Dec 10 2010
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Restoring HDD/Recovering Game Saves

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My Ps3 froze last night and i had to leave. I put my finger over the restart until it beeped and then left it. Usually it shuts down but this time, when I came back home it was still on. I cycled the power switch in the back and tried to start the system. When it came on it would not get past the wavy line screen. Basically it would not continue to the XMB.  I found out about the safe mode so I went into that. I selected option 3 (restore file system). It said hard drive was corrupted and would restore. It took about 2 hours to get to 48%, and it has been there for 5 hours now. I have a 250GB HDD installed. Is this unusually long? Is there anyway to recover game save data with a pc or other means? I'm more interested in recovering the game saves then the ps3 itself.  Any suggestions other than sending it in to Sony. I'd rather not spend half the cost of a new one, just to prolong a slow death, and a repeat of what happened in a year's time.

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