Dec 12 2016
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Ideas and Suggestions to the Loadout Team

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Hello, i recently downloaded this game for my ps4, have been playing for a couple of days and i'll have to say. It is pretty cool, i really liked the weapon crafting system and the game modes are really, really fun to play.


However, the game has some things that i would like to suggest, and also give some ideas to the development team.


  • The Gun Crafting system in Loadout has been the best one i've seen so far, the way an attachment change the weapon it's very nice, and there are a lot of options to customize your guns, but, i think that there is more to add, more weapon chassis to include, more attachments, a way to create and customize your own grenades. And a thing i really would like to be added, is the skin change of weapons, i can't be the only one that is tired about the green guns.


  • Spacebux are a way to buy things in the game faster, but to get them you have to pay real money, i have no problem with this whatsoever. i know that in a free to play game the developers have to get an income for their job, and in this case, they really deserve it, i liked that there is an option to buy weapon slots and loadouts with blutes (the money that you earn playing the game) these weapon slots really expensivve to buy with blutes, but it's okay because it gives you an objective to play and put some effort to get the money, however, when you want to buy outfits and clothes for the characters, you can only pay with spacebux. i really would like that to be tweaked, not every article, but at least some of them.


  • The Translation from English to Spanish is Awful, and on PS4, i've not seen any option to change the language of the game, i don't know if this happens on another languages, but it does seem like it, it'd be really nice if there was an option to change the language, or even help with the translations, i'd help if i had an option :^)


But anyway, those are the small flaws i've seen with the game at first sight, other than that, the game is amazing, fun, and the fact that is Free - to - Play is really nice. i hope someone at the development team read this.





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