Dec 27 2012
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Errors and Bugs in God Of War Ascension

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- When you choose Ares, the sword does not appear immediately and the character takes an invisible sword. It happened once.
- With Ares, when fighting till death, the character stands still and no matter how you try to harm him, his life never falls. It happened once.

- Even though the place is gone, the light emitted by the container holding power points still shining on the floor. It happened once.

- When you kill the Titan Cyclops, the the characters walk on air. It happened once.

- When you kill  the Titan Cyclops, the camera suffers an error and shows like if you still  playing, instead of showing the video. It happened once.

- When the team game begins, the narrator stops talking and listen sometimes. It happened more than once... Maybe ten times.

- There is no double jump.

Apart from this, the game is incredible. The videos, the gameplay, everything is amazing. And please, do not remove the video of the Spear of Olympus as it is the God Of War essence.



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Re: Errors and Bugs in God Of War Ascension

Dec 30, 2012

The double jump is not an error or bug, since the beginning you can't make double jumps... 

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Re: Errors and Bugs in God Of War Ascension

Dec 31, 2012

Perhaps the double jump is not a bug, but I find that it was an error to omit. That's why the title is Errors and Bugs

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