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Aug 07 2012
By: AWESOME_GamerTaG First Son 1 posts

HDMI to AV converter cable not working

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Hey guys, I recently bought a HDMI to AV cable to play on my ps3 and when i try to use it its like like nothing is plugged in, both my projector and tv (projectors av only, tv is both), ive tried resetting the ps3's video settings, holding down the power buttong but nothing happens, so i tried putting a hdmi then manually changing the settings via the display settings, nothing. 
can you use the cables or not, is it a scam or am I doing something wrong?
has anyone had any experience in this previously? <--- this is the cord.


Thanks :smileyhappy: 

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Re: HDMI to AV converter cable not working

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Aug 7, 2012

PS3 HDMI does not use analogue signals, The Signals are Pure digital RGB.

You need electronics to Convert HDMI in to component analogue RGB. IF the RGB ports supports Digital RGB then yes the lead would work but Component connections on HDTVs are analogue only unlike PCs. 

You don't need to convert HDMI to component, the PS3 allready has the analogue port built in.

you just buy the PS3 component lead.



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Re: HDMI to AV converter cable not working

Aug 7, 2012

I agree with GraphiteGB.  I don't think that this cable does anything useful on a PS3.  I don't think that it does anything useful on any device, but I can't be sure based on a photo.  HDMI output is digital video.  Component video is analog. I don't see any hardware on that cable that is large enough to be a digital-to-analog converter; and connecting a digital output directly to an analog input doesn't work.  I am also suspicious based on the fact that the cable uses composite AV connectors, but the text describes it as a component cable (which would normally have red, green, and blue connectors; to match the wiring).  It looks home-made, or at least small workshop made.  Definitely not a certified product. I've seen excellent quality cables made in China, but this isn't one of them.  As GraphiteGB pointed out, you don't actually need this.  Sony sells a high-quality component video cable for the PS3 that connects to the multi-out port, which meets all standards.  Even if this cable works, it can't possibly do anything that the official PS3  component cable doesn't do as well, or better.  The PS3 component cable is only about $10 more on Amazon than this one, so I can't think of a good reason why you would want to buy this one. You would be taking a lot of risk, to save very little money.

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Re: HDMI to AV converter cable not working

Aug 8, 2012

eBay Seller wrote:
NOTE: Your VGA card must support component video (Y, Pr, Pb) signal output function, if you don't know, please consult with your VGA card's user manual for more information.

The PS3 does not support Component YPbPr output via HDMI. Sorry!



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