Dec 02 2012
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Id like to meet the man that can!!!

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Beat the God of war Challenges in one go every time not stop all 10 any time they want to.  Its all luck no skill required.


Saw2 had a puzzle in the game that was all luck and no skill required and thats where i stoped playing it.


I printed out some tips maybe that will work, I beat time trial of god of war 1 in 4 hours no suit btw.  I could of got alot better i messed up a ton.


Im glad i got part 3 god of war challenge done.  I just got part1 and 2 to do and the psp remakes dont have one, i dont think.

Its whatever God says it is, try not to let Satan trick you or lie to you. A lie can be twisted so much but its still a lie, same with tricks. Also know noone is perfect except Jesus, we all will mess up from time to time. So try not to be, to hard on yourself or others.
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Re: Id like to meet the man that can!!!

Dec 2, 2012
The PSP remakes have challenges. They aren't that hard.

Ghost of Sparta also requires you to hoard 999,999 red orbs to platinum. I found that time consuming. Smiley Tongue
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