Feb 07 2014
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transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

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Greatings PlayStation community ^^


I am planning to have a PS4 next week . And i already have PS3 and my loads of games & saving data downloaded from PS store

My Question : is there any limitation about transferring my games &d data from ps3 to ps4 via PS plus "which i already have one" ?

if yes....what are they ? if No , then my Valentine is PS4 "forever alone" xD

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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Feb 7, 2014

Not sure what you want to transfer as the ps4 will NOT play ps3 games so Other than that data what would you need?

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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Feb 7, 2014

Welcome to the PlayStation Forums


You are going to want to hold on to that PS3.



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