Jan 15 2013
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Ares' Inferno magic bug

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When using the Ares' Inferno magic attack to fly over a released spike trap and stop an opponent from capturing a Capture Altar, the player is still killed as if they jumped onto the spikes even though the player should be flying high above the spikes.


Repro Steps:

1. Enter a Team FotG match as an Ares Champion.

2. Earn enough magic to use the Ares' Inferno magic attack.

3. Activate a spike trap armed by an opponent by running over it.

4. Run away from the spikes.

5. Press R2 to activate Are's Inferno.

6. Attempt to hover over the released spike trap.

7. Observe, the player character dies when hovering over the exposed spikes.



Expected Results: The player should be able to hover above the spikes and not be killed.


Observed Results: The player is killed when hovering over the exposed spikes.

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Re: Ares' Inferno magic bug

Jan 15, 2013

Yeah, I can see where that would be a problem. I would like to roll Ares when the game goes live but with release so close I'm worried about the bug problems and balance issues of the Ares Warrior T.T

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Re: Ares' Inferno magic bug

Jan 15, 2013

Good observation, definitely should be fixed, funny that Santa Monica Studios didn't see that. I personally didn't run into that problem because I never attampted to go over the spikes while on that magic, I only tried using that magic a few times then switched to the other one that turns you into a Demi God for a couple seconds.

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