Apr 30 2012
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AI/ BOTZONE/Combat Training for GOW Ascension?

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Santa Monica Studios please include offline and optional online ai/bot multiplayer practice modes for God Of War Ascension.

Proven by God of War's Arena mode, Ninja Gaiden 3 trials modes,Super Smash Bros,Assasin Creed Revalations Training mode,Ufc 3, TMNT Melee, Blades of time bot mode, Celebrity Deathmatch, WWE 12,Street figther,Mortal Kombat,Dead or Alive, Ys versus,Tekken, King Of Fighters cpu fights and trials mode, Black ops,Twisted Metal, Killzone,Battlefiled 2, Unreal Championship and Unreal Tournament bot modes;

Offline and Online Ai/ Bot practice games are great for learning maps, weapons, combos and the overall system of a game (with varying levels of ai/bot difficulty) in an less competitive relaxed environment before going to online multiplayer. (Or in God Of Wars case before going to godlike difficulty.)

It's  could be marketed to players intimidate by higlhly skilled online players as a fun and easy way to compete with friends on the couch or to use as a trainer before going online.

For those opposed to online multiplayer maybe you'll like a couch competitive offline game with friends or bots on godlike difficulty.

Or maybe you'll just flame me.

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Re: AI/ BOTZONE/Combat Training for GOW Ascension?

Apr 30, 2012


>AI teammates/foes

Agreeable.  Different difficulty settings on foes too (applying to NPCs and enemy/ally team).

NOTE: I strongly disagree with disabling the option to do split-screen for this mode that is already in the game.  Local is preferred (strongly).  No lag, friend doesn't need internet access (or the system/game), etc.

>for those oppossed

Gents like yours truly.

>just flame me

Why, I'd never.  I'm insulted at the very idea.  Although on the matter of that emoticon...

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