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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 1, 2012

Goldhawk1 wrote:

BBurgSteve wrote:

If you want a multiplayer experience 'like' other games, go play those other games.

God of War's Multiplayer needs to be like God of War.  That is, preferably none at all.  God of War is Kratos vs the World.  Any form of multiplayer needs to reflect that.

I don't care what they are telling us about Kratos no being a MP character, but in every video I've seen, all I see are multiple versions of Kratos.  Tattoos and all.

If they are going to go ahead with this, they need to include some form of significant advantage to those of us who have been there from the beginning of the franchise.  That is, extra perks and bonus weapons if you have saves from any/all other God of War titles on your PS3's hard drive.

The BoO should be fully powered up for a GoW vet with GoWII saves on their HDD, including an Area Damage attack, where a brand new player gets only an unpowered BoO.

Sure, it would suck to be a GoW noob, but that's what you get for ignoring anything that doesn't have multiplayer because you feel the game is incomplete without it.

Get 2D fighters and FPS games out of your head.  GoW is neither.  GoW is a 3rd Person hack'n'slasher.  There is no need for a 'HUD' except to display your health and magic.  As for what your currently selected weapon is (sword vs blades vs spear etc), you should be able to track that (as well as which god you serve) yourself.  A decent GoW player will be chaining together attacks from various weapons in rapid succession (a feature/strategy that was added for GoWIII, if I recall correctly.  Previous GoW entries required you to change weapons from the pause screen).

One of the best parts of GoW has always been the simplicity of the onscreen display, and the fact that the health/magic display only pops up briefly when you get hurt or collect orbs.  This needs to remain the case for the multiplayer.

I don't think he was really pointing at it being like other games (nor was I) but rather, there are certain features that would look cool in this game, like the HUD changing with your alliance towards a god. 

The only thing that should be "like other games" is things like late join matchmaking and simple stuff like that.  I agree, no gameplay should be like other games. 

As for GoW beign just about Kratos...I think we can afford to at least have the MP not be about him.  There's only so much you can do with one guy really.  The MP looks like it's going to be more of a spartan gladiator games style, which would be cool. I wouldn't mind seeing some people try to contend against Kratos for power, but I doubt that'll happen..

I hope the story isn't about him escaping Hades.. because in the first one it highlighted him escaping Hades as if it was the first time anyone had ever done it...that he was so powerful that not even Hades could keep his grasp on Kratos. 

Ignore that **hole man. Let the troll comment on whatever bullcrap they want to say. Just don't reply/quote them.

All they want to do is make their own grabage opinoin be heard and derail this topic so it will be pointless.

Just focus on the ideas and improving Acsension's Multiplayer. Let the idiot and his other partner troll GodmodeGod comment and quote, that is all they will do and soon they will give up. They will give up if we ignore them.

Anyway as for the perks. I only want to say this once. I advise Santa Monica to adjust to Metal Gear Solid 4's perk system! I seriously cannot stress this enough. I hoped that Ninja Gaiden 3's multiplayer would use Metal Gear Online Perk system, and it didn't which left me very disappointed!

I love Metal Gear Online's perk system.

basically you have 4 slots for your character and you have ALL skills/abilities unlocked at start each with lvl 1 progression. All you have to do is assign any skills you want to your character slot. Once equipped, it obviously changes the characters behavior and skills.

Now get this, the interesting part is that the more you use a particular skill, the more it levels up. Originally the maximum level for all skills or certain skills is up to lvl 3-4. The more you level up the more the skill becomes better and worth while.

For an example Running Skill. Without this skill a character can get tired after running for a while. Equipping this skill will allow the character not to get tired. Running Skill lvl 2 would allow the character to increase speed while running. Running Skill max lvl 3 will allow the character to increase speed while running 2x.

Now that I've explained the principle of Metal Gear Online's perk system. I truly wish Ascension will use this method because it is best for long lasting experience and BALANCING!

Long lasting experience meaning you can create a variety of skills for your character and keep replaying to level them up! And balancing meaning not everyone can use all skills, selecting certain skills will make you vulnerable and invulnerable to other skills!

The problem with NG3's multiplayer is that you have to constantly keep playing the game to level up and each time you level up to a certain level you unlock new skills which I thought was dragging.

Because a level 10 can NEVER win against level 60! Because lvl 60 would have unlocked nearly all movesets while lvl 10 begins with basic movesets.

Now to balance the issue, using MGO's system would mean lvl 10 HAS a chance to beat lvl 60! Because the lvl 10 player can use certain skills to gain advantage towards lvl 60's skills. Like i said, your skills level up the more you use them! So it doesn't matter if you are lvl 80 because some of the skills you haven't use will remain at lvl 1.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 1, 2012


I like the changes you did to the main topic. KEEP it up man!

The team DO listen!

Here are my inputs for the perks, and HOPING that Santa Monica does implements Metal Gear Online's perk system and leveling up system.

These perks system I inlcuded are just for references, I don't mind or care if they don't make it to the game. I just want as many perks as posisble in the game much like MGO. Perks that changes the tide of battle and how character behaves.

*Recovery Acrobatic

Allows your character to recover from heavy strikes

lvl1- Recover from heavy strikes on ground

lvl2- Recover from heavy strikes on ground and when knocked in the air

lvl3- Recovers faster from heavy strikes on ground and when knocked in the air

*Agility Mass

Allows your character to move agile

lvl1- Allows character to run faster

lvl2- Allows character to run faster and climb faster

lvl3- Allows character to dodge attack faster


Allows your character swing hammer weapons faster




*Rude Awakening

Allows your character to do 2x damages when low on health

lvl1- Your character with 5% health does 2x damages

lvl2- Your character with 10% health does 2x damages

lvl3 Your character with 15% health does 2x damages


Allows your character to take less damage on Magic attacks

lvl1- Character takes 15% less damage on magic attacks

lvl2- Character takes 10% less damage on magic attacks

lvl3- Character takes 5% less dmaage on magic attacks

*Magic Expert

Allows your character to reduce energy/magic depletion

lvl1- Using a magic cost 15% less reduction

lvl2- Using a magic cost 10% less reduction

lvl3- Using a mahic cost 5% less reduction

*Slow Time Event

Allows the QTE mini game to reduce its timer

lvl1- Gives extra 2second to QTE mini game

lvl2- Gives extra 4second to QTE mini game

lvl3- Gives extra 4second to QTE mini game, Button Combination remains the same if retried

*Brink of Time

Allows the character to recovery secondary weapon gauge faster

lvl1- Secondary weapon gauge recovers 5% faster

lvl2- Secondary weapon gauge recovers 10% faster

lvl3- Secondary weapon gauge recovers 15% faster


Allows your character to reduce gauge depletion on Health

lvl1- Health depletes 15%

lvl2- Health depletes 10%

lvl3- Health deplets 5%

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 2, 2012

Great ideas Black.  I added some commentary on your ideas. 

I like the whole "metal gear leveling system" it makes a lot of sense.  If you want to level up perks you put them on and continue your way of play and you gradually get better. 

Some really great perks too!  I thought it was kind of hard thinking of perks but you've got a lot nailed.  I added your ideas to the "PSN player suggestions" section. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 2, 2012

Updated 5.2.2012

- Added "God Alliance 'wars'" section to the Original Post

- Added God alliance secondary weapon differentiation to the God Alliance and Secondary Weapons sections.

Slight edit

I have to appologize for the length of the OP.  I have to appologize for the long read and all the content jammed into this thread.

I'm just so excited for this MP.  I love god of war and now they are adding a multiplayer (which I love).  I've always wanted a multiplayer like this.  A fighting style MP would be so cool, especially comming from sony santa monica, considering they do SUCH an amazing job on their games.

Some might have a slight problem with the amount of content, but it's not like it's going to be all added and if it is, this is what I believe the future is anyway.  Multiplayers are eventually going to develop into something more than just "find match, kill people, leave"  Multiplayers right now are feeling lots of love, people want them and they want more and I believe that multiplayers will one day have the depth that single player games do.  I'd just hate to have to wait for other games to make strides forward, then have my favorite games follow slowly behind making sure that what they copy is done right. 

Once again, I'm sorry for the long read, and the amount of detail...but knowing my love for this game I'm sure there's much more on the way. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 2, 2012

Mind your manners, Xino.  Burg hardly deserves flaming, wouldn't you agree?

~I'll get to all this soon enough.  My rounds elsewhere are nearly complete.  I'll make it the focus of tomorrow's rounds.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 2, 2012

That's great GMG.  Looking forward to seeing your response to these ideas.

Updated 5.2.12

- Added "cinema" section

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

i like the cinema idea, in fact I will be hell surprise if the game doesn't have a mode like this!

Also allow us to take Screenshot via XMB.

Naughty Dawgs are big man, giving us the ability to upload video to Youtube. I know Sony would want something like this because it would be part of their standards. It would be cool if Santa Monica Studio also adapts to this.

Also more intergration!

Allow us to create Clan tags within the game. Seriously Metal Gear Online did A LOT of things many games do not do today. Another disappointment with Ninja Gaiden 3's multiplayer was the Clan Battle. It says Clan Battle, yet we couldn't even make our own clan tags or name which is very disappointing.

I don't consider this a big deal but I'm sure there are fans ready to create clans to take on other clans.

As for the unlocking, I said the perks should level up depending on how many times you use them. So what about the custom gears for your character? I can say that we can have them being unlocked the more you level up. That's a no brainer.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

Blackxino wrote:

i like the cinema idea, in fact I will be hell surprise if the game doesn't have a mode like this!

Also allow us to take Screenshot via XMB.

Naughty Dawgs are big man, giving us the ability to upload video to Youtube. I know Sony would want something like this because it would be part of their standards. It would be cool if Santa Monica Studio also adapts to this.

Also more intergration!

Allow us to create Clan tags within the game. Seriously Metal Gear Online did A LOT of things many games do not do today. Another disappointment with Ninja Gaiden 3's multiplayer was the Clan Battle. It says Clan Battle, yet we couldn't even make our own clan tags or name which is very disappointing.

I don't consider this a big deal but I'm sure there are fans ready to create clans to take on other clans.

As for the unlocking, I said the perks should level up depending on how many times you use them. So what about the custom gears for your character? I can say that we can have them being unlocked the more you level up. That's a no brainer.


I'll add the screen shot thing in a second.

But I have clan tags in my OP, I think under customization. 

I mentioned before that it'd be cool if we got a form of spartan currency and had to level up in order to use that money on armor we want.  Then I made a change and added that it'd be cool to see "standard armor" that was good only for  a while (if there were stats added to armor) and once you got high enough level, and high enough reputation for your alliance you could spend your money on greater gear provided by the god that you are alligned with. 

So say you're level 60, and the shop armor ends at level 55.  You hit level 60 and there's some really cool Hades alliance armor that you'd love to have, but it's locked at level 60, $100 (spartan currency), and reputation level 5 with your alliance.  That means you'd have to get up enough reputation for your alliance in order to get that armor. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

Updated 5.2.2012

- Added Wager Mode to game modes

- Added custom game to game modes

- Added "Player Vs Beasts" to game modes

- Added Screen shots feature to cinema section under Blackxino's name

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas

May 3, 2012

GoldHawk: >block

Perhaps make it a tiny bit more strict in MP.  Block for blockable light attacks, maybe some special attacks going beyond that for parry/air block and stronger heavy/special attacks unblockable (i-frames or clear the hit range).  Parry traditionally has i-frames.  Would that still hold true?  Same for grab kills (not grab select).  Evades had i-frame shrinkage in GoWIII, will that apply here?  Will each weapon wielded have different evades?  Will be be able to attack cancel out of evades and evade cancel out of that (for rapid movement)?  Can we jump or movement cancel attacks? Surely block and spell cancel.  On the matter of parry, there is usually a time slow for that, but you can't do this in MP without slowing everyone else too.  Same for pursue (GoWIII didn't grant it i-frames *will this one have them?*).

They've mentioned climbing is to be amended in a manner like Uncharted, but that leaves no means to fight during it, so I suppose wall (or ceiling) attacks are out.  Something about QTEs being a bit different too.  Shall we have OH?  What of OS on non-grabbable human foes?  False grab?  When two attacks trades?  Seems like we have an air OS condition on foes, but does that mean we can just catch them in the air or do we have to send them into it?  Do we have aerial recovery to fend off air juggles?  Means to reverse non-grab kills?

NOTE: I recall no talk of a stamina meter or 'items' in MP.  Perhaps instead of an item bar, the bar regenerating bar could be used like in Dark Souls or Dragon's Dogma as a stamina bar.  Certain attacks take stamina (some more than others), others don't, block pauses (or slows in other cases) regen, blocking attacks does stamina damage (heavier hits take more), running out takes away various options (or even makes you tired and have to stop *perks to stop this perhaps*), evades cost you stamina, maybe jumps too (to a lesser degree maybe *split between jump and double jump*), etc.

AI controlled enemies exist.  Can I cause knockback collisions or even full collisions (Battering Ram for instance) using them against an enemy team combatant?


I presume these aren't based entirely on what we've seen or even on monsters/gods/heroes we could get them from.  Just plucked from thin air.

>2H Blade

Reasonable enough.  This to be more like BoO, BotG or Artemis?


Reasonable, but it isn't like shield strikes are weak at all.  AoS gives examples of moves for this sort of weapon (with the sheild specials).  If stamina factors, it should take less to block with this than with others.  Frankly though, this is for casuals anyway, so hardcore elements like that or partial damage reduction for certain weapons when blocking would just enrage.  I'd still want to suggest it.  This isn't Kratos.  They don't have amazing blocking even with two small swords, infinite stamina, i-frames out the ass, combat ability in all situations (walls/ceilings included), rage, items, etc.

AoS had a ground shield rush that could block while attacking and the hit cause knockback (also you could steer it to a limited degree).  Wouldn't need to hit hard.  The air version was a diagonal dive that instant shattered petrified targets, but otherwise did modest damage and knockback.  Neither of these seem like unblockabless or even guardbreakers/crushers.  Maybe the air version can guard break (not crush though).  The ground shield slam was a small AoE bounce with the charged version doing better damage over a slightly larger area.  If charged and released as it flashed *timing based*, it did 2x damage and had a high bounce (like a launcher).  Landing something like that wouldn't be easy, but worth it.  The air version worked the same.  The uncharged version might be blockable (at most a guard breaker *unless air blocked*), but the charged version (especially perfectly timed) should be unblockable (you need only get out of range or jump to avoid the hit).  There are, of course, regular shield slaps/bashes, ground pound ender and a chargable launcher (charged to be unblockable).


Rings of AoS as a total package.  I'd look to it again.  If the style is changed to something more realistic, then once could attack during a block, but with reduced reach and damage.  It might balance a bit for it to be weaker, but this hardly seems like the weakest set-up.

NOTE: Spear doesn't exactly have to be paired with a shield though.  SoD shows such a case.


Adapt AoS.  Multi-stab need not change much, but it will suffer range drop.  Sword toss could be more like Rebellion impale or a Vergil sword toss, but either seems a bit much for MP.

>Shield+small Hammer

I don't know that I agree with this being a thing.  Switching out weapons for 1H or 2H like this strikes me as Dark Souls territory again.  Would we have to contend with being 'overweight' and being slower?  Doubtful given the nature of GoW.

>2H Hammer

BH, Ares Hammer, etc.  They've shown such a thing and each class can apparently use one.  It isn't clear how much like the BH it is.  I doubt we'll have Hammertime or Flamethrower (Ares1) even with the perks for serving the God of War.  That would be neat for each path to have different specials for each type of weapon though.  Hades version might be the simple ground shockwave, soul summon, etc.  I take it no evade possible when using this tool then.  Or perhaps just a somewhat slow hop (not too unlike Cestus).  Not really clearing much distance or doing it too quickly.  I suspect if you combine not blocking full damage and not being able to evade, it would frighten off players even if it hit like the fist of an angry god.  Zeus and Poseidon tend to have lightning variants.  Perhaps Poseidon's version has a lower damage version of the Hades Shockwave, but it can hit in the air in the line it makes (lightning bolts as with our fight in GoWIII).  Zeus might allow for an AoE explosion out of it (lightning shockwave like what he does in GoWIII).  All very samey though...


We shouldn't have proper Chain Blades.  Having a 'chain' weapon of any sort is pushing it beyond context-sensitive cases like Orion's Harpoon and QTEs.  If we had something like them, it would need to be weaker than the real deal to deal with the obvious advantages of a fast weapon with good moves and reach.

>2x swords

Maybe handle them more like foes that have done as much in the past.  Rushing special that can string into different moves (square for slash and another input for a follow-up, S for a spinning dual slap *knockback*, triangle for a launch *X to go up with them* and T for a flipping/jumping unblockable hit *small AoE*).  Athena had such a set-up, but we never saw her use it beyond defending against the BoO.  Should have the same problem with full blocking as the Blades, but be a bit stronger (for lack of range) if not faster.


So a heavier, slower case as with the GoZ and Cestus?  What of faster variant too (Beowulf/Ifrit)?  Or maybe claws (Wolverine/Falcon Talons).


Unusual for such a weapon to be around in these times I feel.  An axe would be a bit bland.  Scythes aren't out of the question (Cronos used one to castrate his father Ouranos) and NGII made a fair case for it.  DI too (to a lesser extent).  You could say DI's Dante had a Halberd at the start for an example of simple normals.  Might have to look at Hilde and others for examples of the Halberd in action though.

NOTE: Any guesses about whether we'll have 'items' in MP (bow, head, boots, etc.) or some other such system (relic bar, fire bar, etc.)?  Spells are noted, but we probably come in with just the one per match (picking from a few allowed to us for our class).


They speak of how 'use' goes towards leveling of weapons in some fashion.  EXP is there, but the use for it isn't clear.  Perhaps it just speeds up the process or maybe you can hold on to it and use it to upgrade other things?  Buy better armor?  Or maybe that's earned by 'rank'/level.  Perhaps the rank/level unlocks and EXP can buy?  They would have to help define this better.

As for how weapons upgrade, 5 levels is less often used for non-Blades weapons, but it does happen.  I suppose dragging it out would be ideal for MP.  Would all weapons get the same damage boost at MAX versus MIN or would they vary in that potential while perhaps getting other perks?  Whips got very little in the way of damage increase, but tirades could last far longer (high damage potential).  Chain Blades typically get a huge power boost from a very low base while also unlocking "t2" (aside from specials) at lvl3 that bridges t1 to t3.  One would need to know the weapons a bit better to suggest how they upgrade.


Seems more like the MAX should be ruled by who you aligned with in the end.

>rank up to unlock more weapon options

Seems reasonable.  I doubt they have that many without making them somewhat simple.  Too much work.


Likely a single spell you pick to go in with, but perhaps tied to whatever weapon you go with.  Not known just yet if they're going with the old system or the GoWIII way of doing things.


>support spells

Low damage, quick knockback with decent range, buff (maybe debuff/nerf of foes as an alternative), etc.  These are the least likely to be in a GoW game though they would be interesting (more so for MP).  The Damage AoE would likely be a higher MP cost with slightly lesser range/casting speed.  But then, GoW loves making these very casual friendly.  Hell, upgraded versions are likley to have the usual mash "O" for extra damage approach and i-frames when in use.  Thought traps would still work around this (if they are fool enough to use it over one they deserve to die).

>2H Hammer

The first is like what a special would be.  Same to the second aside from distant foes being forced away by the power of the swing though it doesn't hit them.  The third is again a sort of special case.  I'd sooner expect a Berserk (increase in damage while perhaps losing guard and turns on friendly fire) or rage (tanking with increased power/armor *or maybe just one or the other*).

>2H Sword

Sounds like a special, another special (Vergil version more likely than the Dante version), reminds of the BoO special in GoWII (perhaps orb milking and deflecting lighter attacks/spells rather than just doing some light damage)...RoS could just be as it was in GoWIII though allowing a damned jump.  Rushing hits, tanking blows, high Armor, small increase to power through altered moveset, etc.  GoWIII implied DR might be a 'spell' option for the BoO and it ought to have had a mashing "O" build-up to have the shockwave Zeus used in the Great War.  But that's if the weapon is actually the real deal.  Artemis and BotG are wielded differently with infinite strings, great normals, simple specials (no lasers), poor blocking, i-frame draw animation, etc.

>Chain Blades

CoC (special), LotF/TR (special) and the last is a bit too much I feel.  Having a CG variant for a special would be nice.  These just don't strike me as "spells" though.  Lots of the noted are not like the traditional projectile type, bind-foe, AoE (masher), petrification, cast-and-forget, etc.  Last time the Blades had AoS.  In GoS they had Thera's Bane tied to them on a regenerating bar (rather than as a spell).

>Dual Swords

Another interesting sort of deal, but not something they would do (unfortunately).  Special territory.  Sounds like a special again. On that note, I refer you to this if it were to have 'rage' specific moves:


Special (maybe even a normal move like Cestus hold square *S*).  Triangle ender.  Nemean Roar.  I've spoken at length about a lighter/faster alternative to the usual heavy hitting fist weapons in another thread here (more extensively elsewhere).  However that was meant for SP settings.  The potential for ruining foes in a big way with petrification...and that's without partial petrification (GoWIII).  That's even if they give us statue HP greater than 1 (for once).  I should add that it would be nice if we could use something like Hyperion Charge form GoS (rushing grab) using these for up close and personal beatdowns when we catch foes in the grab.  They can tustle with us like Deimos could though.


Again, I'm more thinking of a Scythe as a better fit for the setting.  Thanatos didn't have one (Charon did), but Cronos should have had one in his past.  Maybe Zeus seized it and can gift it to his champion.  I suppose the reason Athena doesn't get a champion in MP is that she has the best one (Kratos) already.

The move noted reminds me of the DI special "Soul Crusher" (a favorite).  SoD had moves like this as did Lunar from Ninja Gaiden.  These are weapons to consider when developing ideas for it, I feel.  The other is not very GoW, but interesting enough.  I'd rather have a special as with Sparda where we can toss the thing and it just shreds them (not unlike the previously noted case).

NOTE: Even if spells are tied to spells, they won't come in the form of something so alien as support abilities.  They always give us very simple toys.  TB and petrification spells are the exception to the rule and they turned those to simple items in GoWIII.


I get the feeling you're strongly going for a MP feel to spells (and rightly so).  I just wonder if that will be their mindset.


It looked like such a spell existed in the demonstration, but it could easily have been Poseidon's (because GoW gives the ability to both brothers though Zeus is more associated with the bolt than the 'storm').

Being able to make even oneself able to evade like Zeus at the cost of magic would be neat, but it is again the sort of thing I don't see them doing unless they give us a regenerating meter to tinker with for less simplistic damage dealing cases.  I'd like it though.  Zeus in the Arena of GoS could really get around (zero cooldown/recovery, i-frames abound, quite quick, good distance, etc.).

The AoE seems more appropriate if using the 2H Blade while aligned with Zeus (immitating the BoO).

Not sure what 'Anger' is about.  At first I got the imagine of DR from GoWII (lasers).  Hell, as a max player rank while using a max '2H Blade', even 'Anger of the Gods' (little lasers with most normal swings) would be a great addition.

I'd rather the lightning armor do very light damage to those too near us (and not blocking or in i-frames) while direct contact does light damage (to direct hits).  Probably not interupting attacks though.  Not even tanking.  Not unless it was upgraded for that aspect of better 'trading' (of blows).

NOTE: Again, most of these don't strike me as actual MP using spells.  Many are 'perks' and specials.

As an extra, lightning clones (very low HP and simple attacks) would be a pretty annoying spell (releasing AI to run around and harass people with).  I would have expected some mention of the famous thunderbolt.  Aegis is more a 'gear' item (very special shield).


The first reminds me of Barbarian antics in Diablo II.  Shouts for various effects are somewhat related to Paladin antics.  Seem unlikely fits for GoW though they would be interesting and very appropriate for MP settings.  More so than casting some sort of homing fireball barrage like Ares2 does or a meteor storm like Ares1.  This reminds me of the 'roar' Ares2 loved to use.  I wonder if we can add back spikes to ourselves as part of our gear for extra hits like what he does out of counter moves.

The Firewall reminds me of his 'war' power manifesting in the flashback.  Using it offensive/defensively for cutting off escape, creating choke points, etc. would be an interesting utility spell aside from damage potential for those staying it too long (or catching fire if they take too many hits inside it *really stacking on the damage from what would otherwise be weak harassment*).  A base level would be thin, not too long, not too high, not too strong, etc.  Max could be somewhat thick (a good evade would be needed to get through clean), less hits needed to set foes on fire, more damage per hit, higher flames (won't be as easy to jump over), etc.  It isn't some buff/nerf, but it is still something a bit outside their usual spell offering.  I would like it if they could overlook this for once.  As for projectile protection, I don't exactly see Ares as the type (in flavor) to at all protect even allies.  He inspires mutual bloodshed, brutality, harm to friends/allies as much as the enemy, etc.  A 'blood god'.  That the spell doesn't burn your friends too would be pushing it already (without projectile stuffing).

I'm not sure I get this one. It sounds more like a character loadout perk/bonus than something to do with spells.  I don't get it.

Special territory.  I'd rather have Hammertime with the Hammer (overhead unblockable with guardbreaking shockwave followed by a much more damaging, but blockable horizontal swing).  Also, his "Flamethrower" would be lovely.  So good that it would have to be a spell in all honesty (many hits, high damage potential *but blockable* and pushes foes in a big way *even through block*).  Using it to keep foes away from a certain point or pushing them into a trap?  The thing would get all sorts of hate online.  Ares had a teleport, but that's another weird sort of trick they wouldn't so simply give and as a spell it probably won't happen.  His 'pillar attack' with the Sword form of his weapon would be nice for 2H Blade max 'covenant' during an AoE groundstab special.

Powerful Blow just reminds me of Unblockable Palm (Ares2).

Another 'buff'.  Lighting ourselves on might be more reasonable to have a spell that drains in exchange for what Thera's Bane did (considering how annoying it would be in MP, it should not be on a regenerating bar at all *unblockable, slightly reduced damage to foes, high damage bombs left after certain moves, etc.*).  I do believe Thera's Bane is a way to translate this idea into something GoW has done though.


Not sure I get the 'flavor' of this as Hades. Sounds like a poison.  I'd sooner expect summoning a field of Hades Hands to grab and slap at enemies just to harass and slow them down a bit (distractions while you have at them or do other things).

I'd sooner expect something like this to translate to our OH acting like CoH CG (pulling out some distracting, weak souls to harass the other team with).  Nemesis had tirades for rage and MP orbs with hits (chance drops), but could we use this to get magic (HP is a big leap) from foes?  But this is perks/specials again.  Got to keep thinking 'magic'.  I still say we should have had a Blade Geyser special like what he did in our fight.  Souls steal is really pushing it though.  Obviously the Soul Summon spell would be a rehash (but then so would an AoH variant, but nobody would complain when using it *just the victims*).

AoH basically.  A weaker variant would be more akin to the CoH CG or BH (R) *flick* special aside from the special *legion*.

I'm not feeling this 'protection'  business from the particular deities we are aligned with.  A corpse wall as a physical obstruction would be a variant of the fire wall Ares is suggested to have (Diablo II's Necromancer shows off the this same notion with "Bone Prison").

This is actually something associated with Hades, but as a spell...I sort of feel like it should be tied to a specific gear item even if it is a spell (Helm of Hades is known for invisibility in Greek Myth *Perseus used it*).  I'd sooner expect the invisible to loose defense (or just remain unchanged).  Being invisible would make them quite the pest.  Having it work such that enemy AI has a hard time spotting them would let them sneak in where they want that much more easily, hang out by traps, etc.  If they're up to that and another uses something like Hades Hands to hold the foe down, they could get easy trap kills as a team while  another harasses with AoH.  A cast and forget it spell like that (even if made much weaker) would really give quite an advantage as you could remain on the go.

If indeed all classes can have all weapons (just different), I'd hope the Hades version is a Bident (as is proper for him). A perk like not having AI foes coming for you (as distractions) would be nice (aligned with their master).  Ares just stole his legions (in story).


Another protection variant?  I'm more partial to a water spray like Flamethrower (or should I say Leviathan *read: Hippocampus* breath in GoWIII*) to push foes away while dealing good damage.

Now this one sounds more like the above.  Though the name was taken in GoW1 for the mashing "O" ability of lvl2+ PR.  Speaking of which, PR and/or a PR variant would be nice.  CR was Zeus' daddy's offering though.  EoA was hilariously bad.  They could try again, but they would have to make it worth a damn.

Bah.  Special territory (or a bad spell like Nemean Roar).

I'd rather spell make us a sort of water/debris armor as like what Poseidon used in GoWIII (though basically just around our body rather than making a huge form).  Maybe have it cost quite a lot to make (50MP) with it having only something like half that worth for protection at base (25HP before it shatters).  Even at MAX it shouldn't reach 1:1 ratio on that.  Maybe as high as 50MP for a 40HP 'shell'.  Still, things like this would be highly unlikely based on their track record with spells.

NOTE: His Tridents should be the real deal (obviously).


NOTE: He's not one of the four choices.  I'll look at this anyway.

Speed is an obvious call.  His boots would make nice gear for air dash perks.  Evade bombs (light damage fire trail behind us) would be cute.

You're all over this 'protection' business.

I'd sooner expect something playing off GoWIII using Apollo's deal for him (plague).  And I'd have the pests/plague act more like GoS' Erinys in regards to her spell (SoE) which homed for decent damage with minor HP returns to user (minus the sucking them in part and perhaps plus multiple swarms as it levels up).  If it wasn't for GoWIII, I'd be suggesting this for Apollo instead.

If we could just have his running unblockables slaps...that would be real f***ing neato.  Because those were nonsense.  The damage was outrageous.


This should probably be called the 'items' seciton running off the item meter (if they have this at all *nevermind extending it to MP*).


Making it like in GoWIII would be easy enough.  GoWII's version was a bit complicated and would need nerfing.  A heavier hitting, slower firing case could be a 'Greatbow' like with the Dragonslayer from Dark Souls, but this stinks of Artemis antics (her damned oversized Blade comes to mind).  None of the four really care much about this warfare.  This is Athena (and Artemis *or even Apolllo*) territory and Kratos isn't exactly an archer (though there are some in GoWs version of Spartans).

>chain blade

You suggesting a move like CG and OH be seperate from weapons and just be an item?  Interesting call.  Using it to get around quicker is another thing...not sure they would give such a large advantage for a single choice in maps.  It would be like going into Dark Souls PVP without ninja flippiing (Dark Wood Grain Ring).  You would be asking for trouble if you couldn't get around like they can.

>Gorgon Head

It isn't a damage-over-time sort of deal.  It transforms them to statues to be shattered.  I'd prefer the main game had this as a proper spell (Stheno's Head).  Though for MP it might be a bit much to harass people with this as catching them in the air would be all too easy (especially with teams launching guys into the air for you so they have little hope of getting clear or shaking out *shatter when they land*).  It would require playtesting.  As an item the classic spell would be OP I fear.  But if we consider your way (maybe it should be a basilisk head instead so the difference won't instantly be attacked), it would be a means to harass with 'stare' (light damage over time that cannot be blocked), flash (higher damage, but still low with a bit of a hit stun to it) and flare (covers whole screen while dealing damage like with flash *at base, but flash gets stronger with upgrades*).  Again, it might be better to make it another petrification causing creature so one isn't called on it doing something different like this (only turning people to stone when they die *like decorations*).  Because it regenerates and has unblockable means of hitting, it would have to be REALLY weak.  I just don't see it happening.  It's a harassing tool to say the least.  I'd use it to grief people while keeping away from them.

>Icarus Wings

It would have to be in the name of Deadulus if not Stheno's Wings (in myth the Gorgons had bronze claws and bronze wings).  I'd been suggesting this, but for SP.  I'd also noted wanting it to have the air evade associated with the boosts.  This sort of thing is a RELIC rather than an item though.  Gear you could choose to have rather than something that costs MP or IP.  The damage increase for air attacks/combos would need to be small per hit (maybe 10%).  I just don't see it happening either.

>Throwing Spear

This is just territory of the weapons (special) with Spears concerned. Though if you make it like the throwing weapon Spartans actually used (or a Thunderbolt), it is suddenly more doable.  Zf was a decent spell, but nobody would use it when PR and AoH were there for better group damage and i-frames.  Also, foes could block it.  They didn't want to spend MP on it.  If it were weaker, but ran on a regenerating system like items do (which is why they invented the system), it would be more encouraged.  I'd sooner suggest Zeus' boys have light Thunderbolts as items when they get some clout with him (to harass with now and again) until they get a higher rank and can toss a heavy hitter (still blockable *deflects, but can hit something else and be unblockable with a small splash damage bubble*).  It doesn't have to be a damage dealer to be useful when an item.  Being blockable isn't a problem either when you're not using it to kill, but merely keep others back.  To get something like the 'true' bolts of Zeus (things like what he does as a boss being just the start *his cutscene bolt was the real deal*) would have to be costly spells though.

NOTE: Poseidon's crew getting simple fishing nets to toss on people (because the Trident is tied to this in the Gladiator Arena of Ancient Rome) to make them do a shake-out mini-game (like GoWII's Nymphs using webbing on us) to open them up to hits would be just super.  Not really a fair item even if it cost all IP to use unless it had obviousy delivery that could be dodged.

>bow attuned to covenant

Lightning is obvious for Zeus (light stun, slight damage through block)?  Fire for Ares (just more damage unless charged for Inferno as with GoWIII).  Hades had a purple aura on his things, but other Underworld types had green fire.  Orb drops off hits (leeching life or MP), yet more 'fire' (just reskinned), etc. come to mind.  Charon's Wrath is a sort of Underworld Flame example.  Persephone had a 'death light'.  Hades didn't really use his 'purple' aura for anything save for summoning souls and taking them.  Having successful bow hits with a chance for orb drops would be reward enough even if they did less damage while they were at it (1 damage per hit rather than 2 damage per hit).  Poseidon really wasn't too much for using water as an attack.  GoW Poseidon had blue lightning to Zeus' yellow lightning.  The former was about AoE and the latter more for directed projectiles.  The idea of the shots that hit (landing damage) arcing to other nearby targets (unblockable for them) might be good *people would get upset with their allies for taking the shots even if the arc lightning was only 1 damage*.

Again, Hermes isn't one of the options.  Four groups.


We already know there are boxes, but as for special ones hidden in various locations (perhaps randomized with regards to whether they spawn in a given match and in which of the different places they can) that transfer to a whole team...that might be nice.  Though I'd also like for them to maybe have special 'other' effects.  White orbs covering us in a godly aura as with their "Spear of Olympus" (essentially a temporary God Mode).  But really, this rings of Quake Arena to me.  Next I'll suggest we get a BFG-9000 somewhere (or a special god weapon that can be used to slap the taste out of people's mouths until we die *then they take it*).

>late join

Yeah, sure.

>quit penalties

No excuses.  Disconnect even because of bad connection and take a hit to EXP/rank.

>rank names

They won't be using Spartan ranks like "The Equals".  Greek sounding things are rather unlikely.  They don't want to trip people up with pronouncing/spelling them. They find "Polyphemus" difficult already.

>level quickly at first, but slowly later

The usual.  That's more for player rank though.  For getting weapons up to speed, it might need to be a bit less fast and furious, but in the same vein.  There can be MANY ranks, but weapon levels seem like they would have to have low caps (5 tops).

Balancing teams (ranks and handicaps with numbers *aside from player ability being considered through stats on the PSN account perhaps kept on Leaderboards*).  Though having vets dress up as 'new' characters and just laying newer players to waste would be comical.  The player picking settings to play on isn't full proof (griefer vets can just pick the screw with the low level guys).  If there are perks like more EXP for higher settings, you might gets absolutely terrible players looking to be carried to bonuses by better players on their team (saw plenty of this in Killing Floor).  I'm not that into the MP scene though.  This isn't my territory.

Also the names suggested all imply spartans when the team can be either Spartan or Trojan if I remember right (while picking from one of the four gods noted).  This aside, demi-god is something you can be without really going far as a warrior/hero in Greek Mth.  It should be lower.  Champion can be sooner.  God would need to be final rank, but it could be called Olympian to imply you have joined their ranks officially (as is the goal apparently).  Hercules was one such case (outside GoW where he just tried and failed rather than not trying and succeeding *half-in, half-out*).  Hero might be more appropriate underneath Champion.  Could go either way really.  Being loved by the people has little to do with the god you serve though. The ranks might also need flavoring to suit the deity you made a blood oath with.


Hmmm, yes.  I forgot about this sort of thing.  Trap kills would be a good choice among the perks.  Traditonally we had 10+ hit bonuses, petrification (ground/air), certain weapon kills (BoO, Artemis, etc.), certain spell kills (Efreet), grab kills (usually with 10+ hits first), etc.  Revenge kills, kill streak types (X in a row) and all that jazz.


Bonus EXP to he that does best is to be expected as this person gets to kill Polyphemus by default.  More examples?


Small EXP perk like +5 might be fine.  You can end up trading hands on gears more than once afterall.  Though you might want to encourage objectives over simply running aroudn killing each other...


They make it sound like wall/ceiling combat is gone in favor of Uncharted wall traversal to get between fight zones.  Hitting them on the wall will likely be quite possible.  Traps are already noted aside from enemy AI (potentially larger 'environmental' threats like Polyphemus getting swings in now and then).

Enviro damage isn't going ot happen beyond maybe very specific areas (cracked wall and such).

>game modes

4-on-4 competitive MP is already noted.  Nothing on co-op or PvP though.

>split-screen looks bad

Thems the breaks. It is worth it.  Having offline (bots and such) and local MP would be preferred as an option.  What are those without internet to do with this feature?  Not a damn thing.

>deathmatch/team deathmatch

To be expected.


As mostly demonstrated already.


I see.  Juggernaut to?


Yeah, sure.


Hmmm, yes.

NOTE: So no flag capture or 'king-of-the-hill'?


Relatively simple stuff is expected.

Color seems limited to red/blue and that is tied to the team you're on (that's the impression I get).


Inviting people?  Yeah, sure.  What of 'teams'?  I believe there is another name for this in shooters.  Been years since I've heard it.

>Alliance extras

Similar to previous discussions.  Again, Hermes is not an option.

>Aliance perks

I don't get the first one.  Doesn't seem proper.

They already have (at least in MP) talk of the Darksiders style chest punching thing going on.

We already have Uncharted climbing in MP (apparently).

>one alliance with special relation to another


Descent during air attacks is slower for Zeus, more damage out of guard break for Ares (not just in general?), more HP from kills (Hades boys better have low life/armor), more MP capacity (how nice for Poseiodn's slaves) and yet more speed for the group that isn't an option.


I suppose.  Tends to get people more interested when there are days/weeks with more EXP gained and other such things.

>Alliance 'wars'

I hear what you're saying, but the idea needs more work perhaps.

>escaping the Underworld

Kratos has never done so without help.  Not once.  He probably won't even manage it alone this time either.  I suspect Athena helps him (as per usual).

Xino: >GOW



Oh?  We'll have to have a go on this matter some time.


>not the best entry

You've got some explaining to do, boy.

>NGIII had

MP gimp SP.  Let us not have that again.

>give up if ignored

You know I won't do that.  I'll easily outlast you like all others.

>various perks to level

Reminds me a bit of DI relics.  These are workable 'accessories', I suppose.

NOTE: Do you guys actually not know the name of the regenerating bar's tools from GoWIII?  You keep calling them secondary weapons (the sub-weapons would be all non-blades cases).

>clan tags

Clans.  That was the name.  The vets are the sort that might make one with a certain bannable name though.  We're playful like that.

>shared QTE cases

Reasonable enough.  Not sure how it would work out though.

Burg: >bonus EXP/perks for saves on PS3 and trophies for PSN

Hmmm, yes.  Wouldn't that just make for a nice start for veterans to beat newcomers over the head with.  I doubt they would do this for fear of upsetting the very newcomers they hope to attract (rather than encouraging them to go play the others to get those some rank ups).

Tekken: >beast riding encorporated

That could be amusing.  If they do manage (unlike GoWIII where they didn't have time to get it in) a Bayonetta sort of system for taking weapons from foes (fragile but powerful tools), it might be nice to take them from enemy AI.

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