Oct 09 2012
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Feeling very ripped off - 3D support related for GOD III

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I am not an average gamer. I play a few games I enjoy and that's about it. God Of War is one of those that I truly enjoy. I heard about the Saga collection and was going to pass until I saw the 3D logo on the box at the local Gamestop.


I obviously own a 3D TV and I already owned Orgins which was rendered wonderfully in 3D so when I saw on the box that God Of War III had too be rendered I decided it was worth trading in my collection and upgrading for the 3D support.


The upgrade cost with my trade in of God of War collection 1 & 2, God Of War III and God of War Orgins collection was $20.00. Worth it to me.


Came home and used the codes to add Orgins to my drive. Once installed I decided to fire up God of War III and enjoy the game for the first time in 3D. Then the reality sank in when I noticed there was ZERO option to select a 3D setting which prompted me to hit the internet to see what was going on.


Now come to find out this was false info provided to the consumer.


I truly feel cheated here and I am out $20.00 for nothing. Gamestop of course is holding Sony responsible and I am sure Sony is going to turn a blind eye to this and say "oh well too bad".


I really hope that is not the case because they will lose a customer.

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Re: Feeling very ripped off - 3D support related for GOD III

Oct 15, 2012
This was mentioned on the blog post and was quickly fixed by the marketting manager. If anything, its their fault for putting that on the box, and others complained as well (but were warned before they bought it by a CSR). Its not your fault you didn't read the blog but you should have known that Sony wouldn't have released 3D exclusively for the saga collection, in most games they release a patch and update everybody's game. 3D support just for the saga collection would be strange, especially when it hasn't been included as dlc to the people who bought the original release copy.

You should have kept your collections though, not worth trading in for the saga collection in my opinion since they only awarded you $20 for the entire god of war trilogy+PSP rerendered games. To me it seems like gamestop ripped you off more than Sony.
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