Jan 16 2013
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So I was thinking to myself on the way to class. How can this game rival all others.  How can GOW multiplayer take aspects from other great arena based multiplayer (mainy pc games) and incoparate it to GOW multiplayer.  What you do is see the good things other companies have done and where they have failed. For Example: Diablo 3 was my most anticpated game last year but failed to meet expectations do to developers lack of fan based feedback. My opinion, a game like diablo 3 needed pvp to survive do to there short and repetitive story mode. But arena based battles with new unlockable armor, weapons and blood was something I myself and many others craved. As of now they still are not able to release pvp due to balancing issues. So what did they do good? Personally I loved the banner cusomization. After earning new ranks you earn more banner customization options.  Players that partcicpate in pvp were able to see others players banners before the match. So how can we apply this to GOW multiplayer.  They Arena based multiplayer game, similar in terms of magic and butality, so what seperates them. What seperates them is that diablo is a pc game that requires more time to balance abilities and item stats. With this, it fails to even be able to release the most exciting thing that  attracted my attention (pvp) and suffered from average graphics. GOW takes a different route, with FAR surperior graphics then diablo , less balancing issues to maintain and developers who take direct feedback (the correct feedback), this game can rival all others. As far as balancing goes I believe the game is remarkably balanced. Glitches and other minor fixes can be applied but thats the point of a beta. So back to the GRAPHICS. The game looks amazing, more character customization options is a must and I know you have heared multiple feedback about it but thats becasue its that important. Games with graphics like GOW ascension will excell with character customization and put WOWs on peoples faces. The type of wows that casue them to show off there character to there friends, the type which icreases sells. Like I have said before, a game with graphics as good as this can excell with character customization. But thats not enough, you must now go above and beyond to really attract a diverse fan base. My room-ates in college play "League of Legends" and  care about no other games. After seeing me play god of war multiplayer beta, they seem to be attracted to the team arena  battles and for this first time I heard them talk about buying a console (ps3). But what would seal the deal? what could even grab the pc gamer community and turn all eyes on GOW. Banners and maps. Along with more charcater customization options (hair, warpaint, skin tone, ex) what about banners for warriors to show of their prowess. Customizable  banners that allow players to unlock new symbols would be so epic. I mean this is the ultimate game to have banners or flags to acknowledge warriors. The game is inspired by greek mythology, Greek warriors, Greek Gods, lol it reeks epicness. Now the maps! The maps are so important to a game like this. I mean god of war is known for its amazing visuals. Go all out with it. Maybe make the spikes on the hercules arena stand out more, not everything has to be so dark/dull. Make the wall designes stand out a little more. I noticed green weeds on the arena walls and statues of diffrent beings. Make these greek monuments noticable.  Although I like it you must make it stand out a little more. The spikes sometimes are not noticable.  How about lit torches around the arena that display the fighters banners/flag. Perhaps an all new circular gladiator colliseum is not necessary (although I love the idea) as do many others, why not just add to hercules arena. Still I love the huge collesium Idea lol im just saying there is another route. If hair is part of the game and visible through armor then the way it moves while sprinting, standing still, dodging and attacking could really be amazing. So we have more character customization options, OMG banners would be awesome, and epic maps unlike any others. With and outstanding single player franchise that already has earned multiple rewards. This would push the series to really compete in the onling gaming comunnity. The call of duties and league of legends.  . You have the tools to create a masterpiece unlike any ever seen on console gaming.  So SSM run away with it

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