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Re: A resume of things to be fixed

Jan 6, 2013

SovereignSky wrote:

Goldhawk1 wrote:
I agree with Ares. When I play as an Ares character, it's really really simplistic. He feels just like a "standard warrior" nothing special at all but if you flip over to Zeus you actually feel like a magic beast. You can fight with a standard weapon and do amazing but your primary damage dealer is don't even NEED just pop it out whenever you really want to make people cry.

But he just feels like a warrior...almost classless or godless I should say since the classes are based on gods.

When you get to a certain point, stats stop helping as much. You can't make a super high defense Ares and you can't make a super high damage Ares. This puts his items and relics into a state of uselessness. Why? Because if you're stacking damage with your armor and weapons and it isn't translating to more damage.

How do I know this? Try it out yourself. When you get to about... 250 to 300 damage You feel like you're doing a bit more damage than say.. 100-200 damage. But then you stack damage to over 400 and you go into battle with're going to notice you taking more damage but the extra damage you added to your stats is negligible. You don't FEEL like you're putting out high damage I honestly feel like I'm putting out barely any more damage than a Zeus would.

I honestly don't know how to fix the class...because if you make that extra damage work, and you make his items/relics really start to hurt like they should feel, I think Ares would be too OP... like his damage would be so insanely high.

But it's not just damage, defense is the same way, eventually the more defense you add it really just starts to not show, which makes me worry about launch... we'll have to see stats in the thousands just to separate the "good" armor from the "bad" armor.

About the feels off, it should have priority over attacks really but for some reason the sword has the advantage in almost every situation. Though, I'm used to the clunky feel of the hammer. If I have a hammer I'm like Jesus but if I have a sword I honestly don't know what to do with myself.

I think P. Resist isn't working properly, with 430 E. resist at half health, a full powered cone leaves me 1/4 health, w/o it, I'd die yet when I test P. Resist there's no clear difference, same thing for power, you notice difference with E. Power but not with P. Power, I have like 60-100 P.Power on my Minotaur hammer Ares and kill just as fast if not faster than a full power Ares......MAYBE there's a hidden multiplier that if you get multiple hits in one after another, it increases damage, that would explain Minotaur combo being so good

That would make sense, the combo multiplier much like in PSASBR. 


The hammer combo, if you pull it off right can do monsterous damage, but those moves separately on their own don't seem to do as much.  

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