling without considerable skillful handling, the right tools/stats, etc.

They mention the obvious with light and strong, but I believe they noted guard breaking 'medium' hits too.  Rock, Paper, Scissors is the exact words.

>Shield + Spear

In MP, Spartans would certainly favor this.

GoW1 did a good job of presenting a simple story.  The later entries were more about the action, spectacle, etc.  Kratos just seemed to be a different guy after the first one.  They made him younger looking, angrier (unreasonably so), harder to sympathize with, etc.  GoW1 made it clear our family wasn't too keen on us, but CoO and GoWIII try to overlook this (retcon even).

Of course, myself being an Action fan, I don't too greatly hold the change of focus against them.  Regarding the stretching of Kratos, he just isn't that deep.  It's better he remain relatively simple. The attempts to humanize Action characters tend to go poorly (NGIII's Ryu comes to mind).  GoW1 easily handled this best of the bunch.  He really wasn't yelling all the time (just often enough to get the joke rolling).

>special movesets

The laser talk is reference to DR and AotG for the BoO.  Both of which were not lightning, but god energy projections from the weapon. When Zeus used it, it had both attributes at once.  That's why I call them lasers rather than lightning, though 'godly energy beams' would be more accurate as it isn't exactly light energy in the form of a laser. 

When I say it like that...having it as a perk from Zeus to fire those seems inappropriate unless we're just talking the lightning versions he used in GoWII.  Speaking of which, he had a lightning shield variant that both blocked incoming attacks and acted as an attack (we had to use RotT to get around it, but in this case just have each bolt have a limited amount of damage it can sponge).  Another vrsion of the 'lightning shield' (this one from GoW rather than SWFU1).

Maybe a perk of the Hades version (being that we can't always have hits making little floating skulls/souls to harass players with as that alone as a perk would get old) could allow for enders to gain something like a wicked weave from Bayonetta.  Larger projections of the attack with some extra range/power added to the strike with one special maybe teleporting the effect equivalent of Valor (s6) to a target quite some distance away (portals).  Or even a launcher special like Gesyer Blades sending our move through the ground and back up by a foe.  Would take lots of thought to balance.  The hits don't have to be strong, just offer more range options being that the big man had just those sort of moves to begin with. *not like I'm just making all of it up*

Also, limited HP regeneration for those foresakeing gtorso armor perhaps.  Consider the 'meat phases' of Hades (or the skeletons of GoWII *Cursed Remains* though they work differently).  During that bit the damage done would be mostly undone if the meat hacked off crawled back to him without getting destroyed first.  Doing exaclty that might be a bit too weird, so simply using a system where you can regenerate something like 25% of the HP lost back over a period of 25 seconds or so might be an alternative to pure Armor.  Can't go the route of Wolverine's game here (not unless it was a VERY low HP shield or recovery).


It isn't the gaining of EXP in MP that concerns me (unless the EXP orb foutain happens on bad collision there *possible*).  I was referring to if SP experience gathering transfered to a MP character at all (especialy when such glitches are highly likely *if without them there areeasy ways to get lots of the stuff with costumes, possesions, easy mode, etc.*).  I just hope they remember to consider things like that.

NOTE: If they make different settings for enemy AI and orb worth in MP matches, the percentiles used in SP are fine, but I might suggest inverting the system for EXP (2x worth on VH, base for H and N and 75% on Easy).  To get more EXP, the AI foes should be more of a threat to both teams (while being worth more to kill).  Hell, make AI foes worth more EXP than in SP by even two-times the EXP drops being that they aren't likely coming in droves anyway.  More to compete over.

Not wanting a lvl1 vs lvl100 is the idea even without consdering stat differnces at all.  The difference in their likely abilities is another factor.  Bunching up levels with each other would be desirable.  Though a place for all levels to meet and fight might be worth having.   Maybe someone with a base character feels they've got what it takes to spank max rank characters just by being that much better than the player using the powered up avatar.  A place to prove such things for a challenge run of MP settings even.

NOTE: The differece here is not quite the same as it would be in RPGs.  Skill and tactics can really factor heavily in closing the gap between the avantaged and disadvantaged parties.  It isn't like change to hit is in play (Diablo) and the lvl100 has even that (along with moves missing them) on their side (just click to win).

'Brackets' of sorts sound about right.  I hope they come up with something (at all).  It wouldn't be wise to have no meaning to upgrading nor have the meaning, but not keep the empowered clear of those without power (unless both parties consent to the arrangement in a place made for those types of conflicts).

>shield support spells

Indeed GoW is sorely lacking in defensive and support spells.  MP is the place to do this (not Kratos afterall and it is team based).  Having a bunch of guys mostly doing things on their own (lone wolf types) would wear thin quickly for a MP scene.


Messing with controls is highly annoying (especially when it is randomized).  SWFU1 DLC bosses did this and it is a real pain in the ass.

Ares1's Hammer Flamethrower pushes foes away while not being a knockback.  For getting the enemy away from you, there could be no better option (pushes in a big way even on those that are blocking the whole thing).  It would be hard to get around too (he could turn while using it, but not point it up/down).

If we could at all use Battering Ram in this entry (on AI and/or other players), the wall collision head smash where we could mash "O" just to keep slamming their skull into the wall (not necessary as they are aleady dead) might be the sort of action Ares would reward with EXP and perks.  Also, bleed letting in general. would be in-character for friendly fire and even team killing to be his kind of thing (getting a teammate *especially if it catches an enemy too*).  Encouraging his behavior is quite controversial.  I remember some other MP game had a trophy for it and got quite a bit of flack for it.  Can't recall which game that was.

NOTE: While Zeus might take Athena's place in rewarding clever use of player activated traps, knocking players into a meatgrinder (they describe something like that in the interviews) could be the sort of thing Ares would like.  The god with a throne of bones and human flesh is the sort of fellow who might find this man-juicing to be worth praise.


If they can't grab (just slap), they wouldn't be nearly as effective, but still good if it covers a decent area.  Hit stuns from those that block or get a love tap can be nearly as effective as a grab when an ally is pulling a lever for a trap the enemy is standing on already.  Something that doesn't actually grab would need to also stick around longer as a threat (or rather, as a harassment tool).

>many gods

Quite a lot.  Just too many that are really obscure even among those interested in Greek Myth.  I doubt we'll have more gods than this though.  They're biting off a big one as it is.

>Bow attunement to covenant

Zeus' version is meant for a single target (but if foes are lined up, they all take the hit) with good damage while being unblockable and causing knockback.  Poseidon's would be blockable, but it arcs off what it hits to nearby sources.  If THAT hits (without being blocked) it spreads again until it either stops having things to reach or gets blocked.  Though it obviously should have a system in check so it can't keeping looping back between two or more targets if one or both don't block.

>Special random boxes

Indeed.  Perhaps the weapon, when gained, would need to be temporary based on swings/hits and/or time.


100 games for one level sounds like the sort of hurdle a lvl99 going to lvl100 would endure.  Being on a winning team would usually get a multiplier added to the score aside from doing this best with various things being rewarded (not taking damage, dealing the most damage, most kills *seperate consideration*, objectives, etc.).

Indeed the +X EXP cases should mostly scale with your level so that they remain relevant while EXP chest aren't so hot and pure kills of foes mean less (unless on VH setting as denoted above).


Diminishing rewards should be handled carefully though it sounds important for keeping things on track.


I'd have thought some shooter might have done an okay job with this system.  Meh.

>Chest Open

I can't say if it a quick flip or bashing it in.  Haven't seen it.  He just notes they're fast now (no struggle).

>Alliance Rivalry

I'm too used to being off on my own to fully 'feel' this sort of thing.

>Finding out too much

Ah, yes.  I see.  You refer to the sudden talk of how the SP is meant to go down.

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