Apr 02 2013
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Unable to use 30 day trial in GoW legacy bundle due to cc

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So when i go to use the 30 day trial for plus, it says i need to enter my cc info. Sadly, it keeps saying my credit card info is invalid, which is odd because my cc works everywhere else in the world Smiley Tongue when i buy my cigs, when i buy something off amazon, i have no issues. But something with the playstation it is NOT letting me use my card. When i try to change the info online, it tells me i have to enter a valid cc number, but the card type is in the menu (just greyed out). Also when i check my bank account info (and when the bank checked it for me) there is a bunch of $0 charges. My bank has told me to contact sony, havent seen an option to email, and from what ive read on the forums about this issue, there isnt much help to be had. If you have any info that can help, please let me know. Thanks guys.

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