Jul 23 2012
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Next Gen Console Ps4 ideas

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Now i am one of the people who love graphics and fun! But i know graphics isnt everything! However physics is! So the ps4 should have PC specs, to be able to have limitless physics, plus the graphics should be great! Now thats what i and alot of people say! BUT if we want a console with AWSOME graphics, best physics, huge storage!, feutures, all that will require a huge invesment so at the end the console WILL be expensive! But at the end we will get a magnifecent quality console that can please the community and devolopers!
Now what do you want in the next gen console?
I defenetaly want better graphics and physics, bigger HDD space like 1TB, and run ps3,ps2,ps1 games, better online network, wireless charging? That would be cool! And last but not least customisable controllers! Like we choose the shape of it! Ps3 style or xbox 360 style to make it more comfortable for thr consumer!
Now comment below if you agree/dissagree or have more ideas!
I apologise for my bad puncuation and spelling :smileytongue: but aslong as you grt what im trying to tell you im happy!
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Re: Next Gen Console Ps4 ideas

Jul 23, 2012
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