Apr 02 2013
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1v1 Match ideas.

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I know this has been discussed through multiple threads but no recent ones specifically about this.


My thoughts on the idea are simply. Yes.

Though you can just have a match as it is.

A fight could end quickly and essencially the match.

So to counter this theory i propose a 5x health increase for longevity of the fight and a reduced physical resistance of 15%

The reduced physical resistance is there because some people just stack PR and the fight would be a little more out of hand...etc.

On top of fighting have your casual chests, a pit here, ledge there

But no chalice, cerberus mongrel, and other huge point bonuses.

The goal would be 1.5k points which promotes the need for chests and skill.

Thats about 11 Brutal kills.


Any thoughts? Ideas?

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Re: 1v1 Match ideas.

Apr 2, 2013
imo they shouldn't touch the health.
More health would only lead to a less defensive playstyle and promoting only an aggressive playstyle.
Believe me, when two good players fight, it could take a while!

One of the things that concerns me more would be that the mode should not have any external sources of gaining favour.
Such as chests chalices, special enemies and so on, as it then could potentially lead to scenarios where whilst one player is waiting for to re-spaw, a random chest would spawn for the other player to open, gaining him extra points for being "lucky".

Otherwise the current 4 player stages would fit for 1v1 as well.
I like to see more traps and environmental hazards though, as they can lead to some potentially great setups and tactics!

In retrospect, i guess this would be a pure "Death Match"!
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Re: 1v1 Match ideas.

Apr 2, 2013
Add more scenarios and more goals and more traps to be activated
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Re: 1v1 Match ideas.

Apr 2, 2013
I think the new mode which should be created is "Deathmatch", with 2 sub-modes: Duel (2 players) and FFA (3 to 8 players).

The only thing that should exist (beside pits, spikes and stuff) are magic fountains. No chest, no health, no chalice, no world weapon, no monsters.

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