Jan 10 2013
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Escaping Launchers?

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Did a search first and didn't find anything relevant to this topic, so...


Just finished a match and encountered something I hadn't seen before.  Curious if it's just a technique I'm ignorant of or if it's actually something that's not supposed to happen.


In the match I played, one of my opponents was able to escape being launched, after the hit connected, without using their evade item.  Basically, I hit them with a strong triangle attack and it lifted them into the air slightly but did not result in a full launch.  Instead, they just fell back to the ground after being lifted what appeared to be only a few feet off the ground.  This was in four-player Favor of the Gods and no other opponents were in the vicinity when this occured and no magic or spear attacks seemed to be involved.  Furthermore, it was not a killing blow, in fact, it left them with quite an advantage.


Has anyone else seen this?  If it is a legitimate technique, what's the secret?

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