Jul 12 2011
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God of War 1 & 2 HD Slow Download?

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Been trying to download this for 3 days starts with saying 55 minutes left then increases all the way to 600+ minutes.

My download speed is always around 14 MBPS. I tried another download (DEMO) and that one downloads within minutes. Is it God of War or the PSN?

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Re: God of War 1 & 2 HD Slow Download?

Jul 24, 2011

It's probably network traffic.  When I'm having issues with slow downloads, I reboot my system (modem, router and PS3), then try again.  If it's still slow, I'll just start the download when I'm going to bed and set the PS3 to shut off when it's finished downloading.  That is, just start the download, activate background download, navigate to turn the system off, select the option to "Turn off the system when Download is complete" and then turn off the TV. 

The only issues I've ever had doing this is when I downloaded the Borderlands bundle the other night, one of the expansion packs didn't download correctly (corrupt file - just redownloaded the one pack and it worked), and a couple of weeks ago the PS3 was still downloading when I got up the next morning, but then again, there was a boatload of stuff I was downloading, and I think it was 'preempted' by the fact I have Automatic Downloads active (4-6am), and apparently important game patches and system files take precedence over other downloads.

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