Jan 11 2013
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Beta release feedback

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Fun game! Its definitely the type of game that I've been wanting to play for a couple months now. 


After each game, my gladiator (mortal) ends up unclothed; well, except for his underwear (of course). Don't know if that matters or not but just thought I'd let you know. 


A couple times, I noticed that after playing a few rounds with the same people; my connection would disconnect and I would lose the people I was playing with. It would be a few minutes before I got started on the next round while the network searched for more players. Not sure if this has to do with the amount of people playing or if the network disconnects the players.  Now,...this loss of connection was not while I was in a match. It was after the game is over, me and the other players (who just finished the round) sit around and wait in the lobby. Its then when I notice the players leave the lobby and my connection begin searching for more players. 


I can't wait for the full release to come out! Its very fun (and addicting) I'm a level 12 now with many types of armors and a few weapon choices. I've gained magic ability and understand the nature of using potions. 


Its definitely a fun and strategic game to play to figure out how to win each round. Plus, each round is different, which is what makes it fun! 


Since the ability to change armor and weapons can dramatically change my tactics, each game can be customized to how I feel would be best to win the next round. Of course, the other players are also changing their armor and weapons to try to beat me as well. 


Oh! I also noticed that on the team match: there were a couple times I played where the match was uneven. 3 against 4. 


Not much of a big deal but just thought I'd mention that....


Good job! Definitely keep me posted on upcoming betas! I'm so down to write about it and tell everyone about them. Plus...I'm so down to play them!


- Ozzie 


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