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Re: Anyone else getting bored?

Apr 10, 2013
@Vampire_Damian - I agree that the wait for games in the MP component has become tiresome, and honestly I don't play the MP without my laptop next to me so I can do other things while waiting for a game. I feel as though I shouldn't have to do that to entertain myself while waiting but that's what I do, and spending 15-30mins waiting for a game hasn't really phased me too much because of this. In saying that, I'm certain there are a multitude of players that just want to log in, look for a match, and be in a game consistently for an hour or so, and I can't blame them in the slightest, ideally I'd like to expect that too whenever I log in to play.

For me, the SP was an extra tid bit to the GoW series. A prequel in most things is for the hardcore fans, you've been through all of Kratos' troubles in the main bulk of the series, learnt some more about his life, travels and encounters in the PSP games, and the prequel sort of adds that little bit extra to show you how it began. It's awesome, but the MP component was my main focus personally. I've always discussed how awesome it would be to have MP GoW game with my mates, and here it finally is!

Plus online MP is perfect for me too so I can stay connect with my mates in other countries. I've always enjoyed SP content in any game, but certain games such as this having a MP component excites me immensely.

At the end of the day, it's just a matter of what we prefer personally, and if you're bored with the game and I'm not, that's just how it is.
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