Feb 01 2013
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Deimos Skin GOW 3

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Dear Santa Monica,


Can you please release the Deimos Skin for God Of War 3 on the Playstation Network!!

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Re: Deimos Skin GOW 3

Feb 1, 2013
what is a deimo skin
i hope they give thos of us who did beta a theme and they not
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Re: Deimos Skin GOW 3

Feb 1, 2013
Don't you mean for Ascension? Also that skin was an exclusive for purchasing Ghost of Sparta at the time of it's release.
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Re: Deimos Skin GOW 3

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Feb 2, 2013

Might as well port all the costumes for GoW:A so it has something.

As for some dropped conversations.

Fandango: >care little
I've shown otherwise.  You make it too clear.  Have you accepted your role as a scrub as you have being a casual?

>opinion's can't be wrong
This opinion is wrong.

>who have I helped on this forum
Plenty of lads.  More elsewhere.  Lots of combative and easily offended casuals at PSU, you see.

>no one
Mind the use of absolutes.  Only takes one exception to break this.  GoldenHawk, GOW, etc.

>not a casual
You already admitted it.

>not a scrub
You are.  The definition was noted with multiple sources regarding the original meaning (not the scrub redefining of it).

>never back it up online
There's no online SP, lad.  I can teach you the offline starting with GoW1 though.  You have it now.  Where are you at and on what setting?

Philly: >long paragraph
Do you so hate paragraph breaks, lad?

>text-based emoticon
*glove slap*
Mind your surroundings.

>lack of humility

>fine trait for improvement
It has no role at all.

>am a casual
I know.

>no incentive
You won't know until you man up and give it a whirl.  How about it, son?  Let's give it the old college "try", eh?

>by all means
>keep helping and instructing these poor souls
Can do.  Will do.

I've no need for them.

>bunch stored
Pulled from the internet.  Google is a useful tool.  I don't need to upload anymore.  They are stock though, as I see this silly argument quite regularly from casuals.

>forgetting commas
>space after apostrophe
Come now.

This again?  I'm afraid inventory is full.

>movie phrases
GoW, actually.  You didn't recognize it?

You keep saying that, but you only express it in anger.  Curious.

Mind the excitability.
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