Mar 08 2013
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Does anybody feel like the Multiplayer will be unbearably laggy for people living in Australia/New Zealand? I just get the vibe that since it's SSM's first time doing Multiplayer that they didn't include regional matchmaking etc, and we'll always be matched up with bad hosts therefore making the Multiplayer unplayable, which I'm hoping isn't the case.

Did anybody play the Beta in Australia? If so, was there any major lag? This will probably determine whether I buy the game or not, as it'll increase it's longevity, so I really hope it'll be enjoyable for us. 

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Re: Australia

Mar 8, 2013
I played during the beta. Lag issues were experienced by everyone not just Australia, and most of the time I'd put it down to being the beta version of the game, not our Internet connection. When there was none the game ran quite well.

I'd also say there was regional match making to some degree because I played a lot of the same players quite frequently and a lot of the guys on this forum from different countries I never encountered.

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