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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 21, 2012

I haven't seen the video yet...but some of your comments worries me... very few weapons...very few spells...20 max levels... very few levels...very few game types...this is really starting to worry me.  This might not be the "go to" multiplayer experience I was hoping for. 

Hopefully it's not actually this shallow, but it's really really worrying me now. 

Seems like you can "level up" armor.  Seems kind of an obvious pick...either take huge hits to magic or take medium hits to all attacks.  Seems like light armor is defintely the way to go.

Amount of current weapons is kind of sad...

Not really understanding the character selection.  Seems like each hero has a name and a preset body/face. 

The combat seems really...odd... like it wouldn't be very much fun to play.  I don't know if it's just they suck so much or what.  I see almost no reason to even set up traps.  The one he set up seems really useless.  It's right in front of their base why would people even go there?  Seems annoying instead of getting kills people can just run around the map getting boxes and stuff.  But then again, it would make team work much greater. 

Seems annoying that while you're taking over a point, the cyclops can attack you.  You have people who can attack you, and the cyclops can also stop you from taking over the point.  Odd...

I don't like world weapons.  They spawn way too quick and seems like it'd give anyone who has them a huge advantage.

Escape and heal seems kinda OP.  Every time you get attacked just hit R2 (or L2 I forgot) and you're scott free... Though when the guy was getting double teamed it'd seem more annoying than anything because it doesn't seem like there's much you can do to escape. 

Not very much parrying going on

Boxes still look weird

I never noticed the spells.  They had spells, but he used them twice apparently and I didn't see any kind of animation for it.  Just kind of like it was just "there" as for mana, I was right about the blocks.  you can use a spell twice before having to refill.

I don't like the 2h swords special.  It looks like a blads of chaos type special, pretty sure 2h swords don't do that.

I think the "ring out" was just because he was dead.

Is there any way to heal?  Don't seem like there is. 

I don't know how I feel at the moment.  There's a lot of stuff I seem to dislike but I really need to play the game.  Not because I can't wait, but because I want to know how the experience is going to be.  I'm sure it'll be better if I play (because the guy was god aweful)

The gameplay seems really "un god of war like" and I'm not sure how that sits with me 


I noticed they do "tiers" they did this with the twisted metal MP.

That would be cool...having bigger and better armor each tier.  It'd be pretty similar to the "levels/ranks" section of my original post.  Though it doesn't sound like any particular "rank name" comes with the tiers.  Sounds like the higher you level up the more of an advantage you get in each match.  That's pretty cool.  

Having kill points is pretty odd, but it's a new feel to the MP experience. 

Hopefully there's a lot of armors at each tier. 

Once again, I need to play. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 21, 2012

>haven't seen it yet

You might want to if you're following along with my time notations.

>few weapons

I'm not expecting another weapon, but maybe a DLC weapon.  It would be a good deal of work to make even one as it counts for four with multiple tiers (really just leveling it up in another way).

World Weapons are an X-factor along with MP exclusive cases (shades of SP bleeding through).  Perhaps DLC World Weapons...but then you would need to be on maps that support them so everyone there is confirmed to have the DLC.  Seems like a mess to have such a thing.

NOTE: Regarding SP, I'd like it if we could level up World Weapons at least to lvl2 so as to gain more and better abilities, having them last longer, etc.  Be it a package deal (you pay for all) or individual cases (they're just cheap investments with decent returns).  It won't likely happen though.  If we have items, they will level.  Not likely with relics or WW though.  Spells are pretty likely to be attached to weapons again (leveling together).

>few spells

Currently two per covenant it would seem.  Maybe as many as four given how simple they are.  Perhaps a DLC spell per case.  Hard to say.  There is room for easier growth here, I feel.

>20 max levels

He simply stated (and he could be wrong) that lvl10 was about half.  That's where 'twenty' comes from.

>few levels

Seven is a good number considering the crap that goes on in them.  Some will be big and unique.  Some small and borrowed from SP.  Hopefully they make more use of SP monsters to spice up other levels.

>game types

I've not heard too much about these just yet.


I was more worried that it existed.  I can't do anything about that now.

>level up armor

Not sure how it works beyond spending time using it as with weapons and spells.  Having just Light or Heavy seems a bad call.  More so with the Light case not sacrificing protection for speed.  It actually got BETTER at resisting magic damage which is nonsense to me.  They did note a special perk for it at MAX (I imagine each has something).

>character selection

I'm pretty sure this doesn't make a difference.  Just your loadout.  I imagine they will be replaced with PSNIDs, but that remains to be seen.

>they suck

Oh, let me assure you.  They do suck.  Very bad.  Their "ringer" didn't exactly stand out, but sure enough the Spartans crushed the team we had perspective from (Trojans).  They were a pack of clowns.  Journalists and the like who don't really know how to play games.


It is just in the way while blocking one way to get to an altar.  Not quite blocking the other way.  Perhaps it guards your rear as such while giving a place to retreat to.  Hard to say.  Obviously he didn't do well with it as he kept standing in it while it activated on foes.

>gettting boxes

I'd laugh if it became a matter of quickly evading (maybe even using SP quick rolling *team light wins everytime along with Hermes Boots use*) to chests and capture points rather than fighting.  I'd laugh long and hard.

>Polyphemus attacks

I'm fine with the wild card.  I'd rather there were more monsters around though.  Some Undead or something.

>don't like world weapons


>too quick

That much seems true.  They want everyone to have one.  Not a great idea.  Quake certainly never pulled that with their weapon spawns.  Especially not the really good ones.  A rush to get the good stuff.  Granted, it might be that the user got themselves killed and it respawned (still too quickly).

>huge advantage

Boots would definately make you faster, but we can sprint already.  Club might be the real troublemaker if it is unblockable (you would need to watch your footing so as not to get rung out).


That it does both seems wrong to me.  Should be one or the other with a long cooldown helped by killing other players rather than just waiting, getting orbs, etc.  Get back in the fight and earn it.

>what to do to escape

I wonder if Tether antics will hose attempts to evade away.  It certainly prevents 'jumping' from being safe unless you perhaps air block it.  Hard to say without testing, friend.  I'd need to have testing partners to use it against me or for me (when using it on them).  Some of this I cannot do alone and without offline, I cannot just use another controller and test for myself.


Casuals don't parry in SP to begin with.  That they would disregard it (and often enough the block and evade options) is not surprising.  He who does, would be the "ringer" they speak of.

>boxes look weird

They will stay that way too.  Very stupid looking.


He never used his other spell as it was not selected for the match.  That spell we've seen before (disappear in flame *stun/damage*, control a fire circle *think Harpy Bomber* and drop from above for a bounce/stun).  The new one was just some really telegraphed animation where he plants a bomb on them (at close range it looked like that, but it might have been a fireball that sticks to them *basically a Halo plasma grenade*).  It acts like Searing Cores from GoS from what I can tell.  We have that same effect in the SP using the new 'rage' system.

>use a spell twice before refill


>2H sword special

The L1+s case I presume.  And yes, it does look too much like something the Blades would do.  If it had chains that would make more sense, I suppose.  Of course, if it had chains, it would be a pretty goofy weapon (2H chain Sword).

>way to heal

L2 and the dispensers (sometimes granting HP orbs instead of a WW or MP orbs).  Pretty sure you get an HP orb or so when you kill enemies too.  I've seen it before anyway (just not everytime).

>better if you play

>the guy was god awful

Quite right.


Perhaps because the not-Kratos champions cannot handle themselves quite like Kratos can.  Because Kratos IS GoW, it stands to reason that if these lads aren't quite his clones...they won't feel like GoW to you.  It does very much have GoW elements, but there are good deal of differences to be sure.

>rank name

Seems that way.

>a lot of armors

I imagine there will be more of these than anything else.  Especially with DLC.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 21, 2012

spells -

I guess since god of war games never had a lot of spells...I am asking for a lot....just kind of sucks that that is all we get.

DLC weapons/spells/armor -

No thank you.  DLC that involves combat usually ends up badly.  Either the stuff they add is over powered, or the stuff they add is completely useless....balance hardly exists. 

20 max levels -

I know what he said, and 20 is just so small.  Even if like say..1-5 was super easy and then it got harder and harder...that's such small level progression.  Granted you can level up weapons and armor and such (pretty sure they locked the level up screens for those) It doesn't offer many tiers (maybe 3 to 4....possibly 5) but then again if there are a lot of tiers...that many levels aren't really necessary....

I don't know it may be one of those "you gotta play to understand" things, but 20 max levels in a game seems crazy small, even if they do raise the level cap.

I don't see any level "symbols" the leveling up process seems pretty invisible.

Game types -

Considering they want to go with a "less is more" aspect on this game, I don't know how many more they can do.  If this is team death match, then they really can't do objectives...because there's tons of objectives on the map itself.  I'd like a mode where you could bare bones brawl, and not just be able to run around the map and get boxes to win.

The spawning of the spear of olympus was really unfair.  trojans were all downstairs while spartans were upstairs, so they all rushed it and instantly won. 

Level up armor -

Was the health bonus an initial bonus or the one from leveling up the armor to max?

Character selection -

Covering up PSN IDs is kind of lame.  I couldn't even possibly care less about what my character's name is.  I want to be able to see people's names.

But this brings up a good question...will it be hard to contact other players you've played with or against?  There is a "players met" but say you run into someone who's really good and forget his name or there are two people with very similar names... you can't just look at the leaderboard and then go add him. 

Megalopse attacks -

But it's irritating that regular players can stop the giant beast attacks you over and over again.  That guy got brutally pounded before anyone could even stop him.

Then again, the maps ARE pretty huge.  It'll take a while to traverse through them. 

Journalist -

I thought that was really funny (and wanted to punch him) when his advisor was telling him to get the chests (there's an ass load of chests too!) because his team was losing and he's like "nah I want to go kill people instead" what a dumb ass...he gets brutalized every time he fights and he wants to go look for a battle. 

World Weapons -

They should be like "power weapons" in shooters.  They offer you some kind of cool ability, but getting them is usually a fight between both the teams.  After they're used up, it should take a while to spawn (few minutes)

But world weapons are in multiple places on the map, and spawn really fast.... don't know how much I'm going to enjoy that. 

Escape/heal -

Seems like the combat system will be too easy to get around.  Firstly you don't even have to fight to win the match.  If another player encounters you, you can just escape/heal or use world weapons. 

What to do to escape -

Agreed.  That's why there needs to be some sort of "bot zone" or something...because the MP seems pretty complicated (lots of new moves, weapons, armors, etc). 

I also hope we can do a "test drive" of the we aren't forced to choose one and then later regret doing so. 

Parry -

True, but they didn't even mention it.   Parrying is just way too good to pass up. 

Boxes -

Lol, I have no idea what the though process of this was.  Though, ever vid we've seen hasn't been increadibly HD.  Or very maybe the boxes look better when we see a better video or play the game.

They could have just went with a "glass box" look like pandoras box or something, and have you smash the glass.  Going to be interesting to see how they work with the giant golden chests in the SP. 

Spells -

That doesn't even sound like it'd be hard to choose between those 2 spells.  Just walking up and planting a bomb on someone is extremely extremely lame.  Doing the harpy bomb attack grands you faster movement, can let you escape from battles, etc.  That sounds so much better. 

2H sword special -

It could just be ares covenant special, so not all weapons would do that. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 22, 2012

>never had many spells

We also never had such simple spells with a simplified MP system.  Hopefully the SP is unchanged.

>DLC junk

It is inevitable.


Such is life.

>death match

Cutting the bulls*** would suit me fine.  No objectives, no chests, etc.  Just the fight and maybe some traps and enemy NPCs and Dispensers.  But no altars and such.

>HP up bonus

Getting the armor to max.  So he says anyway.


It would be foolish to avoid showing the names even if they aren't appropriate.  At least have them at the ranking screen or something.

>annoying that Polpyphemus attacks

You gotta DEAL WITH IT.

>the journalist

His experience is EXACTLY what I expect to happen to DSP.  That he got so lucky with his team at E3 was quite the good fortune for him.

>more like Quake

Obviously.  Less respawning, teams (and team mates) race for possible spawn points, etc.

>can just

In theory.

>allegiance shift

We shall see.

>bot training

They have a tutorial, but I sincerely doubt it will help with the issue raised.

>didn't mention it

And only the load screen mentions sprinting.  It never got used in the whole video.  He didn't even try to tether at anyone.  I'm not sure he ever used a heavy attack.  He played like a true casual.

>look better in higher quality

I doubt it.  The design is the problem here.  It just looks dumb.

>choice between apparent bomb *toss?* and harpy bombing

>easy call

You bet.  The latter is far most interesting and likely the more useful of the two.  Perhaps spells have tiers too...

>could just be Ares

I'm pretty sure I saw other 2H swords doing it too.  I'd have to check back on it though.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 22, 2012

I wonder if/when they will release a beta for this game.  I think it really needs one...after seeing MP videos, it would confirm whether or not I get special edition..or whether or not I get DLC. 

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jun 22, 2012


They would be foolish not to release such a thing.  They should be quick about it too.  Same for a proper demo.  Just give us the E3 build.  That will suffice for early playtesting.


I imagine that is what they are afraid of.

NOTE: Hecatoncheirs got a namedrop for SP.  Regarding MP, this might be more relevant:

It doesn't show the heroes at all (likley as I suspect) nor confirm a GoW (SP) version of them.  Just sharing.  Beyond that, if you read up on previous and future stories, you'll get more news.  They promise that the 2H Sword and Hammer are not all there is to the primary weapons.  They don't say if there is another free one (or how many at all).  Just that there is at least one more to be announced.  You can switch allegiance as you go, but lose certain abilities (gaining others) while your alignment is with another.

Same another lightning spell (not the Sphere one, but some sort of energy cone that is large at the bottom and small at the top).  Not too sure about what it would do.  Maybe hold a foe inside while dealing light damage.  Hard to say.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jul 10, 2012

Any exciting news GMG?

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Jul 10, 2012
Just working at updating thread at TUGOWU proper, gow3forums, PSU, etc. SP ideas, various Tactics/Tips, GoW:A Comprehensive, Challenge run/Speedrun thread rules, inviting new members, getting a new Leader, opening floodgates, updating banners/sigs/tags, getting new affiliates, updating old links, getting extra image resources, adding more to the Art Gallery, changing 'the guard', getting rid of spammers/adbots, etc.

But on the front of GoW:A news? Regarding MP, nothing that I didn't report and comment on here already. Regarding SP, GI has a preview on the way that will be more meaningful than previous magazine showings of this entry (info we already knew about pre-release of the scans). Seems to show a Manticore that might be a boss encounter. Chimera was treated like a sub-boss, but the contest of the fight makes it look like it is more serious than that.

The GoW blog showed some more of Polyphemus, but nothing too notable really. Just a dry spell where one can get other work done. I've been looking to make new vets and helping those in the process by evaluating their run work. The usual for me.
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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

[ Edited ]
Aug 14, 2012

Another MP video.  GamesCom apparently has more of what E3 offered.  PAX will too (but in the US this time).  MP Beta set for PSN+ later this year (perhaps not tied to the Saga afterall).  No talk of releasing the SP demo.  How telling.


At any rate, the video showed very little in the way of new things.  Skorpian Armor (H) at 3/3 and (L) at 2/4 if I recall right.  More parries than is typical (overcompensation).


They've got a Facebook up, but I already found that awhile back.  Still exchanging with Papy with his Twitter.  We've much to do go over, it would seem.

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Re: GoW:A Multiplayer Ideas (last updated 6.7.12)

Aug 17, 2012

Bunch of MP stuff.



2:12 Parry into L1+t.

2:19 Some sort of overhead lightning.

2:21 Sith Lightning *Emperor antics*

2:27 L1+s apparently.

3:00 So R1 only works on halos, evading or airborne targets?  Guess it doesn't trump the parry then.  It causes you to false OS if you connect when it isn't meant to land.

3:19 What happened?  Did he go from block to parry then was tethered through it or does tether beat block?  At any rate, he gets mounted at close range (no mini-game).

3:22 ...or a really quick one (perhaps more time when in more favorable conditions).

3:40 Passive speed increase with Boots.

3:45 Caught him out of a knockback?  I suppose Tether allows even more means to abuse grabs than in the past.

4:16 So people can see the place you intend to crash down on as with Talos.

5:14 That was an odd looking QTE.


Besides the Teleporters around MP maps, there are certain places that EXP chests spawn (transparent until they appear).  Most of the videos I've seen haven't shown me anything new, so I didn't share them.  This one was an exception obviously.

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