Jan 13 2013
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Favor of the Gods ditched

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I accidentally posted this on the UK site not realizing it was the UK site...


Overall I love the game, the gameplay is a unique blend of fighting and objective completion, never thought I would enjoy a GoW multiplayer but here I am proved wrong, after 2 days of playing the Beta I had to pre-order.


One glitch I ran into a few days ago was during a Favor of the Gods match, it started with 3 players and instantly 1 of them dropped out, so it was a 1 vs 1 match. After a short time of battle the other player dropped out leaving me with 7 minutes on the clock and nobody to battle. I figured it would end the session right away, but it did not. The good news was that I acquired a bunch of treasures of the gods and some good experience.


I also agree with what other people are saying about the delay for parry, although it does seem to last a decent length of time once activated, I find sometimes I can't activate it quickly enough to avoid being devastated with a combo, then I get thrown around like a rag doll and lose 3/4 of my life before I can recover enough to dodge. I do have to say I am kind of suprised that the parry system went backwards to using 2 buttons to activate as opposed to the other GoW games in which you simply needed to time it right.


Also, I think for the final game it would be nice if the tutorial taught you how to use/arm traps, capture bases, and open chests... all of these use the R1, which I figured out quickly enough with the handy prompts, but I reached level 17 before I figured out how to arm a trap with R1+O for a delayed activation

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Re: Favor of the Gods ditched

Jan 13, 2013

After playing a few more matches I have found some more minor bugs...


A similar incident occured on Team Favor of the Gods, an entire team dropped out within the first few minuts, this left our team to slowly collect points via opening chests, finishing off with an execution.


More recently, I had a team match in which we finshed just before the gods intervened and then the countdown occured during the score indicator screen.


I have repeatedly received experience for "1st Favor of the Gods match finished" they may, or may not be a glitch as I only seem to receive this when I finish in first place, but I also receive experience for "First Place Finish".


I also had a match in which I had a death streak going on playing with Zeus allegiance, Relic of Dark Magic level 1, and level 2 Lightning Storm. I had full Magic, then, after my death streak activated I was able to use my Lightning Storm around 4 or 5 times in a row without picking up extra Magic. I don't know if this is a glitch or purposefully designed but it allowed be to get 3 kills, including a double kill against 2 opponents... I won the match in the last second by then kicking an opponent off a destroyed section of wall... by the way, the Hercules interactive background can certainly spice things up, I love it.

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