Jan 17 2013
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First Impression

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Thought I wouldn't read anything, no forum, no nothing. Just install the beta.

I'm not an avid God of War player when it comes to beating the previous games,

my level was just medium(God) mode. I do need to go back and smack some in harder modes. 


I knew going in I was going to be spanked and spanked hard but none the less I was willing. 

Got to the tutorial part and I went up to Hades and nothing? bummer

Went up to Ares and read his little intro, next was Zues, and then Poseidon, he was blank too.

I really wanted Hades though so I went back to him and clicked Nothing! Oh well I'll go to Ares and give my aliance


Practice a few times with Ares, then was about to leave the practice field when something came up on the screen to notify me I could choose another God. So I said yea let me try out Zues. Played with Zues weapons but found I like Ares a little more so I practiced a couple of times more with Ares before I went into battle.


Got into multiplayer mode and dove in. I think I dove in too soon because everyone else had armor and I was shirtless and in my underwear?! I thought oh this is going to be fun!


Game play I noticed the game controls were a little sluggish, not responding as quickly and in the tutorial section. I also noticed I would be gliding backwards sometimes when I was trying to use the evade stick.


I noticed but never got to spontanious health and magic regen portals. 

There were also weapon portals, I know there was some long gold rod/spear I got lucky enough to get and just started mashing buttons. I believe I got one of my 3 kills with it.


Anyways played 2 rounds and enjoyed it. 

Going to give the tip section a read over so I can do better my second time through.


Overall a fun experience. 






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