May 17 2013
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Combo Lobbies

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Hello, Champions.

Now this was an idea I had for the longest time, but I never really wanted to share it because of a few players disliking the fact that an extensive combo can kill without giving your victim a chance at retaliation or escaping. But eh, what evs Smiley Wink

Basically, what you do is gather a full party of 4, enter 4MoC, and just practice/discover combos on each other... simple as that. You may say "well, why don't you just go to Training?" And it's because the trainer doesn't TRY to escape from your combos. He waits until he slowly gets up. In an actual multiplayer match, a player might want to dodge or block ASAP. Plus he doesn't even take status effects (Curse, Frostbite, Silenced, etc.) which can greatly change the damage/outcome of a specific combo that takes advantage of these dangerous ailments..

That being said, you can go invite your friends and try and practice some combos, or you can add me and I'll see if we can organize a party of combo-savvy players.

See you on the battlefield, Champions. And let me know how you feel about this idea.

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Re: Combo Lobbies

May 17, 2013
I've been trying to do that, but I need 3 brazilian players for that.

But I'll get there!
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Re: Combo Lobbies

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May 18, 2013

I was definitely one of the people against the combo-heavy gameplay.  After watching this last stream, however, it seems like it's playing as the developers intended, so I realize I'm fighting a losing battle.  Time to combo it up.


As for the idea of joining a MoC and testing out combos, it's the best way really to test out things that will be useful during actual gameplay.

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