Jan 20 2013
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Amazing Job!!! Multiplayer rules

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Just wanted to tell you guys at Santa Monica that you are on to something amazing with this multilayer.  Just the beta has me so addicted it is insane.  I did have a few questions for you.


1) Can you give us an idea of how many maps will be included in the game itself?


2) Have you thought about bringing Hercules down to the battle in the Forum of Hercules?  I would love to put the sword of Areas against his head, hahaha.  Maybe after a certain score is met he could jump down for a bit and fight for a while just to shake things up and then jump back up to his spot.


3) Could the alter changes be worth more points?  I know they have been raised already from 50 points to 100, but I think if the score was a little higher it would make players want to change the alters more, causing more widespread battle across the map. As it is, it is more beneficial to find a good spot and just fight it out.


These are just simple questions... As it stands now, this is the most excited I have been for a game... Probably ever.  Thanks a bunch, you guys rock!!!!


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