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Feb 1, 2013
Philly, pls.

Why is this capitalized?

>space after apostrophe
You still haven't correct this recurring error?

>really hurt
Why's that, sport?

That is why you fail. Do or do not, son.

>friends deceive each other
Says volumes about your relationships.

>shame on you
You forgot the comma.

>wouldn't be able to help
Then you are of no value to me in the field of language. However, I can be of great help to you. Teaching you the language of business while you engage in socializing about your favorite video games. Isn't that grand?

>want payment
A favor for a favor. Appreciation is appreciated. You picking up what I'm putting down? You hear what I'm saying? *hohoho*

>as I would say
I very much doubt I'd say it in such a manner. Also, you didn't use quotes.

>good offer
A grand one. Very generous, indeed.

>master more than
That's where a vet comes into play. You've struck gold. A vet among vets is before you now.

>not interested in improving
But you're also not able to accept being a casual. Something has to give, wouldn't you say?

Speaking of which:

>bothered you
You seem to spend quite a bit of time being "bothered", sport.

What about the notion to you imagine I'm not grasping, old friend? Do tell.

>help me
How kind. By all means.

NOTE: You keep forgetting to remain consistent with your use of paragraph breaks. Very ugly presentation.

>not released
>retail version isn't out
Your point? We've been over all this, my boy. Let's not forget the simple retort to this nonsense you spout:

v1 -
v2 -

Take your pick.

Mind that excitability, lad.

>seem to think
"Know", rather.

>different director
Each entry has been as such with notable changes in the team after GoWII. It hasn't stopped me. Why should this be different?

Brimming with confidence, I see.

>how it will compare
I've already noted where it is to fit.

NOTE: You keep forgetting the comma and one might suspect you don't like it very much.

>stop noting what is wrong
>to be respected
Why do a fool thing like this? Pander to those not in the right? Nonsense. What good would the love of such unsavory sorts do for me? I've no need of it.

>be helpful
Doing what I do is a service that few others can provide and even less put the time in to do. I've not given up on you, but you've given up on me. You lack stamina. "Where is your motivation?" - Vergil

What's your fascination with this trashy usage of an otherwise respectable term?

>Hope is
For the weak.

>would be happy if you were me
I'm sure. I'm happy being me. I'm great.

>what meaning
I'd still be teaching chaps the ropes. I'm practically a saint here.

>would have to
Nonsense. There will always be work for me here and beyond. And I can use that absolute with absolute assurance.

>not good at it
At what? Teaching you grammar or teaching you how to play GoW properly? That you've been uncooperative is no fault of my own. But I'm not put off by this display.

>see me around
But can I say the same for you, I wonder. Fair weather fans come and go, you see. You are a casual, are you not?

Fandango: >got it from Urban Dictionary
Ah, good. You noticed your mistake.

>don't care
You keep saying that, but your actions and words are not in agreement. Do you...disagree with the definition from the community the term originates from? Would you dare be so bold? Do tell.

>no problem with throws
"You're missing the point."

And that is one of many examples provided for an overall idea of what it is a scrub is and does.

>aren't very good at GoW SP
What's all this?

>once is enough for you
If you ever manage that much, that is.

>constantly seek to improve in MP
But if you create honor codes, you will have been a scrub just the same. Even with skill and the drive to better yourself, you still fall into the trapping. That's what you don't quite grasp with regards to the term in question.

So then, you're a scrub who claims to have skill and 'play to win', but you still make up honor codes while considering those who violate these made up rules to be "cheaters" (or 'scrubs' somehow).

NOTE: Do you better understand the terms you've been using now? I do hope you read the entirety of each link provided.

>MP is bad
I just know it is bad. For this genre. And some others. It just doesn't jive, friend.

>will continue to enjoy it
For all of two weeks.

>no use
If you're a casual, probably not. Being that you've come to terms with this, there isn't much point to offering lessons. You've accepted what you are, thus I have no business with you on that front. It might even be so that you've finally learned that you are also a scrub, but the most I can do for you on that front is make that clear.

>just bought GoW1
Oh? Would you like to learn the ropes? Here's a free tip (one practically everyone should know about that entry). Spam air grabs for infinities. Plenty of easy stuff like that to remember. More advanced lessons would include the abuse of i-frames in the sword summon animation of Artemis, the homerun techniques, spell cancels, OH redirection, etc.

Being that you're playing on lower settings, collisions won't be worth much. Pity that. Spells won't be any better off either. Still, the most OP spells are in that entry. Most powerful Blades too. Abuse these things well, for me, won't you?
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Feb 1, 2013

Why do you guys continue to reply to that loser GodMode? It's obvious he's a cry baby nitpicker, boo hoo! GOW Ascension isn't up to my standards! Waaaah!! Those of us who like it will continue to do so, let that baby continue to nitpick the game and cry about how it "sucks". It is painfully obvious that he is a very sad individual who has nothing better to do than nitpick, analyze and cry about every single little detail about the game. That's why I didn't bother to respond again to him after his useless rebutal to my post.

"If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die"- Kratos, GOW2
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Feb 1, 2013
"GMG", rather.

You forgot the comma.

>boo hoo
So you're crying now?

Mind the excitability.


>isn't up to standards
It is worse than I imagined, actually. What say you to this, Angelo?

Do you need a thesaurus?

Guilty as charged.

You looking to help me with stock?

>that's why
I figured it was because you were too worn out from our short dealings. Lack other casuals, you lack strength of character. Stamina. That sort of thing.

This isn't a word.

Which one, sport?
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Feb 1, 2013

It's funny you call yourself a saint for helping others. Who have you helped in this forum? No one wants your help, in the matter of fact everyone just wants you to leave because you are nothing more then a fly on the boards that just needs to be squashed.


Yet again you will never convince me of what I am not. I am not a casual ( I just don't stick to one series like you do) I am not a scrub you are the scrub you will never change that. The funniest part of it all is you talk so much trash to everyone but when the game comes out you will never back it up in the online portion of the game because it is apparent that you suck at it and thats why you don't like it.

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Feb 1, 2013

@ GmG

Ah my boy, you still have so much to learn. I'm being helpful here, trying to instruct you now so you won't have to learn from life the hard way. I keep saying "trying" because I can only take you to the font, the decision to drink from it is yours alone lad. 
Why not open up your mind? It is no shame, I assure you. The only thing you should fear is ignorance. Well, fear itself as well. =D

Pointing out grammatical errors or ignoring those parts of our answers for which you have no response won't make you right. It will only point out your lack of humility - a fine trait for all those seeking to improve, wouldn't you agree? After all, improving is understanding what you do wrong and learning so you can correct your ways. It´s a long and arduous road to perfection.

You managed to get one thing right though: I really am a casual by the definition you've stated before. I play games to have fun and enjoy some of the free time that I eventually have. I have no interest in lingering around here after the game is out. I just stop by to read news and to discuss mine and other fan's opinions on the next title of my favorite game series. It is a matter or anticipation and a way to play with the expectations we all have on the next entry of the GoW franchise.
There is no incentive for me in becoming a "vet" or bragging about it in the future. I will not spend countless hours finding bugs and exploiting them. I do not care for recognition on my skill with a joystick or how much time it took me to acquire such skills. But to each its own. By all means keep spending your hours here instructing and enlightening these poor souls. I'm sure the gods have a reward in store for you.

On a side note: very nice drawings by the way. Are those made especially for me or do you have a bunch of those stored to use in internet forum arguments? Your dedication surprises me pal. I´d only advise you to seek life outside the house for a break. Stop using movie phrases like "Hope is for the weak" - life is way more complicated, and fun for that matter, than what the TV will have you believe. Listen to your mom buddy: go out and get to know the world. Video games and internet will only help you so much. Maybe then you´ll acquire some much needed people skills.



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Feb 1, 2013

It looks like this conversation has run its course.  Locking thread.



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