Jun 14 2013
By: TekNo_GizMo Lombax Warrior 197 posts

Fix the Grapple already!!!

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Ok I'm not usually one to complain so I'm sure you have all experienced the grapple bug where you grapple someone and instead of kicking him in the back you simply fly past him. This is extremely annoying when you opponent is near death and you grapple to prevent his escape. It then gives him time to sprint the other direction for a health fountain. I missed about 10 times with that yesterday and that is ridiculously frustrating! Sometimes I fly by them into a spike trap or off the map...seriously was contemplating snapping the game disc in half. This has been an issue since the first patch; how has this seriously never been adressed and fixed! If anything I think it's worse than ever now. It makes me want to punch a deaf baby in the face...My last point is for in trial of the gods yesterday I kept going for grapples for a rescue on my partner and it took 6 effin tries! Took my partner about 5 to get me we were just standing there hitting R1 and counting how many times it didn't work. If this is not fixed by the next patch I will come to where SSM sleeps at night wake their booties up and get them to fix it already! Ok that is all I am done venting thank you for reading Smiley Happy.
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