Jan 23 2013
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Beta late than never ^^

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First off as a (very) long time gamer...... KUDOS to SmS this game is **bleep** sick I love it I did mass texts to let everyone I know....KNOW that this awesome game rocks.


Sorry if my input is late I tried a few times to post during the beta, but every time there was a server shut downs etc. so here goes, I hope but I am sure you've prolly heard these before but I wouldn't be able to sleep at night if I never put my 2 gil in.


1. Respawn button still appears in the game summary screen if a host ends the game by timing out.


2. Main weapon only shows temporarily in the lobby character creation screen. Also why not show the secondary dagger / fork thingy on the hip of the character? Just sayin..


3. The Laurel at the end of the match has a lot of white untextered pixels all over. I never played this beta on a TV so I'm not sure if its doing that on a TV.  I was playing on a 28" LG LCD LED monitor @1080P 75hz refresh rate.


4. During a match if your entire team leaves then that's it your done your not getting any replacements. I have been in matches where it was 4-1 for quite a bit. ( my thinking is place quick match peeps into the games that are started already)


5. If the game host leaves sometimes you'll have a game summery screen that's just a bar with no graphics no numbers being counted just sound effects.


6. Game timer is a bit short maybe you can set an option to make the game last longer or set the winning score to 10k instead of 8K?


7. Idle timer: If a player is idle too long IE: never actually gets into the game sits at the damned game start spawn point, or dies and stays dead for too long can you implement an Idle kick to the game because this happened quite a lot.


8. I am running 50/50mb up/down speed on fiber optic and I was timing out a lot is that a host issue? Like maybe the host leaving caused the time out? If that's so then the person with the best connection should be selected first no? But if that's the case I should never have timed out. I doubt there a very many people who are running higher than 50/50 on fiber. Please have some one look into this to ensure the best host is being selected every time.


well that's it, I like the saying "better late than never" and I do hope some of this info helps, I'll be counting the days till release although it would be awesome if we were allowed to get back online even if it is on WEEKENDS! So that we can see how this **bleep** kick **bleep** game is coming along and to...Test the servers (wink) etc. LOL So until the release thank you guys at SmS and to all the peeps who I played with it was fun as hell and I look  forward to rocking that kick **bleep** armor were getting!







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