Jan 11 2013
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does anyone else have a problem with the camera? I feel like its too far out...


I know its a multiplayer game but the videos posted on youtube are Really deceiving... they're very ZOOMED in the character using quick attacks which looks 50% better then cuts to a Close up of the finisher


In the regular GOW games the camera was very close to Kratos back and still see enemies approaching behind him...


I hope they fix it somehow

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Re: Camera

Jan 11, 2013

I agree with you greatly. I've been playing team favor a lot today and my biggest complaint is the camera X.X I'll be in the middle of fighting someone and all of a sudden the camera focuses on the Cyclopses arm/hand. Now I understand that the game is just trying to show us that the Cyclops is about to attack but this is a poor tactic to have in a multiplayer game. I really don't care if an npc is about to attack especially when I'm off to the side fighting with an enemy player. I also feel that the camera could be a little more zoomed in for the free for all.

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