Sep 04 2013
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ps+ game problems

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i notice back when hitman was the free game, i downloaded it and play it but for some reason before getting to the 2nd chapter with the chinatown boss it would freeze a bunch in the cutsceen and it will never load, i would wait and wait then it would crash my ps3, but i thoght it was just my luck so i just didnt play it no more. today i downloaded resident evil dark side chronicles and i cant even get to start the mission. when its on the first scene at the very beggining of the game it would lag just like hitman did and after the cutsceen is over it crashes my ps3. so i dont think is lag anymore. any other game that i bought digital from the psn or cd games work great, i have no problems with them so it cant be my system either. i was wondering if any of you guys are going tru the same thing?

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