Apr 11 2013
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Cannot Join Party Problems...

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Mkay, first off I want to say that I really enjoy the multiplayer in this game. Seriously guys, I had my doubts being a long time God of War fan that this was a good idea, but I have SOO much fun with it. Thank you. 


But I do have only one big issue that hurts my experience. Its a big one, and one I only put up with because of how much fun this game is once you get it going. Specifically, the party joining system. My buddy and me play pretty consistently when we get a day off from work, but my other two friends like to join in from time to time. The more, the better, right?


Well, until this happens.


Ever since this game came out, it has battled us relentlessly on joining a party of more than two people. It is VERY consistent, and me and my three friends have to constantly resend invites, playing around with who is the party leader (if it made a difference). Sometimes, friend 1 will have more general success allowing me to join, along with friend 2, but not friend 3. And if friend 2 sends the invite, myself and friend 1 cannot seem to join. It's really weird, and its hard to pinpoint the possible cause since it only seems to do this with a party of more than two. Thats the biggest constant we have in it. Although at times, it does seem to struggle allowing me to join my other friend's, even when its just us two. Other games seem to work just fine, and none of us have an overly restrictive NAT type. My one friend is my roomate, and we never have join issues when it's just us two. But if my other friend joins first, then we get the constant "CANNOT JOIN PARTY" with no apparent explanation or reason...


One last problem. We battle this for literally up to ten to fifteen minutes (this game is WORTH it for me to be putting time into that, I really do have a blast once its working fine), and finally everyone is grouped into a party of four. Second problem is then it randomly kicks members until its just two or even one. Our only work around for this seems to be immediately starting the search game process. For some reason, it does it less when we're setting up for a match. However, even then it may still randomly boot players (happens a LOT). However, if we can all get through one match without it booting somebody, it seems to work fine until we're all done playing. Providing we don't postpone the next match to customize our characters...


Anyway, if someone could look into this, I'd really appreaciate it. I really love this game. Can't wait for the new elite levels patch. Wanna get more out of Ares Champion Style. Until then, I will continue to fight this **bleep** "CANNOT JOIN PARTY" and random player drops in the lobby because it is just so **bleep** addicting. Thank you for your time

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Re: Cannot Join Party Problems...

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