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May 31 2013
By: Selekt_Start Monster Hunter 32 posts

Why can't I use the DLC for my son's profile?

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Im sure its been asked and answered. I just need confirmation, or an easy guide.



Thank you for your concern,



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Re: Why can't I use the DLC for my son's profile?

May 31, 2013
For God of War : Ascension, there really is no "DLC" with regards to items downloaded onto your computer. Everything you have purchased is deemed a "service", and when you make that purchase in the store it simply adds that service to your specific PSN ID on the Sony Servers.

Services are only valid for the account that actually made the purchase and is not transferable to any other accounts, nor can it be used by any other PSN ID.

Therefore, unless you signed in to the PSN Store using your son's PSN Account and purchased the items, he is unable to use them.
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