Jan 24 2013
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My Multiplayer beta opinion

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I really enjoyed gow beta multi, but It seems there is a lot of space for improvements.


My opinions:

awesome Features :

every weapon has a different attack style

Zeus and Ares are really different power!

polyphemus rules.

god allegiance choosing is awesome


room to improove:

- Flying power abilites must avoid death by spikes or fire

- whole armor from one style, should have an extra bonus (3 part cyclops, +5 health extra ....Morpheus 10+ power, etc)

- more types of play are required. a nice one could be something like ascend to olympus, vs defend olympus

-unblockable attacks and combo blocks needs to be more easy to understand. I meet several players that were undefeatable. IMO hammers are not balanced.

-more healing abilites and magic regeneration options or powers

-more ways to earn favor


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