Mar 24 2014
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Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

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We know you are reading this thread to get "The Marked One" Tat and our coveted "Studio Cape". This is the elusive "Mystery Mark", now for all. If there was ever a perfect time to bestow these special gifts to our champions, then as we say THANK YOU for a glorious year of God of War: Ascension Multiplayer, this is our gift to you.


However, to acquire these items for your Multiplayer Champion, we have a simple question. The Gods never bestow gifts without a "special clause", we must abide. Everyone who answers this question by April 8 in this thread, will receive "The Marked One" tat and "Studio Cape". This is the ONLY TIME we will ever bestow these exclusive gifts from the Gods of Santa Monica Studio. PSN Voucher codes for ALL who answer here, will be distributed starting next week.


QUESTION FROM THE GODS (answer to obtain these items): 
If you were the God of War, what would be the very first thing

YOU would do?


Answer now in this thread and you will receive FREE via PSN voucher code in e-mail:


"The Marked One" Tat


Mark close up.jpg


Santa Monica Studio Cape


Cape 2.jpg


You will be forever immortalized on the Ascension Multiplayer battlefields as "The Marked One", a true champion of the God of War community. Display your loyalty, adorn it proud, and bask in the glory with your fellow God of War community champions!


  • Yes, this is available for everyone to participate world-wide
  • PSN vouchers for these items will start to deploy beginning next week


We have supported God of War: Ascension Multiplayer since it's release last March 12, 2013 as a result of the unrelenting passion, and everlasting fire you have poured into the battlefield since Day 1. Now it ís our turn to truly say Thank You, from the bottom of our hearts, to every Champion who has picked up the controller to experience God of War: Ascension.


In addition to this engagement thread for the items above, we also have a very special FREE DLC promotion happening for one week. It is time to complete your collection!


*This DLC promotion begins on the North America PSN Store today Mar 25,

PST Afternoon time when the store updates.


**This DLC promotion will be available on the European PSN Store starting April 2nd,

and run for 1-week. Thank you your patience.


No we are not crazy, this is for real Champions. This promotion ends on April 1, and that is not an April Fools, go get em all!

In conjunction with our FREE DLC event, we have dropped all XP Booster prices by 50%, to help you ascend faster than ever to Ascension status. This promotion also ends on April 1, so stack up.


This is an anniversary celebration worthy of our champions. It ís our way of saying THANK YOU and we hope to see the Ascension Multiplayer battlefields continue to thrive with your passion.


NOW, answer the question above in this thread here to ensure you get The Marked One Tat and Santa Monica Studio Cape, FREE. These items will never, ever be available again. And no, we won't judge your answers, but do entertain us!


Visit for more community news and follow us @SonySantaMonica for everything 24/7.


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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
If I were the God of War, the first thing I would do is to spread my influence throughout the world. My name would be known, respected, and feared by all!
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014

If i was the god of war i would challenge other gods and prove that i earned and deserve my title. or watch the mortals fight in war and try to find the best warriors 

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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
I would vanquish my enemies from the ace of earth with no mercy. I would burn the memories from the other gods from their very foundations and never to be found across the ages.

I would proclaim my self as the only and one God, the blood, the pain, the death itself.

The God Of War.
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
I'd do exactly as Kratos did. Sleigh whoever caused me misery and pain. Then sit on my throne with my lovely mistresses and claim war on whoever defied me!
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
Hey, free stuff! I'm in. If I were the God of War, I'd tell Ares (assuming I didn't kill him to get the job), Mars, Horus and Tyr to "Step aside B***hes!" Then I'd proceed to take over all their turf in the name of the new, true God of War!
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

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Mar 25, 2014

I would make sure SSM took a closer look at that server...

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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
I would declare war on all rage quitters and rage blade users, resulting in their non existence
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014
If I were the god of war, I would make plans to overtake Olympus
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Re: Get "The Marked One" Tat & Studio Cape!

Mar 25, 2014

If I were the god of war, the first thing I would do is to make humanity aware that breaking a blood covenant or rule of God is unforgivable and will be punished by the wrath of the Gods. And so they'll know that the law of Olympus should and will always be respected.

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