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Jan 28, 2013

bahahaha, I love how you resort to grammar corrections to make an argument. That's the sign of someone who has no real argument. I've played each game about 3 or more times, GOW2 was my most played with maybe about 7 playthroughs with each difficulty completed between them. Also yes GOW is God of War, not Gears of War, God of War came out in 05 while Gears came out in 06, therefore earning the right to GOW, but a real God of War fan would know that right? Oh wait.....Same applies for the other games I have cleared them all on the hardest difficulty and cleared the challenges as well as hard as they may have been. I love how you think you are the god of this franchise, which doesn't surprise me actually if I look at your username. You think that people can only be labeled as true fans if by your blessing, lmao. You sir are funny and have your head stuck up your a**.


You have a lot of time on your hands don't you? Replying to almost every person in many threads trying to discredit peoples opinions like yours is the correct one. You sir have some serious issues and need to step back and take a look at yourself. I feel sorry for you, I truly do. Now have a nice day Smiley Wink


"If all on Olympus will deny me my vengeance, then all on Olympus will die"- Kratos, GOW2
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Jan 28, 2013

@ GodModeGod

First of all I´d like to congratulate you on your fine grammar skills. You must be really proud of them!

That being said, I´d like to understand your definition of "casual gamer". I understand casual as "those who are not professionals". Now follow me if you can: by this definition, I ´d assume you are currently making a life out of playing games. It is something most of us only dream of and you have really achieved - congratulations.

On the other hand, if you consider yourself a vet among vets and spend all this time criticizing other people´s opinions and playing games for FREE, then I feel sorry for you. You´re nothing but a casual with serious financial problems in the coming future. I´d suggest you start studying something and getting a job. You should know better.


Now onto the topic at hand: to sum all your points "you play GoW more than most of us and, therefore, you opinion is more valuable than ours. We know nothing about gaming and most of us will abandon the game a few weeks after it reaches the shelves."
I think we need to take a look at this from a developer/distributor point of view.Should we care more about the opinion of one person who is unhappy about the upcoming game, or do we pay more attention to the opinions of tens, even hundreds of others who show a positive attitude towards what they´ve seen so far? Which one of those parties should we keep happy in order to guarantee the financial success of our product?

Can you see my point, old boy?
I really hope you do ´cause otherwise you´re just a poor soul.

You can complain all you want about the inconsistencies you found in the DEMO or in the BETA. You can make all the tests you want, they are nothing more than WORK IN PROGRESS material. Follow my reasoning if you can, dear boy: you know NOTHING more than we do about the final product. LOL
I can guide you through it. Come now. Out of your nutshell. Just tell me what puzzles you and I´ll be more than happy to explain. I´m sure you´ll feel quite evolved.

So keep making tests, calculations, finding bugs and all the stuff that makes you feel your life is worth something. Maybe someday you´ll get a real job helping developers make their games better instead of acting like you´re better than all those people who get paid do develop a quality franchise like GoW. They found a meaning to their lives, have you found one for yours my poor baby?

Thanks again for all the fun you provide us here in this board and keep up the good work!

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Jan 29, 2013
Angelo: >resort to
A common mistake to imply as such. I do this commonly as a means to help others improve their presentation. Effective communication is paramount, don't you agree?

>love how
Your actions and words are not in agreement. You seem cross.

>each game more than three times
And yet you remain a casual know-nothing. But this doesn't have to remain the case. I can help.

>GOW is Gears
I know, bro. Do keep up. GoW is God of War. It is proper form to not capitalized "of" and we had first draft pick. Or didn't you know all that?

>vanilla VH and challenges
Excellent. We can get straight to work. You seem quite fond of GoWII. Let's start with that, shall we? VH NUR+ suit you?

NOTE: The ellipsis is as such "...". Note this well.

You can say this. I won't tell on you, dear boy.

Yet you don't seem to be laughing. So what has you so cross? I'm your benefactor. Show some appreciation, why don't you?

>god of this franchise
Vet among vets, I am. Still not the best. Taz gets my vote among challenge runners. Hard to say with glitchers. Depends on the entry. Same with speedrunners. Certainly the winner by default in other considerations (teacher, values/percentiles tester, etc.).

>true fans
Nonsense. Just that they remain casuals when the case is such that they happen to be casual.

>time on my hands
If only it were still so.

You forgot the apostrophe.

>feel sorry
A rare stock, indeed.

*glove slap*
Done for you. Not to you. Remember it well.

Philly: >congratulations

Mind that excitability, lad.

>I' d
Why the space?

>understand as 'non-professionals'
Absurd. Casual is a mentality, my boy. One that does not seek to improve, master, be challenged, etc.

What you note as professionals would be tourney types. There is no such avenue for this genre (or SP typically).

>consider self
Know myself to be, rather. A status and distinction well earned, I can assure you.

>feel sorry
When it rains, it pours. *hohoho* Seems that inventory stocking is a team effort on this fine day.

>You' re
You're making that mistake quite often. Curious. Explain this.

>all time spent
Helping chaps out. I'm a real giver.

>get a job
There's some fine stock. Perhaps you would like to work into talk of having a 'life', getting a girlfriend and other classics?

>you opinion

>more valuable than that of casuals

>abandon it a few weeks after release
You're catching on.

>dev pov
Why? They're among the biggest casuals.

Sentences should have a space (usually two) after each punctuation closes them.

NOTE: Why are you so inconsistent with your use of paragraph breaks? It just makes your format look sloppy.

Come now. You're just being silly for the sake of it. That you are cross is clear, but why go to such lengths over words on a screen? No need to be dishonest even to sell a jest.

>complain all I want
And I shall. Enjoy the feedback, why don't you?

>caps for emphasis
Hmmm, yes.

You implying something, my boy?

>WIP material
And quite telling of the retail release. You should know this about GoW by now.

NOTE: I see you've fallen into the trapping of adapting my jargon. A rather common reaction. Soon enough you might even use the same format. Wouldn't that be swell? We could be twins (yourself just having worse grammar and no working knowledge of the series in question).

What years is this? Where am I? Is this a blog in 2006?

Poor choice of terms.

>help devs make the game better
I'm already all over it (for free). I'm a caring soul. I care to share. Why don't you make yourself useful as I do? If you need help, I can make you more than a casual. You too can join in the effort with me. How about it? Become a vet, why don't you?

>keep testing
And I shall.

Who's "acting"?

>paid to drive GoW into the ground
A dubious honor.

You don't seem to be enjoying yourself. Not a fun loving chap like myself?

>keep up the good work
You bet, sports fan.
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Jan 29, 2013

@ GodmodeGod


Yet again you fail to come up with real arguments.

Please detail the proper grammatical formatting of your preference and I shall see your wish fulfilled.

In the right forum, are you?

I'm foreign lad, and even struggling with a second language I still manage to see flaws in your reasoning. Perhaps you should start studying some other languages seeing how you've mastered English and how fond you are of grammar.

Portuguese, maybe ? Spanish ? French ? I can teach you lad, just tell me when.

Maybe the finding of another passion will help you understand the value in coming up with real arguments when discussing a topic.

I can assure you, a whole new world will open up before you my friend.


I'm glad you noticed how I copy your jargon. You're really smart after all, I'm impressed! I hope it pleases you as I'm having quite a fun time trying to think and write as silly as I can so you can understand how infantile it reads... Feels... Sounds... Well, you're smart, you get the point, right?


Now let us stop acting like children and get back to the topic: please explain how your opinion, that of a single buyer, is more important than that of hundreds? Are you paying 6.000 USD for a single copy of the game? If you are, please feel free to continue sharing your wisdom. Maybe that's not the case vet among vets? Then don't fool yourself.

You are no more than any other fanboy complaining as he realizes all his knowledge and tricks of SP will mean nothing when the arena doors open up before him and a casual sword comes dancing towards his head. How painful it must be…

In that I'm sure most of us will be more than glad to help you improve your gameplay without resorting to game exploits. Am I right lads?


You´re opining, as much as we may disagree, is valid after all. As any other opinion is. What challenges us to understand is how you fail to respect other people´s opinions disregarding them as wrong.

And you know what the saddest part of it all is? You´re buying the game. You´ve probably already pre-ordered it.

As angry as you are at SMS for adding MP. After all the bugs you found in the demo and the beta. After all the time trying to make us understand how terrible the game will be, you´ll buy it. You´ll play it. You´ll beat it in every difficulty, you´ll beat all challenges, you´ll spend countless hours playing the arena. Hell, you´ll even play MP.

You´ll have fun with it. Now THAT, is amusing.


Please forgive any grammatical errors or typos that may have occurred. I remind you that writing perfectly is not my primary concern in this discussion. If you'll honor me with a response, please don't fall prey to such predictable tactics


Peace GmG. Have a nice day all.

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Jan 29, 2013

You are no more than any other fanboy complaining as he realizes all his knowledge and tricks of SP will mean nothing when the arena doors open up before him and a casual sword comes dancing towards his head. How painful it must be…

In that I'm sure most of us will be more than glad to help you improve your gameplay without resorting to game exploits. Am I right lads?


Agreed fellineabreu tried telling him there is much I can teach him in multiplayer. Everytime I do though he says I am a scrub because I refuse to use exploits. However I'm sure you and most everyone else will agree that a scrub would be the person who needs to exploits to win.

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Jan 31, 2013

Philly: >@
Such a curious sight to see here.

>paragraph per sentence
What's all this?

Who could tell?

>struggling with a second language
Don't sweat it. Just mind your studies. Don't be like the native youth that lazes about on that front. Particularly on the internet. They imagine they can slack off here. The nerve of the rascals.

>study other languages
Shall they suddenly become the language of business? Seems unlikely.

>teach me
Can you read Japanese? I've got some lovely material for you to translate. That would be swell payment for the free service of my corrections. While we're at it, shall I teach you to play GoW properly?

>another passion
To have so many is to take away from the others. A man has to have a hobby. A passionate obsession, even. I've got plenty as it is. And to do many things (as you note) strikes me as a 'jack of all, master of none' affair. I don't care for it, sailor.

>whole new world
You trying to seduce me on the magic carpet?

>glad I noticed
It's a rather common reaction. I've been at this for a rather long time, you see. Chaps of this sort come and go in a regular cycle. I don't bother remembering most by names or other specifics. I do wish I'd kept track of the times such things have been done (or certain stock lines had been said) though. Hindsight.

>really smart
N-n-not that smart. Stop being so nice to me, b-baka! *blushes*

Mind the excitability.

>having a good time
I'm a feel good kind of guy (all of the time). How about yourself?

>write like me
Your format doesn't even closely resemble my own. You've not well taken to my jargon either. I've seen better efforts on this front from people that loathe what it is I do.

Simply put, you come off as lazy by dialing it in like this. We've only just begun and you're turning out mediocrity. Worse still, you come off as drained from this little. Have you no stamina at all?

You wound me, sir.

>abuse of the ellipsis
*glove slap*
Don't you go and **bleep** it now. Have some respect.

>the topic
>notes something other than the topic
While we're avoiding the topic, how about I teach you how to play GoW properly?

>vet among vets
Do you have some trouble with this title, dear boy?

What's all this you're going on about?

>implying a concern for MP
I'll be watching it burn itself out. Like a cane field in a high wind, my friend. Might even help it along in my own way. The community shall evolve accordingly.

>looks for the support of others
Come now, my boy. Surely you're not so shaken so soon.

Don't tell me you're another chap sore about this term. Do you disagree with my assessment of yourself and others? It's not a dirty word unless you feel it is as such. How do you feel about being casual?

>without resorting to game exploits
How naive you sound. What you speak of is the mentality of a scrub. You lose before you even begin to play. This mentality is your prison.

>space after apostrophe
You commonly make this error. It's a strange style trait to have. Explain this.

>respect bad opinions

>opinions being wrong
They can be. Tend to be, really.

>buying the game
SP fan even if it is a bastardization. I have considered getting it used to work around supporting the release with any revenue going to them, but I loathe the idea of letting other vets get a head start on me far more. My own personal concern for glory (and impatience with the incompetence of the work of others).

Nope. I started doing this with GoWII (wasn't entirely convinced with GoW1 until I rented it and kept the rental *paying the difference*). I quit with this entry. There is no point to pre-ordering it for a core fan. That core is SP. GoWIII tried to milk the SP base. Their approach was reprehensible.

This is just their realizing that MP casuals are the sort to buy hats if you tempt them with it. Far more irresponsible with money. Much better to milk.

>even play MP
A bit of a stretch, don't you think? And you don't mention how I'll do damage/percentile testing, glitching/exploiting, light speed testing, extensive run work (themed runs, fun runs, challenge runs, etc.) and even test for secrets as I have in the past (Ex: finding the secret website of GoWII for CoO).

As I've said, this title will be inferior for the reasons noted. Just the same, it is likely to place above GoS (and below GoWIII). I take many issues with GoWIII and still more with GoS...however, even with CoO at the bottom, I still did much run work for it. It's rather hard to shake a core fan. It's the casuals that come and go (fair weather types), you see.

That I take issue with and express my concerns for a given entry isn't to say I won't work with it.

Makes you sound quite cross with me. Have I said something to upset you?

I shall do nothing of the sort. Merely help you to make amends for the future.

>not your primary concern
Effective communication is paramount. Reconsider your priorities.

>predictable tactics
And yet here we are. Speaking of which, you didn't finish your sentence. More to add?

You forgot the comma.

>have a nice day
And again. It isn't so hard as you would make it seem, Philly.

Fandango: >tried
This is why you fail. And one who cannot keep their word is unworthy of respect.

You are. By definition, no less. You only made it worse by having some personal idea of what it meant (that is specifically noted as what scrubs tend to do when using the term). You simply played right into the role.

This said, you are also a casual (by your own admission). This isn't so terrible as the former charge. If you're uncomfortable with either case, I can help you be more. You just have to help me, help you. Don't believe in yourself. Believe in me, who believes in you.

>most others would agree
Most others are scrubs. I'm quite sure they would make this telling mistake. Learn your lessons well, Fandango.

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Jan 31, 2013

Yet again only scrubs need to use exploits to win therefore GMG=scrub. People who are scrubs lack the skill to win by legit means, you can continue to make the term fit to your definition but maybe you should google the definition. 


As far as me trying to teach you the real ways of multiplayer I cannot teach what you refuse to learn help me to help you noobie. You may know all there is to know about singleplayer but you are lacking in the multiplayer and need to learn the errors of your ways.


Somebody who strives to do worse than all your prior expectations, until you have none. They make an art of slacking and finding short-cuts through anything

Wouldn't an exploit be a short-cut? I'm sure you will correct grammar instead of actually admitting you are wrong so enjoy that.


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Jan 31, 2013

>yet again
>uses the scrub's definition of scrub
You're falling into the same trapping as before. You don't get to make up your own definition for words, friend. Make up another one and get it accepted by enough chaps, why don't you? Scrub is taken.

NOTE: Did you note read up with the links I provided? Allow me to help you out with another chance at this:

>only scrubs use exploits to win
The proper definition is just the opposite. Scrubs are those who don't want to learn the mechanics, expand their tactics, exploit allowed glitches, etc. They create 'honor codes' that limit themselves in competition. They are self-defeating and foolish. These are the sort who whine about the real winners in a given arena. Those that master the game (not some alternative version the scrub has conjured up in their head).

Read up well, my boy.

This is part of your problem as a scrub, friend. This defeatist mentality. You do not belong in the competitive sphere of MP if you don't play to win. If you wish to **bleep** around, that's your call, but don't expect much pity as you are destroyed for your inability to adapt.

If cheap tactics are effective, use them. If used against you, find a counter. If they have a counter to your counter, best find a way to deal with that too. If an exploit is legitimatized (as tends to often happen), your not using it as some exercise in tastefulness, you do so at your own risk. This is what a scrub is and does.

>google the definition
It comes from fighting games and the original definition is presented. That you even think to redefine it is quite arrogant, don't you think?

Besides the links noted, here is another (first answer):

Have yet another:

NOTE: Take special attention for the talk about not wanting to invest time into things to learn properly. That's the mark of a casual (which you are). Even in MP, this mindset hasn't change for you.


NOTE2: Regarding 'tropes', I'm not the "Stop Having Fun Guy" (despite what you might imagine).  I'm the "Challenge Gamer".  Read up on those if you don't mind doing research (and you shouldn't).

What you are now, is exactly what you speak of. I don't even know why you would want to discuss the term as few use it without sounding ridiculous. Such is the MP circles, though. You should have been happy being described just as a casual.

>all there is to know
Even at my level, there is still more to learn.

A travesty. You should be a student of history like myself. NG3 made the obvious all the clearer. GoW:A shall just prove veterans right. Again.

>correct grammar
If there was a need of it.

Not at all. As I've shown, you're completely at odds with the actual definition and have fallen into scrub trappings to comfort yourself when dealing with your betters. You didn't read up on the articles provided to you. I'm not part of the community of MP or even fighting games, but I already knew about it as I'd had an interest in learning (something you don't seem to express enough of).

So then, I ask again. Which entry shall your lessons start with?

NOTE: Being a casual and scrub is fine, so long as you don't expect others to play by your silly made-up rules. Don't ask for catering either when you don't put the time in. You don't deserve any favors. But I can make you worthy. At least, regarding SP. You'll need a different master for MP.

I'm unsure where you got this incorrect idea of what a scrub is (likely from other scrubs), but it is in error. You part of the WoW community or something? That might explain it.

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Feb 1, 2013

@ GmG

Hey Buddy, how´ve you been?

I gotta be honest here pal: words like "mediocrity" really hurt. I´ve put quite an effort on trying to be as annoying as you are and that´s the definition I get? Friends at least pretend to appreciate one another. Shame on you buddy.

About the Japanese texts, I´m afraid I wouldn´t be able to help. But something struck me as curious: you want payment for a "free service"? Confusion or lack of attention? As you would say: please explain.
Following through, teaching me to play GoW is a good offer though... After all, I really have been trying to master more than square, square triangle. I, as any other casual, am not interested in improving. My main reason to play GoW games is the fun it provides me on my free time. No more, no less.


One thing that bothered me was how you, again, failed to grasp the concept of "opinion". You really seem to be struggling here, let me help you:
GoW:A is not released. Unless you work at SMS or has special privileges given by its employees you haven´t had contact with the retail version of the game. Most of us here in this Board are in the same situation. If we are all in the same situation but have different views of how the final product will be, then by definition there´s an equal chance that any of us can be right. It´s all about logic. Come on, try harder and I´m sure you´ll understand it eventually. I´ll give you some time.
Got it? 
Wait, wait, don´t answer yet! Listen to this:
I do understand that with so many years experience in playing and being a "vet among vets" in GoW games, you seem to think that previous experience is an indication that your opinion is more right than any other´s. You may even think that you have a tendency to be right about such matters. All the same: different Game director may mean different final product. Have you also heard of a team acquiring experience with previous work, issues and conflicts? How GoW:A will compare to its predecessors and how it will live up to community expectations, only time will tell. 
If you can´t grasp this concept, then I´m afraid I can´t help you any longer. You´re on your own pal. My best advice would be to stop being so dismissive of other people´s views and opinions and start earning some respect around here. Maybe then you´ll start being as helpful as you seem to think you already are.
Just chill and hope for the best. After all GoWIII taught us that Hope is the greatest of powers, right? You can´t be a vet and not remember this.

I, for one, would be happy to get a buggy, sloppy, unfinished game if I were you. Think about it: what meaning would your life have if not pointing out other people´s mistakes? You would have to really look at your own mistakes, and let´s just agree that you are not good at it.

See you around buddy!

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Feb 1, 2013

Got the definition from the urban dictionary for one. secondly I don't care you can continue to call me a scrub but I for one have no problem with things such as people using throws in street fighter as the example is in your one link. I have problems with people who glitch outside of maps and things of that sort. I don't doubt that you aren't very good at singleplayer in the GoW series however I don't care much about beating the game over and over once is good enough for me. However I will constantly try to better myself and learn counters and new tactics when it comes to multiplayer. You may think the MP is bad but there are so many of us who have enjoyed it, I being one of them. I will continue to enjoy it and your opinion will never change that.


As far as lessions I have no use for them I did just buy GoW 1 because I found myself missing the mp beta and needed a filler until GoW:A came out and I could play MP once again.

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