Jan 25 2012
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Best display settings for PlayStation 3D Display ?

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Hi guys .. So 2 days ago my PlayStation 3D display arrived, and I'm experimenting with it right now .. Since this is my first experience at 3D itself, please consider me a novice at 3D jargon

Initially I noticed a LOT of crosstalk in the 3D display, but I found these settings to minimize it (brightness and contrast to 100, and color to 75), and now the crosstalk is quite low, although not 100% gone ... Can I further improve on this ?

Also, are the settings generally okay for all 3D movies and games, so do you need separate settings for each content ? ...

Also, any other things/settings I can look into, to maximize my 3D experience ?

Also, another slight thing I wanted to point out .. When my 3D glasses are showing 3D content, they tend to flicker very quickly (although barely noticeable) ... While when I saw 3D on my cousins Samsung setup, I didn't notice any such visible flickering ... Is this the same case with everyone using this display ?    

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Re: Best display settings for PlayStation 3D Display ?

Jan 25, 2012

I'll admit to not owning the Sony 3D Display but I do have a 55" LED 3D TV, when I first got it I wondered about the best settings for that too, both 3D & otherwise, but you know what, after a while I realized the picture was damn good, both "normal TV & 3D TV, so i stopped trying to tweak so much & became happy with the picture.

Sometimes there are way too many settings on modern TV's which can make it so confusing for people, in a nutshell I would say of you're happy with what you're seeing then leave it alone, if you're not, then reset it back to factory settings & start again.

My 3D Display doesn't flicker, but I know some glasses do show a slight flicker sometimes, some say this is normal & others find it a little annoying, again it's a personal thing really.

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Re: Best display settings for PlayStation 3D Display ?

Jan 25, 2012

From my experience no need to have seperate settings for 3d and 2d, other than for brightness. The cross talk thing was almost gone when i removed the clear film at the bottom of the screen(its explains in the manual.

These are my settings:

Picture>Backlight 2 or 10(2d/3d)

          >Picture mode- dynamic

          >brightness- 45

          >contrast- 100

          >Color- 60

          >Hue- 0

          Sharpness- 0

          Color -Cool

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