Jun 16 2013
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4vs1 what do u guys think?

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so il explain, we started the machts 4vs4 in like 1 to 2 min i whas left on my own as poseiden demi god lvl 23 agianst 3 ares and a zeus, 2 ares ppl were demi gods and higher lvl as me but i know lvl doesnt make a big dif.


but i think okey mmmmm 4vs1 i can leave or just try the best of it and make 1 or 2 kills on skills, also in my backmind i whas tink pllllzzzzzz dont be a noob and use god weapons u guys already plays against 1 singel guy and what do u think i fight 3vs1 2 ppl have the god hammer weapon i swing from left to right than 1 trows it on me and the other 1 to i survive it than i can parry and do some dmg it goes okey 1 run 2 guys  takes over the other 1 gets hp i tink mmm oke what u want still didnt botter me how the were playing the machts i whas on that point still on 3 kills and 4 deads i know i know not so good but its oke but THAN !!!! the spears come to kill the cyclops and what do u think they come 4vs1 on me and the guys keeping using the spear i cant even block or what the hell and cant help my self than to quit.


what do u guys tink if i play 4vs1 and i am on the team with 4 i go grabe points if i have main god weapon i use it asap fore what it is and dont go to that single guy and if i see it 2vs1 i just pas by and take points.


what do u guys tink off these guys, i just feel its soooooo sad to play like that specialy wen some tinks alright il stay i wont win i will get alot of deats but let hime breath a little oe take turns in who is fighting the guy i dont mind 2vs1 fight or somtimes 3vs1 but 4 ppl is just to muchts)


(sorry fore bad gramma englise speaking better than wrighting)



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