Jan 08 2013
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This is a Repost as I want To Make Sure This Gets Seen.


It may be to late for these ideas or maybe in a dlc or maybe in the next GOW or not at all.. just a few ideas I wished to share. The Idea is kind of like King Of The Hill 4plyr or 8 on top of a pyramid, the other idea is Co Op Waves Battles, 1-4plyrs with rounds and endless waves of spartans or trojans coming at you,or maybe even The Titans kind of like COD zombies but obviously in God Of War Tradition and either only having 3 lives or perhaps the power ups and mag. and hp. refills periodically...Hell Could Even Call It The Trials Of The Titans, Or The Trials Of The Gods. 


last idea..We have very nice additional secondary weapons that appear in Favor of the Gods, And CTF. Is a Sheild In The Works or a Possiblity, will all weapons be set to randomize when generated on CTF or will it always be a Cudgel? And Will there be more additional weapons and gear, and how High will we be able to level as a max, Will there be a Rank Change like going from Warrior to Gladiator, To Champion of the Gods, to Demi God.  Thanks For Reading my thoughts and feedback. This Game has Me Excited (If You couldnt tell)


Keep up the Great work

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