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Re: I never get tired of God of War. By far the greatest series ever!

Jan 26, 2012

^Getting into the Action genre are you?  There are a few I'm somewhat well acquainted with.  Hard to say which among the many you would like for sure.  Plenty you might not like much:





-God Hand

-Dante's Inferno

-Ninja Blade




-Star Wars Force Unleashed

-El Shaddai

-Asura's Wrath *not yet released*

-Lollipop Chainsaw *not yet released*

Would I recommend all of these?  No.  Most?  Maybe.  Some?  Sure.

You say you are familiar with a few of these.  To what degree is not established.  However, if you wish to take lessons further with a few (GoW, SWFU, DI, Bayo, etc.), I can be of vary levels of assistance.  Deepen that appreciation and increase the value taken from the time with the game.

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