Jun 15 2013
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Dear SSM, fix your servers!!!!!

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Personally, I am not one of those ppl who get mad over the game or its updates(well Im more disappointed on the updates that caused more bugs and other bad stuff, love the content though including 1.08), but Im pretty annoyed at the game right now. Ever since 1.08 I cant really play a match cuz its completely laggy, Ive been playing 1 player totg and Im getting alittle bored of it. I would like to play another mode but its just complete constant lag. match-making is still good for me and b4 1.08 matches were good with minimal lag.


Just alittle bit ago I played a 3v3 TFoTG match. I was lvl 38, my other 2 teammates were a lvl 4 and 2. and the enemy team had a ascend lvl 1, a 37 and an 8. My team won cuz lag was mostly on myside and I just felt dirty playing that match. I got 14-15 kills and 4 deaths. I got three kills cuz of my ares inferno spammed itself. I used it and once I landed they got hurt but they went to try and attack me but I somehow went back up in the air and hit them again and it did this another time and they died. Also, for some reason I somehow kept on getting full magic even though I didnt go over a magic fountain. No one got that much kills except for me. I had no honor in that game, it just felt plain dirty and very boring.


Its very hard to keep playing the MP right now. Im pretty much xp grinding through ToTG even though I really dont want to and just grind through other matches but its hard for me to stay playing other modes Smiley Sad

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