Dec 20 2012
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Bonus Costumes

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I love the costumes but I think it would be cool to have the goofy costumes like from the first game.


It was fun playing as a giant cow swinging milk jugs. Smiley Happy

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Re: Bonus Costumes

Dec 22, 2012
I'd rather they just get the serious cases (canon) out of the way again. Many of them would be easy to include without wasting a lot of time/resources:

The default is Ghost of Sparta.

Captain Kratos - Port "Dominus" armor from GoWIII. Put on default. Remove ashes.

General Kratos - Use default. Remove ashes. Done.

CoO - Exact same as GoW:A default.

GoW1 - Put some dirty/bloody rags on and tatter his skirt.

GoS - Same as GoW1.

God Armor - Take "Fallen God" and add the rest of the armor *more work than with other costumes*.

GoWII - Same as GoWIII.

GoWIII - Port from GoWIII (Fallen God).

Fear Kratos - Port from GoWIII.

Hope Kratos - Take "Fallen God" and port RoS aura (looks about the same as 'Hope' anyway).

If they want to go further:

Youth Kratos - Take General Kratos and remove the tattoo. Give him rags.

Civilian Kratos - Like in the concept art *lots of work*

Blue Kratos - Like in the original concept art *most work of all*

Deimos - Port from GoWIII (few could use it anyway). Hell, same for Morpheus Armor, Apollo, Phantom of Chaos, Forgotten Warrior and Dominus (preferably with the right alternate tattoos this time). Make up for the travesty of GoWIII's DLC handling. Give these in good will.

You mention a return to silly costumes. Lots of options there. Two that readily come to mind would be:

Gimp of War - Gimp suit and purple 'joy sticks' (rather than 'Blades').

God of Drag - Full "Rocky Horror" mode.

One could go on and on with silliness. Friendly relations with Warner might allow Predator, Freddy, Jason, Shao Kahn (looks like Hydra Armor a bit) and more in terms of homages/parodies.

Playing as deities would be nice, but they would have to fit his rig, which is the real trouble. GoWII wasn't so concerned with this, but GoWIII's system (shared by GoW:A) will block a lot of the 'fun' options.

Returning favorites wouldn't hurt my feelings. The original Ares Armor, Dairy **bleep**, Tycoonius, etc. (granted, those are all GoW1 examples). Can't ask for Athena thanks to the model rig issue.

MP Armors (full sets) should, in theory, allow Kratos to have MANY costumes. Wouldn't be hard to just fit them to us (as the Champion rigs are basically just Kratos anyway). It would greatly expand our options.

Whatever the case, I want challenge costumes (this regarding not appearance, but the stats). Perks and such are nice, but I like having the same sorts of costumes:

-Glass Cannon (Very High Power, Very Low Armor)
-Nerf Tank (Very Low Power, Very High Armor)
-Very High Armor, Very Low Recovery
-Very Low Armor, Very High Recovery
-Extremely High HP Recovery
-Extremely High MP Recovery
-Extremely High EXP worth *possibly tied to bad stats*
-All poor stats *25-50%*
-Vanilla 200
-Godly stats *vanilla 500*

Other perks and gimmicks can be used. Things like:

-Blades deal half damage, but WWs deal double
-Blades deal double damage, WW damage halved
-Halved melee damage, but double magic damage
-Double magic damage, but halved magic damage
-Half cost spells, MP orb per hit
-HP regeneration and/or HP orb per hit
-Invincible (should be addressed by a possession)
-Full rage *should be covered by a possession like infinite MP*
-No rage
-Infinite WW usage (regarding discards *possession territory*)
-5x collision damage (because I expect GoWIII's system)
-2x grab damage *maybe even 5x given how weak some are*
-Super Armor (tank everything)
-Zero Poise (everything stuns annoyingly)
-20% Faster in general (run, hop, attack, evade, etc.)

The list could go on and on regarding things one could put in as an option to spice up the SP, but I don't expect to see hardly anything noted here in this or any other entry.
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Re: Bonus Costumes

Mar 23, 2013

Personally I'd like to see a Deimos costume along with being able to use all the other armor sets from multiplayer. You know beat down a manticore while wearing the skin of one too Smiley Happy

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Re: Bonus Costumes

Mar 23, 2013

Ok would like to see the blue Kratos, come on its his original concept why not put it in? I want a pallette swap version not like the morpheus armor. Sadly, I couldnt get the deimos skin for GoW3 cuz i got the game and my ps3 way too late, so having a deimos costume in Ascension would make me happy. Now it would be cool if u can customize ur character like how u do it in multiplayer. I had thought of some silly costumes b4, but i forgot what all of them were except the dog of war costume.

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Re: Bonus Costumes

Mar 27, 2013

Hearts: >Deimos
Only if he has neat stats.

>armors sets from MP
Same condition.  And they should be on Kratos.  Not a default MP champion.

Joss: >Blue Kratos
>palette swap
I don't want a palette swap.  I want this:

Blue Kratos concept art


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