Apr 18 2013
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Hades Bugs?

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Recently  noticed some bugs while playing Hades recently, While using the Sword of Hades, the L1 triangle sends you into the ground. however sometimes my character seems to dissapear on some occasions and end up not following through with an attack and randomly poof into the game again. One more to mention is the purple screen effect when L2's invisable mode now sometimes doesn't proc with the ability, when away from enimies. Anyone else having these issues?

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Re: Hades Bugs?

Apr 19, 2013

Had the L1+t thing happen to me more than a few times.  On almost all occasions it on the Medusa stage, left of the lower catapult, against the wall next to the teleport.  Learned just not to do it there. 

Other place it glitches is on the same map right at the bottom of the circle of the lower altar.  But that one makes it so half your body is IN the map, you get stuck,  and cannot move for a bit.  But that one happens to me using other moves as well. 

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