Feb 14 2013
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Kratos = Leonidas?

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Just saw 300 again... still in tears for the Leonidas and the brave 300.


In my mind (contaminated by gratuitous amounts of hype) When leonidas is overwhelmed by the Persian army, he ask for Ares help in exchange for his eternal services.


This conection, even with some major flaws and missconections, (leonidas son vs Kratos daugther)(leonidas kweel hair vs Kratos bald headgear) open greats oportunities for new products for both: 300 and God IP.


So my request SSM (even if very small based on your size and powa):

Make a movie: Witch will be the spiritual sucesor for 300. 

God of War the movie.

Pick up exactely at the las moment where Leonidas is trowing the spear at Xerxes, as soon as the rain of arrows is comming to Leonidas Ares will intervene. 

The movie could be the fall of Leonidas to become Kratos the Gosth of sparta.


As for the Game:

God of War: 300

Pick up at the visit of Xerxes emisaries at sparta, where king Kratos will scream Madness.


Or am i the one that is mad?


SSM: Out of pity send king leonidas skin!!!! (i cant by it for i am in Brasil and the nearest gamestop is 12,000 KM away...)


Cheers fellow champions, march cant arive soon enouth.

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Re: Kratos = Leonidas?

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Feb 14, 2013

ssm makes video games not movies and i don't think that movie would make too much sense either

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Re: Kratos = Leonidas?

Feb 15, 2013
Well, I did order the ce from Gamespot so I could get those Leonidas threads for mp. Actually my first time ever purchasing from GS.

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Re: Kratos = Leonidas?

Feb 15, 2013
>Leonidas of 300
>asking for Ares
Unlikely. Same to asking for aid.

>make a movie

>GoW 300
>King Kratos
Bad fanfiction.

Why? Without NG+1, it is MP only.
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