Dec 24 2012
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GOWA: BETA Suggestions

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Im sure these have been touched on before, but these are my suggestions that I'm seeing as issues/potential changes from the beta:


- local split screen multiplayer. I doubt the maps are big enough to be concerned with system power.  Id like to see this in the final version.

- better display of which "warrior" I am. They all look so much alike, and considering its 3rd person... I often get confused as to who I am when in a multi-user battle. Maybe a semi-transparent circle on the ground below your "warrior"

- invite a friend option

- voice/audio support- this doesn't really bother me, but a lot of other will want this.

- better explanation of XP and how it's earned. If someone is simply looking for XP, as the game stands, the best option is to simply just go and open the chests... Not stay for a kill.

- respawn issues - I'm not sure if its just me, but it seems like I have to hit the x button multiple times before I respawn... Maybe its just my timing


That's all I have for now...

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