Jul 16 2013
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question about downloading games i had

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2 parts to this. I bought just cause 2 on psn. Had game disc b4 but rtn'd. Do I have to download again after purchase even tho game days utility still on my ps3 from disc. Im assuming yes but want to make sure.
Then I bought 2 games I had only played 60 min trials of in past. I didn't keep game data utility but do have my game saves. So I download full games I purchased & my progress will stay intact right?
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Re: question about downloading games i had

Jul 16, 2013

The Playstation Store version of a game is different than the disk version.  You have to download it from the Playstation Store, even if the disk version is still installed.  The data in the Game Data Utility is not the complete game. This isn't an XBox.


The whole point of the full game trials is that you can save your progress, and earn trophies, the same as you could in the full game; for one hour.  The save data from the full game trial is compatible with the full game.

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