Feb 07 2014
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transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

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Greatings PlayStation community ^^


I am planning to have a PS4 next week . And i already have PS3 and my loads of games & saving data downloaded from PS store

My Question : is there any limitation about transferring my games &d data from ps3 to ps4 via PS plus "which i already have one" ?

if yes....what are they ? if No , then my Valentine is PS4 "forever alone" xD

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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Feb 7, 2014

Not sure what you want to transfer as the ps4 will NOT play ps3 games so Other than that data what would you need?

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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Feb 7, 2014

Welcome to the PlayStation Forums


You are going to want to hold on to that PS3.



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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Oct 15, 2016

i would have to say NO which is kinda upsetting because i have both systems and even tho there are few there are games that is shared by both systems. dbz xenoverse for example...had got the game on my ps3 consle didnt have a ps4 at the time...but anyways got the day one edititon and bundle pack with all the dlcs. well now that xenoverse 2 is coming out i though i would be nice to have both games on one system instead of jumping back and fort from consle to consle to play around with the two. so being a fan (diedhard sony fan i own all systems ps1-ps4 -vita-psp and an animecrazied dbz fan) i paid the price and bougth the game again for the ps4 and nope no data transfer no previous saved data or dlc content avaliable. now in my head this is the same game same content just different system and since i have loaded my data in my online storage i feel it should be accessable on either systems just so long as its download from online all your hard work and date is worthless once you convert to ps4. now i will say it my not be sony as much so as the game developers..because i have DW7E on my ps3 and just wanted to upgrade it to my ps4 and i was able to access previous saved data and content.


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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Oct 15, 2016

please do not bump or reply to old threads all it does is get them locked by the moderators thanks.

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Re: transfer my ps3 data to ps4 .

Oct 16, 2016

"This thread is now locked due to necrobumping. Please check the dates before responding and make sure threads are current and active."

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