Aug 11 2010
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God of War I - Final Battle

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I'm in the 3rd part of the Ares battle, been stuck on it for roughly 1 1/2 hours having nearly beaten the POS several times only to later fail. I was wondering if I were to quit the game now and come back to it later would I restart at the first part of the Ares battle, or resume where I left off (Part 3)?


I only ask because this part is driving me crazy and I want to partake in another game before insanity takes over.

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Re: God of War I - Final Battle

Aug 11, 2010

I can help you beat that part easily if you want assistance.  I probably wouldn't even have to teach you all the tricks I know for Ares2.


NOTE: You didn't list the settings.


~Also, you will start from the save point prior to Ares1 if you turn the game off.  GoWIII had 'auto-saves' for checkpoints.  The others don't

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