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God Mode & PSP on TV

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I just had a couple questions. #1 God Mode: I'm stuck in Hades at the 1st encounter with the green shield guards (where you kill 'em both to open a door. There's also harplings, but they're not a prob) I have about 80% health and no usable magic going into the fight and i can't open the chests without being killed. These bastards have a wide attack range and can't be blocked. Any tips? #2 PSP on TV: I noticed someone mentioned in another thread he could play his PSP on his TV with a PSP AV cable. I looked around a bit and could only find a PSP AV cable compatible with 2000 series and HD TV's. Does anyone know if there's one that will work with a 1000 series and a standard TV? Any help on either of these matters would be greatly appreciated. Plus I think God Mode would be at least slightly easier if played on a bigger screen seeing as I only had minimal problems beating God/Titan/Chaos Modes on the Trilogy. GoWI God Mode had it's moments, GoWII Titan Mode was a bitch on most bosses, but otherwise not too bad, and GoWIII Chaos Mode was basically a walk. Probably doesn't help that health/magic chests in CoO don't fill the meters like they do in the trilogy and dodging is more difficult on PSP and there's no Rage Mode.

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Re: God Mode & PSP on TV

Oct 1, 2010

TV out is not possible on the 1000 series. It was a new feature for the 2000.


Now the shield guys i normally start with ifrit magic to soften them up but as ur out of magic which i think happened to me on my 1st play through i had to dash in do a quick heavy attack then get out b4 they counter. later on you will earn sumat that makes fighting these guys ALOT easier

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